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I make no statement to wrong myself I speak honestly and fairly and ice Park for an hour last night I many different topics ranging from the Democrats inability to governor and the outrageous statements made by the overcoming of stupidity of Alexandria ocasio-cortez.

and Beto O’Rourke’s statements that he is made to I am fascinated to speak on the subjects and give you all my point of view


Hollywood elites and Democrats bribery

A message for all those leaking lying liberals and Hollywood elites.

fine-tune your poor me slogan give it a break because it doesn’t work anymore you guys are the biggest cheaters and the biggest liars I’ve ever met in the Democratic party your Hollywood elite cheating the actual special ed kids and taking advantage of a system that is broken is not right.

and see I always knew that stupid people got even stupid or when it came to the Democrats because that’s all they all are just a bunch of stupid on coherent people.

they talked about life and liberty and justice for all but when they’re actually talking about it they’re saying that’s for the conservatives because they want Justice on everybody who is conservative they want to send us to jail and they don’t care about all rights or liberties or the justice that we may have earned but they don’t want to hear that.

and Alexandria ocasio-cortez a officer of the Congressional office of the United States Congressional house really have to believe that she is an illegitimate Congress lady to have any sort of integrity. wait a minute that’s too dignified for a lady of her stature may be idiots more dignified because she has no morals she has no understanding of life.And compassion and jobs and farmers and stuff like that that’s too formal for her she doesn’t care about that what she cares about is stupid green deals killing and massacring cows to make a green deal work.

objectified and Alexandria ocasio-cortez objectified not even close her liberal socialism doesn’t even deserve the name liberal she deserves that caught and three squares a day or in a steel cell for murder on a whole life stock because she wants a green New deal.

these penny loafers they call themselves Democrats these highfalutin thousand-dollar plane rides they take to all these exotic destinations are bunch of fakers and sheep’s clothing. Chuck Schumer Beto O’Rourke Alexandria ocasio-cortez how about the leaky liberals get back on the train to Dallas and fly back to Egypt before somebody sends in there via FedEx.

this is a sad State of affairs a college admissions counselor across this country is willing to accept bribery as a way to put children to school especially the Hollywood elite kids what a sham for people who work in the college profession. Names like Berkeley names like the Virginia tech what are you guys thinking are you that out of your mind stupid?

colleges for the highly educated idiots out there and they make themselves very well-known and these county workers who work in Lane county or no better than the idiots that work at the state capital of Oregon and they’re only excuse for the job for the sucky job that they do is because they get paid lots of money and they able to give themselves lots of raises every year did you know that the state of Oregon unemployment office has the third-highest ranked paid positions.

And this communist egotistical democratic. Dialogue is the biggest joke you’ll ever see on TV. Nancy pelosi is a fake Beto O’Rourke is a fake the idiots in Washington DC like Maxine Waters and mazie hirono and Kate Brown and all those and the governor and all these people who work there have no idea what they’re really doing to America and the what they’re going to cost the American taxpayer.

logic dictates that are 90 billion dollar green deals not worth $0.03 logic tells me that in order to pay for that each taxpayer would have to come up with at least a trillion dollars in the first year just cover one-third of the 60 trillion dollar deficit that Alexandria ocasio-cortez would create.

but see that’s not the only thing that she’s pushed out there now the voting and commission elections government office has found that she funnel money to her election manager over $1million and unaccounted for funds and she frauded the federal government and lied to the American people.

I am just so tired of these Hollywood elites sitting down and talking about how they are so much better than the average American I’m so tired of our justice system forgetting about the average American and this idea that for 5 seconds if you thought that the American people were so stupid Hillary Clinton then you’re wrong.

speak out against me go right ahead Miss Clinton because I’m going to tell you what your husband is a sex fiend sex addict he couldn’t keep his pants on in the white house once again proving that your husband is a most dangerous man to society and people who believe you believe lies and contradiction and conspiracies that’s what you guys that’s what the whole Democratic party is about scandals and conspiracies against the American justice system.

remember that phony Trump Russian dossier that you got remember those those were what you paid for with your own money out of your own campaign just to make sure that Trump didn’t get elected but what happened you lost when you lose you lose a lot more than just that and I really hope that every single American citizen who believes in you text time to listen to real logic.

logic dictates if I cheat if I lie if I bribe if I curse a Russian to give me information then I should be jailed and then the average American citizen that has any constitutional rights would have been in jail and when they never got the special treatment that Hillary Clinton got and President Barack Hussein Obama got and these liberal elite Hollywood’s and these TV comedy show assholes who can’t pick a hole in the ground besides there but are so stupid that they don’t even see the writing on the wall and they’re losing viewers and they’re not going to get the trust of the American people.

communism that’s what our Democratic party is is a bunch of communist they can’t even stand on the Constitution because they’ll break it cuz of all the laws of broken so far Alexandria ocasio-cortez is a prime example of breaking the constitution in the Bill of Rights just to get what she wanted.

the whole thing here is this is what really ticks me off and sends me into a rage is it the Democrats these Hollywood TV guys and these phony ass little peckerwood to talk on CNN don’t understand that the constitution was put there to protect the American people was put there to protect the honor and good name every single right we have today.

pony up assholes and elbows because if you thought I’m lying wait until a Democrat gets in there that really doesn’t care about the America really doesn’t care about the Constitution really doesn’t care about the Bill of Rights and really doesn’t care about the United States as a whole I do much really see the Young generation died and our grandparents died because they don’t care it’s true and you can’t believe that then you might want to go look in New York City and Los Angeles and Hawaii and see all these people who are homeless who don’t have that opportunity that we’ve had or they’ve had go look at these people who have all these big houses and look at what they’re trying to promote by having an open border.

my prediction is it by 2025 it will be world war 3 here in America and the first person we take out after is the Democratic president who doesn’t care about Justice who doesn’t care about the law who doesn’t care about how it’s dealt with who doesn’t care about anything except his personal gratitude. this is a problem when people like the Hollywood elite the Democratic party don’t listen to what others are saying they lie to us they don’t tell us a whole truth and when they do you catch a half-truth a half lie or coronary of cornucopias of lies and deceit and misinformation and names that any average man will probably take to a personal property post.


We’re we’re on the road to WrestleMania and it stops in Dayton Ohio with smackdown live.

the best news of all though the host for wrestlemania is Miss Bliss Alexa Bliss that is.

One of Fastlane highlight reels was The Miz sending both the Usos flying

and here’s your WrestleMania promo cuz within the next 24 days from now you will be sitting live at WrestleMania on WWE Network.

there’s a retirement and a farewell coming from one WWE Superstar

and his response following his match against Apollo crews.

Now the response from Apollo crews about Kurt Angle and his announcement.

The final statement after this

Remember this commercial that aired on for the TV for Monday night raw’s three hour tour.

And now my final statement

Monday Night Raw Tuesday night SmackDown live what are they all coming to and how will Vince McMahon handle the attitudinal Ronda Rousey.

she holds a record in the UFC she holds the record in mixed martial arts MMA so how does the WWE compete with a woman of that statue I mean come on they’ve never had anybody so big go against so many little women.

I think that Ronda Rousey has a perfect attitude for the hate b**** era and that’s what they’re producing on most of their shows let’s see Stephanie McMahon was the mega b**** for the authority she didn’t care who she fired and she stopped caring about how people felt and so I think it’s a good taste of her own medicine if you think about it

smackdown live Becky Lynch Charlotte flair Bose headed WrestleMania both set to face the meanest woman on the planet Ronda Rousey this could be the beginning and the end of Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair’s career if they’re not careful Ronda Rousey will break every bone in their body to retain the raw women’s title.

mr. McMahon fooling around with Kofi Kingston’s career and a WrestleMania match he’s pick 6 men to face Kofi Kingston in a gauntlet match next Tuesday on smackdown but I really do wonder about his seniority as he is put Kofi Kingston and the hardest match of all.

Kofi Kingston has been in the WWE nearly 11 years his resume is undeniable he is a sure-fire hall-of-famer and is it class a superstar I would be happy to sit down with Kofi Kingston and do a one-on-one interview for my blog.

Kofi Kingston has proven time and time again that he supports and believes in the mission of the WWE he is supported and he is shown his support all through The years even the beasts are campaign he was allowed his voice with John Cena and many other convincing Superstars I don’t know about Vince McMahon I have not seen him Trump be a star rally and he doesn’t exactly do too many appearances for WWE either.

so in closing I think Vince McMahon is scared I think Stephanie McMahon is scared I think the whole McMahon family has something that is going to eat them alive and by the time it’s done they’re going to be lost at the WWE to these top talent superstars..

New Mentor in Business

Will you support our new mentor.

We are Google the next Mentor in the name of Brandon Vaughan

I am looking to forward to be Mentor to Next Generation of America Mentor.

I speaking out of my America future of American Dream.

Brandon Vaughan

My goal is to push a positive actions to keeping America Dream for Continuous future of Freedom going Forwards.
The active of Socialism will true kill America Dreams


I want to keep the American Dream alive for future and keep a real Low taxes and making sure that every man and women have continuous promise of choice and the life young unborn children protect after 6 months,

America Mentor Tours will be a plan out to speak about the key point of interest in America Dreams.

1. Low Taxes

2. New Small Business welcome

3. Taking to America People to building Good Futures

4. Building a Creditable Business Futures

5. Building a Standard Media & Control Free Press

More to come soon

WWE RAW POWER UP TO Wrestlemania

Live in Pittsburgh PA it’s Monday Night RAW.

FASTLANE IN Cleveland Ohio

So things couldn’t get hotter in Cleveland they sure heated up in Steel City USA.

Wrestlemania Host Announce for Future of the Women of the WWE SHOW Host.

And this was the ending to the last Monday Night Raw and what Ronda Rousey’s temper has caused to do and now here is Stephanie McMahon’s response

Now if you guys forgot last year or couple years ago when Ronda Rousey was signed to WWE the McMahon Family pulled some dirty tricks on her and it elimination chamber before signing her contract it was Kurt Angle who opened the eyes of Ronda Rousey and showed her what Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were up to so to re-evaluate her situation here is her this Monday on Raw.

This was Ronda Rousey today on Monday Night Raw and her statements against the WWE and the McMahon Family Legacy so the challenge is how does mr. McMahon win back a sure-fire name in Hall of Fame and how does Stephanie McMahon respond to her inflammatory remarks this past Monday

And here’s the fellow farewell speech to the shields brother and Dean Ambrose

According to reports and according to WWE calm Dean Ambrose has decided not to re-sign with the World Wrestling Entertainment Company Corporation and has chosen to move on to greener pastures.

So mean Dean Ambrose Meet The Man Behind the man of the shield the Justice the hounds of the WWE.

, Dean Ambrose has come so far and we wish him luck in all your future endeavors and hopefully he finds what he’s looking for.

New Business Update

I have accomplished what I have been working so hard on I have accomplished it with lots of criticism I have got it right and I got an A++ from a very well-respected School.

So I took on a business plan I wrote it myself I put it short and sweet it make sense to everybody who’s read it and now I’m on my fast track to starting my own news and research.

confident I was confident and writing this business plan because my confidence went through the roof when I saw that it could be making more than just a know figure income but actually having a 4 figure income.

Dwight D Eisenhower quote
Extremes to the right and to the left of any political dispute are always wrong

that’s going to be the thing I’m not going to be an extremist right I ain’t going to be extremists left I’m going to be right down the middle and not going to be desperate for a story I’m always going to seek the truth in what I write and what I know.

Rosa Parks quotes
No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in.

I’m tired of giving into people I’m tired of being told I can’t do something when I can and now I’m taking a stand I’m following my heroes moving up to the quotes and I am really tired of giving in.

you know when I turned 18 I took the opportunity to really study my life I let things kind of I want to work for a while and now that I’ve been out of work I’ve learned it’s really hard to get back in there and get study job but I’ve taken something from that I’ve taken that a business owner can own a business and still have fun a business owner can employ a good employees and do the right thing at the right time.

I’ve lived by the simple thing life is short but never waste a minute love is long so don’t wait too long and find the right woman and it will be there.

Soso I’m courageous Lee taking on a new step I’m going into a world where the bite of a rug or the nip of a little person can make a big difference. I am one of the millennials but I’m also one of the millennials with a deep thought to the future of this country we cannot sell out more than we can hand it over to the Russians of the Chinese I refuse to believe that we can’t get fresh better ideas than what we got right now.

Businessbusiness isn’t just a want business ain’t something you study business isn’t something that you learn overnight business is love you have to be an entrepreneur nowadays you have to be wide open in your thoughts yet to be sharing your communication skills and you also have to remember who you are from within.

basically have to have an intro mantra you have to find the heroes and fine-tune those quotes they always use like the never give up never say die attitude and always push for the best cuz when you’re pushing for the best you’re always the best of yourself and the people around you.

Traveling I’m going to travel around the world I’m going to go to sporting events and get the idea in my head I’m going to take entertainment to the next level the next more he then it needs to be and I’m going to get a whole bunch of people together scientists more ologist weather technologist and I want to put together the biggest team for the best entertainment

but see I’m going to go on the world because I want to entertain these people I want to give these people something to talk about it’s not about the weather it’s not about politics it’s not about how we do things it’s about where our country is going that’s a true reality check into a world that no one has ever seen.

See a long time ago we thought these people were slaves to us and a long time ago these things are still happening it was recognition of a movement when all the next movements about to begin except it’s going to begin a new way it’s going to begin with teaching history going back to the basics of history can you name the man in that picture?

and years ago it was a ironic thing to see somebody like this not give up her seat on a bus but more to the point it was a statement of moving forward in life. we begin to understand that we were not the only ones on this Earth we begin to see that always were wrong and we’re going to learn from our mistakes.

let’s see what we’ve been learning while we’ve been taking the time to learn from our mistakes we pick one month when it’s a year-long struggle to learn we picked one month to cover all the things that have happened in the history and yet we pay homage to them one time a month I want to show that every month every day of every year of every decade of every moment of every second of every day is the most treasured the most desirable position to learn

one of my greatest sayings is a lesson learned is a lesson earned and you can’t learn a lesson if you don’t learn a lesson first.

I’m proud to talk about love I think it is the most beautiful sight that you can ever see on Earth I think it is one of the more exclusive understanding moments of happiness you can ever learn as you go through life.

I think another Part of Life Is Knowing what love really is when you actually understand when you actually except the matters of love you begin to understand why they’re there and what makes them so fabulous.

take 10 minutes to take a day take one whole life time and try and put it together to match the tens of thousands of lifetimes that we forget things everyday.

this business that I’m doing I am a millennial and I do not believe that socialism will work in America but just like this we have to prove guilty what socialism does now I can prove it but first they have to believe it.

Andand a comprehensive way I’m going to be the newly-formed entrepreneur but I’m going to take on a bigger wave of people I’m going to reach out where the media doesn’t want to reach I’m going to take on the newer proposition and I’m going to create a newer agenda one that it compasses everybody and not just one group.

I’m not going to get on a plane and fly everywhere I want to go I’m going to get a motorhome and I’m going to drive all across America just to hear one story that makes sense to me just to go to Washington DC one time and tell them you need to listen to this put all these people on video and let them tell their story and then get a real response for the media to look at.

stop this off the road train that the Democrats have created and put the chain back on its tracks and get people to understand that things in life are never free and the freest thing you have right now is your life here in America because the freest people of America are the most expensive things of America the families of America that have put their blood sweat and tears into working a job 8 hours a day 5 days a week to make it by on 40 hours a week.

Or living month-to-month on a paycheck working for a school district they probably doesn’t make any more than you knowing that one day you’ll make a difference in a child’s life if you teach the truth of history.

re-evaluating a homeless situation across this country and taking into effect that we do have homeless teens and kids across America that need a home the need a stability stool to stand on the need a symbol of Hope and that requires hard work dedication and a drive and integrity to do the job.

don’t ask God to do something unless you’re willing to work just as hard as he is to help you get there.simplest way to put that don’t put your foot in your mouth and think everybody’s going to hand you something for free when you know it’s not true.

I’mI’m also going to bring back the personal touch that’s why I have this YouTube symbol up here this is going to be the symbol of excellence for my entertainment I’m going to broadcast on YouTube once in awhile I’m going to create videos Marquee to myself and the people around me who work day today to make it work the best I can.

I’m going to find the town I’m going to find the entertainer inside these people and I’m going to bring it out to you guys I’m going to let you see them work I’m going to ask Sam if they can be basically entertaining without a political insult. cuz we don’t have that we don’t have that entertaining part of it it always turns dirty and nasty because we had to take shots at our political side and I’m not going to let that happen with my company news is news commentaries common trait cheap shots or not news.

I’mI’m going to work my hardest to bring you the best and entertainment I’m going to work my hardest to produce a fair and balanced side of the news I’m going to bring back a fan letter Newsweek I’m also going to be introducing a lot of great mini-series for YouTube.

virtually I’m going to take over what the media can’t do that cannot produce a show without some political insult they can’t do an actual News-Press show without getting a few digs in on our government and I refuse to believe that news is required to cover just the government side of things I’m going to dig deeper than the government I’m going to dig deeper than the news I’m going to dig into the truth I’m going to take a bite out of the lie and put a bite and somebody who really needs it to wake up and look at this and actually have a real conversation about it

Hate speech in America

the political realm is rivaled with hate speech the public announcements are raveled with hate and deceitful speech in America and I’m going to cover it all right down to why the left side is going socialist and the right side is trying to build up America in a way and these ponytail Republicans who don’t want to do it.

Socialism is busted

Socialism is not America socialism is Venezuela on drugs and when broke its broke it doesn’t work and I’m going to prove that by going in-depth on this mini-series on YouTube

United States Letter

Letter to United States People

good day to everybody out there in the world of American living life of liberty and Justice and the American way. it’s been a long time since we’ve actually had one of these letters go up so I’m going to be very critical of some and I’m going to be very superstitious of others.

as many of you may know the democratically LED Congressional house has decided to declare war on the president of the United States they’re not even let the Mueller report drop before they start spreading their nets of lies and deception to cover up the tragedy of Hillary Clinton’s Russian collusion.

many of these people have been named many times over and it will continue until the truth comes out you cannot balance a budget without some cooperation and the national Democratic Lee LED committee does not have that they don’t have an understanding of common Sense they talk about s*** that doesn’t even talked about they lead unfounded allegations against Donald j Trump. and when put to the test they lie to your face and tell you you have nothing to worry about.

I’m very critical of the national Democrats of America they’re showing that socialism is a battle and it American liberty and justice is no longer blind we were soon somebody’s guilty before we assume they are innocent of the crime.

Noel as many of you across America sit down to eat dinner and enjoy a comfortable family gathering the idea of reading a letter of this magnitude will weigh heavily on how much you buy the next time you go to the grocery store. talk about inflated egos ask Alexandria ocasio Cortez ask all the Democratic senators from Maxine Waters up to Nancy pelosi to the Chuck Schumer’s of the Congress and see what they said.

I am quite certain of two things one I’m an American citizen I carry around a little book called The Constitution of the United States of America I also carry around the declaration of Independence and in that decoration it does not mention anything about being guilty to be proved innocent of a crime.

as far as foreign policy goes I think that are Democrats have no idea how much work and time and effort the American people want them to put in on working with Trump to get these deals done. and stop assuming guilt without having any proof stop wasting taxpayer dollars on an investigation that has no collusion has nothing but simpleton stupidity all over it.

if you want the person who colluded with the Russians go to the Hillary Clinton campaign tour 2016 find out who paid for the Russian dossier and how come fisa abuse was reported during that time and then go to the Bernie Sanders camp and find out how come Bernie Sanders took so many private jets to all these big events and not a one of them actually required a private jet he could have drove there.

I like many others think that Hillary Clinton is guilty of Russian collusion it was proved once again on Fox News Network that you’re Hillary Clinton Democratic Presidential nominee for 2016 was paying a Russian for a phony Russian dossier created by the Clinton News Network produced by the Clinton News Network and put together by the leftist bias Democrats who wish to lie deceit create crimes or not real and to evade questions of Truth honesty and justice.

I do criticize the left but I criticize them because they would criticize us as being unconstitutional when in fact they are unconstitutional they are the extremists of the American dream there much rather destroy America then watch America thrive and survive to a better future opening businesses having small businesses in America is what helps America stay on his feet being independent and dependent on our own to live in a country which is blessed us with so many great things and the Democrats want to take it all away.

Nancy pelosi the airhead
Chuck Schumer the ball soccer
Maxine Waters the / hyper
Alexandria ocasio-cortez the Greener
Richard Blumenthal the mouthpiece
Jeff merkley a California transplant
Mazie hirono the news piece
Hillary Clinton Russian conspirator
Cory Booker Spartacus

doesn’t that sound so familiar and yet I wonder how many of these women men and children will they subject to a Spartacus moment just to put Trump in jail?

the Democrats have lost their fire apparently they’ve lost something because they don’t care about innocent until proven guilty all they care about is guilty till proven innocent and that ain’t right so if we’re going to write the book on a story of Russian collusion I would start with Hillary Clinton Iowa start with every Democrat who supported her being voted into office and I would start with every Democrat whose name is sign on every bill that she ever passed.

I’m not a senate and I’m not a pragmatist I’m a reasonable conservative person who believes that if you’re going to do things right you’re going to be home right the first time I’m going to call out everybody on the Democratic party I don’t need to put all the names down I just need to get the people who been on the news the most.

Michael Cohen the backstabber

a deceptive kale told to Congress which I find it hard to believe but I would actually believe him less if he was my attorney because I wouldn’t want to hire him he’s not worth the million dollars it cost to get an actual attorney and he’s a joke from the go and the only thing I can think to say is if we’re coming down to this guilty until proved innocent theme then there’s a lot of people who are guilty of something because I would say that the Democrats are covering up a very blood-stained past.

criticize me as an American citizen criticize small business owners for being a business criticize all you want Democrats but the truth is is it the more you do this to fight 2 fiction scream on national Television the more you drive away true entrepreneur ISM and your Marxist ideas are Marxist they’re not credible they’re not understandable socialism is not a theme if you want socialism go to Venezuela live in Venezuela and find out what happened then made that country.

I got a green deal for you why don’t you go out and eat lots of grass eat lots of those beautiful flowers smokes lots of weed and then go back and do your day job there’s a green deal for you Alexandria ocasio-cortez and take all your little Democratic friends with you get high off that s*** and when you die from it it won’t be because because of failed climate change it early because you smoke yourself to death and you left a whole bunch of joints laying around somewhere for everybody else to find.

I’m not Spartacus nor would I have any intuition to be Spartacus I have common sense I think outside that glass box you guys try to put the American people in a fact that five to one you all would want to see America die at your feet you get on your fancy planes and fly from state to state without any problems and you take your private jets from here to Hawaii for vacation but you can’t even do anything for the American citizen what are you going to do when they can’t respond to your request and the whole united states turns red.

American civil liberties have been violated so many times by our Democratic colleagues at I forgot that civil liberty actually meant something in America because they covered up so well they bury it under the lights of lies they deceive the American people and when the truth is told you getting the trouble with the Democrats because they wanted investigate they want to impeach they want to ruin people’s lives they want to take cheap unprofessional shots at the American people they want to make statements on national Television which they know and their heart of hearts is not true but you go takin shots at the Democratic families like let’s take for example Nancy pelosi.

Nancy pelosi a California Democrat who has no life who has a husband probably doesn’t see him very much and when she does she’s probably got her pants down ready to go to work and she’s also got however many grandkids that Democrats have and I got a few incest family members who can’t stand the sight of seeing her when she comes home.

And let’s go with another one how about Alexandria ocasio-cortez.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez a 29 year-old Congressional freshman to the United States government and her idea of a good time is trying to push her beliefs off on all the American people lying cheating and doing anything she wants to try and get by day-to-day she talks about a green new deal but she flies in her private jet from her home in New York City to Washington DC every day I really have to wonder.

Then let’s go with Chuck Schumer Chuck Schumer is an old man with no hopes no dreams except socialism and their biggest failure is the fact that they forget that this is the United States of America but Chuck Schumer can live with that because he’s got incest working in his family his children have married his daughters his children and his daughters have made other people’s daughters and pretty soon it’s just like one big happy family that is a Chuck Schumer’s of America

mazie hirono a Japanese to send a 60 to 80 year old woman who has no common sense except the stuff she learned online and she googled it for better reference.Miss hirono goes home to her family in Hawaii and she’s there for a couple of days has a private jet just like all the other democratically LED congressman and she flies home every weekend trying to think of ways to destroy the American dream her mom her dad her sister her brother probably or she lives by herself spends millions of dollars on trying to keep the hair on her head cuz she wears a wig and she could be bald who knows.

see that’s the truth behind the women in the Congress that are Democrats they’re all going bald so they have to wear wigs to cover up their baldness I guess that’s why I try to get some of their hair so easily cuz they’ve already lost it when he Tran is president of the United States.

how does it feel ladies and gentlemen to be the joke of a letter that probably would bear true false witness to no one but only to those who buy into that kind of stuff those are cheap shots that I can take it all of you like you’ve done with Trump except I take cheap shots the other way I go for the family aspect because that’s when we all protect at least we try.

Designed to fail design to be nothing yet America has never been designed anyway it has been designed to grow learn understand and make better and have common sense run the day so I guess America has won the day because common Sense left America a long time ago with these Democrats.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez I would like you to know that I would not want to be a member of your family I want even want to know your full name if I was to ever really know you I think it is a piss poor shame what you were presented to the people of America you have no insight you don’t care about civil liberties and you obviously have no idea the history than America has gone through to make us better.

did your mom and daddy teach you how to go to the bathroom properly or did you have to learn that on your own too.

see the liability here is as if they actually got online and decide to read a letter of this kind of nature I’d probably be hit with several questionable acts of defacing a United States congresswoman and a United States congressman but you know what I have the freedom of speech I have the freedom to say whatever I want whenever I want however I want to say it and when I stand up before the Lord above I will be judged for who I am and for the statements I make therefore there is nothing anti-semitic just about this letter it is all about trying to understand how so out of control Democrats have become you can criticize me you can doubt me

but you can’t say I was unfair about how many shots I took at each of these Congress women and men.

see Cory Booker was bald because he’s actually 80 years old and he just puts on a new face every time he gets up in the morning he cuddles up his wrinkles with Everlast cream and he sticks his face in his ass to try and get a better imprint of himself.

Now isn’t that just the pits when you think I can’t go any lower and I do and I just run it right up the flagpole kind of like what the Democrats are planning on doing with socialism a budget of 90 trillion dollars every year while they’re in office and you tell me where is that going to come from the highest 1% of millionaires one that be like us charging them for work that they don’t do old weight they already do that they have to open up investigations after run fake press briefings they don’t actually have anything good to do..

Watch “Point Of View S&S” on YouTube

So here’s my point of view accredited to me I’m laying the ground for the millennials who choose to be conservative who choose to believe in blind Justice who choose to stand up for the costumeand once again proved that the Democrats are an unreliable government power they are corrupt they are communists and their anti-semitic in nature.


I would say a statement made on behalf of Ronda because she got tired of Stephanie playing her game and you know what I actually have to agree with her for the first time I found a woman who I like the most as a bad mother in the ring her attitude is Fu and get the hell out of her way and you know what come Sunday or come WrestleMania mystery man is going to learn a hard lesson about protecting his wallet over his superstars.

Ronda Rousey is the UFC fighter she’s also is a document MMA fighter she is tooken all many different kinds of self defense and fighting classes from the Kung Fu to the Muay Thai to all those that basically teach opponents not to mess with her.

I have to give my compliments to Ronda Rousey she is a stand-up honest understanding woman who doesn’t take s*** and will give it all back tenfold. Stephanie got a message from Ronda Rousey and now Stephanie McMahon looks like a complete idiot on national Television compliments of Ronda Rousey.

a commendation farondis be awarded because for the first time I saw Firefly from her eyes the UFC fighter the baddest b**** on the planet she claims to be is true she is the baddest b**** because she’s going to whoop to b****** asses at WrestleMania no matter what Vince or Stephanie or Shane McMahon say.

as I remember she put triple H through a table when it came time to sign the contract for her WWE debut match and she faced triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania with her tag team partner Kurt Angle when he was general manager of Monday Night Raw. so I would aspire to the WWE universe and tell you that she has her right for the attitude and I think that her attitude is just about right for the Temple of the McMahon Family..

you wanted a superstar who’s going to go to the top you wanted a woman who’s going to take the woman’s evolution of The next step meet Ronda Rousey

she’s taking her career all the way to the top and the UFC ranks she stood toe-to-toe with the top women of the UFC now she’s going to send toe to toe with the top men and women of WWE. she’s already a Hall of famer and what mr. McMahon and Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon and Paul Levesque don’t know is it if Ronda Rousey gets really pissed off she will run through the women of the WWE roster like hot potatoes and she won’t give a damn who gets hurt.

the woman is a weapon with her body she will break every woman on the roster from smackdown to Raw she is a danger to No one except the people who cross her path.

Charlotte flair has nothing on Ronda Rousey and if you think for 2 seconds that Charlotte flair can honestly compete against a woman of that caliber you are dead flipping wrong.

Charlotte flair has been handed the golden key thanks to her father Ric flair but the man that was her father is no longer WWE competitor he’s a WWE Hall of famer so the statement can be made and verified to say that she has faced nothing like Ronda Rousey in a WWE ring she hasn’t even been in the UFC what makes you think she’s going to have any opportunity in a WWE ring if the actions of The quiet submissible Rousey do not awaken the spirit of the Fighting Irish then I suggest that mr. Commands Golden Girl go back to her Charlotte North Carolina and never come out again.

Ronda Rousey’s resume is endless she’s been a champion multiple times in the UFC she’s competed in top-level pay-per-view matches she’s made an art out of proving what real women can do day in and day out she’s a mother of two children she has no interest in playing games with her money she works hard to earn it and she’s works hard to keep it in each and every week on Monday Night Raw you see a raw determination from Ronda Rousey it’s called the love of the fight the love of the game and game over for Charlotte flair and Stephanie McMahon.

hey Stephanie you wanted a woman who fights on your level well I think you got more than what you wanted because I don’t think Charlotte flair or Becky Lynch have an opportunity and how to take that title from Ronda Rousey and if you think for 5 minutes to tell Santa Ana squared-circle is going to contain the type of massacre you’ve included in you are dead wrong.

hey mister man where is your attitude at about this whole thing if Charlotte flair gets beat will you fire Ronda Rousey the day after WrestleMania for her title defense?

Stephanie I forgot to tell you Ronda Rousey is a mixed martial artist she does have her resume and her resume shines above yours unfortunately she’s been in the business a long time so I guess she has learned and gained a lot of respect.

Paul Levesque I noticed that Batista responded to your request for a face-to-face next Monday on Raw looks like you have enough Trinity to finally put the bad egos aside and come to a common sense talk or should I say an authority versus a peon. cuz you actually don’t respect anybody so what happened to Ric flair could happen to you next Monday live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Did seeing Richard flair drug out ofof his locker room set your buzz of fire did you actually think that for 5 minutes for Tuesday would not return with a vendetta and your name attached?

I remember Paul when you and Stephanie were the authority and I don’t know how badly you treated some of the superstars I also remember the lies that used to hold to yourselves and talk about in front of the general manager just try and make yourself look good but now the truth is coming out your web you weave is coming undone Paul and Stephanie and Ronda Rousey and Batista are the two people who are going to take you to the cleaners cuz they’re going to clean out all the dirty laundry you ever wanted and Stephanie if your daddy is going to defend you he’s got a whole list of top-level superstars that won’t defend you very much rather kick your butt than see you walk. In a ring I mean otherwise you’re pretty safe because you’re the boss’s daughter and now I know why triple H better known as Paul Levesque married you.

it has not escaped me that Monday Night Raw is the longest running episodic television show live on the USA Network at 8 Pacific Time 5 Pacific Time on satellite.

and for all the wolves it Stephanie McMahon may have ladies and gentlemen I will tell you Ronda Rousey is going to be here biggest fight of her life and Les mis truck man comes to his daughters aid and suspensor the day after WrestleMania and stripped her of his WWE Women
title.I really have to wonder now what is going to be the outcome for Ronda Rousey and where does Miss McMahon stop trading out Superstars for main events.

I do believe that Kofi Kingston was robbed of his chance and his opportunity at fastlane just like I do believe that Daniel Bryant and Kevin Owens will make a great match but I happen to think that if Kofi Kingston ever had an option to send a message now it’s just time.

he’s been in the WWE for 15 years 15 years of dedication hard work and manual labor labor and he should get his WWE title chance.

he should be the next WWE champion on smackdown live every Tuesday night on the USA Network and mystery man should accept a 15-year honored veteran of the business.

a comprehensive more variety of a breakdown is is it as McMahon’s slowly fade into white and Ronda Rousey and all these other top Superstars start coming in to color The Man behind the business is getting ready to launch his next expo tea and he’s getting ready to go into the order football yes the national football league will have another national league the XFL in 2020 so I really am not too surprised that all of this is happening as mystic man’s next business venture is returning for one more time as the XFL.

Stay tuned for more and I’ll have more about smackdown tonight.

Society on suicide

Finding the truth behind society misunderstood generation.

This man is dead and he is legendary man behind old Western show. His legendary status has hard fight.

John Wayne’s name is now hitting snowflakes society of wanna block true free speech.

It would be like us taking a legendary speech and debate his words. As they have been taking shots at John Wayne’s.

Let’s take Pledge to stop this bullying of the dead and put this trashing of the conservative millennials.

Bill Cosby the man whom star in the Cosby Show and also star in fat Albert and his name was trash by a pure hate movement called #MeToo .

I mean where is the next failure in our current society. Let Take Democratic millennials.

You should all know her her name is Alexandria ocasio-cortez.

her platform is socialism her belief is a green New deal her problem is her attitude it really stinks.

Can you pay a debit $9 Trillions per Year ?

With average taxable income of 80% witch would line the pocket of our politicians. Now this would include small Business in America with average taxable income of 85 to 90 percent.

see that’s the thing about taxes the Democrats want to raise them and the conservative side of it wants to lower them wants to make it better for the American people but they don’t want to offer any suggestions on how to do that now if we are going to sell our cells to the highest bidder why don’t we go out on the street they become Street walkers for money.

See that’s the problem with this Alexandria ocasio-cortez she wants the highest tax rate for every American she wants to make sure that we have no money to live on no fun no entertainment no nothing no house no roof over our head or anyting and she wants to make sure that we all starve to death because she wants to get rid of the food the farm supplies everything just to put in this green New deal.

would you be able to pay a little over $600,000 in taxes a year even if there were no jobs and for a millionaire he got to pay 2 to 5 million dollars in taxes a year and is that really fair to us or to the American people and I will tell you what it isn’t it’s not fair because that is taxation beyond taxation.

see that’s the imagination of failed policy that’s the imagination of our socialist anarchy of government at full bore people like Alexandria ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders and many more who continue to allow the snowflakes to denigrate over a dead person’s grave.

I mean John Wayne Martin Luther King are they going to run over the top of the American people and destroy fellow Americans for years.

Are they going to allow dead people to rule the attack to take a legend real life of understanding under fire is a misfortune how can you stop on legacy of a movie stars.

Then you’ve got TV icons star of empire tell lies about himself get hate crime in Chicago and this latest of many deployment by the left to show that one man is blaming

Yep!!. Trump .. but see their dark clouds for America if the American go to far.

Yield back.

Hold On Just second..

Now let me explain.

See the 5 people are the currpetion inside the United States of America.

so see I wouldn’t be taking too much at socialism because the five people in this picture created this problem and the Democrats just keep going and going and going until they finally hit a wall while they’re going to hit 1 in me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was messaging for furture of America standard as become our President Trump.

Question & Answer about me

so everybody wants to learn a little bit about me well I’m going to give you the opportunity right now.

let me introduce myself I am Brandon I am the person who post this frog every week who answers the hard questions who tries to put together a conservative fair and balanced point of view.

so this blog is question and answer and here soon I will have a complete question and answers for you right here on this blog I just want to make the proper introductions.

I give a rose to people that I think are sweet kind and funny especially women who impress me enough to get the rose I don’t judge a book by it’s cover I tried to learn about it and I take the time to accept everybody for who they are.

I ain’t on here for gratitude or platitudes I’m on here because I enjoy what I do I enjoy telling you all about me I enjoyed giving you guys my frame of reference or as I like to call it point of view it is important to me that not all millennials are matched to The crazy ones that think that free stuff is a great idea. I’d love to have a relationship but I also love to see our country going in the right direction.

I am Brandon I’m 30 years old I stand approximately 5 foot 6 and 1/2 in tall I come in about 200 lb and I’m a very versatile person I like to do things with people I’d like to hang out and listen to music I like to go to the mall once in awhile.

What’s something special about yourself that I probably don’t know?

A: my special thing is my acceptance and then my music has great many levels of listening. With music I feel the good and love in the kind of music I listen to

What’s your Christian testimony?

A: My Christian testimony is fair & accurate to what I stand United for good and Truth and Justice. This is for love and Relationship for all good Friendship with Understanding.

What in your life are you most proud of?

A: I’m Proud of the Fact that I’m care and love and I also have appreciation for everything I have and do. And I still care about pasted relationship so I try to be positive.

What would you like to be doing in five years’ time?

A: Over the next five years I want to start a business and that’s what I’m doing I’m getting a business going I have a business plan I want to create an income in a financial stability for my family that I want to start in the next couple years.

If you had the chance, which one mistake would you change in your life?

A: My Mistakes are the relationship between me and the women I’ve dated.

What’s one job you’d love to do?

A: my one job I love is meeting new people and being able to write my point of view and give people a comprehensive.

How do you spend your spare time?

A: I spend my spare time learning about music women and I have a lot more talent too.

What makes you laugh?

A: makes me laugh is being honest and having love and compassion for comedy and a comprehensive view of learning new things.

What are you seeking in a relationship?

A: I’m seeking the high-end Morals. And loving and appreciate of good Relationship. Plus a compassion for Understanding of Business and Family Values includes Friendship.

What’s the most important value to you in a relationship?

A: being true having a monogamous understanding and also being open and honest about things and asking the hearts questions when you need to. And having morals in a relationship both of you can accept. and having hobbies that you both can understand and accept or having interest that you both can accept like sports TV shows and stuff like music plus conversations.

What are you seeking in a wife?

A: I’m seeking a woman who has compassion understanding and an open mind to music and making a difference in building a future for a family.

Do you hope to have children?

A:I don’t have an interest in having kids because he’ll like a threat against a marriage or even lifestyle when anything bad happens there used as a negotiation tactic which I think is very unfair advantage to men.

What’s your most treasured possession?

A:my true fries and treasured possession is myself and my understanding and music and so much more like there’s a lot there to be treasured.

What’s your favourite book?

A: the books are like or romance novels and true life documentaries.

What’s your favourite movie?

A: my movies are more family-oriented not horror blood and guts and stuff like that.

Who’s your favourite musician?

A: I have a variety of favorites and musicians I really like classic real classic music that can’t be beat like blues Country jazz rock and roll. Those are the varieties that I like.

As a child, who was your hero?

A: my childhood hero was to real people Duane the dog Chapman which was better known as dog the bounty Hunter and John Cena his monarchy of hustle loyalty and respect has stood out against everything else I have to say.

Where’s your ideal holiday destination?

A: my ideal holiday destination would be I would say going to a live concert and also seeing WrestleMania. That would be my ideal holiday vacationer all holiday getaway destination.

Are you a morning person or a night person?

A: I’m not much of a morning person I’m more with midday.


Remodeling on Dating by Brandon

Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in humans whereby two people meet socially with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a prospective partner in an intimate relationship or marriage. It is a form of courtship, consisting of social activities done by the couple, either alone or with others

10 dates is a Model

1 your first dating exercise is to getting to know the girl your dating .

2 is making a connection on some levels of the girl you’ll dating.

now for obvious reasons I’m not going to try and implement or tell you how to handle things because in dating it is quite possibly the most impossible thing to do but I would follow a 10 date 30 day plan.

The Mystery to Women

know the mystery to every woman is they like to play a little charades and some of them are fun and some of them just upset some into no end.

but let’s be real there is one thing that every woman and man finds very peaceful and that is the very fine art of physical expression.

as of no consequence to the dating aspect of it you have a woman or a guy any one of you will have a need for physical attraction which in layman’s terms means sex.

Their a purity of two people body touching physically.

there’s actually quite a unique spell that comes with purity and it’s not so much a spell as an antidote to what we see how we deliver our love to a woman and how a woman delivers her love to a man is very much the question because there’s a purity of thought mind and body that comes with it.

this is a distinguished picture of quality love without hesitation without physical thinking is a freedom of Life understanding and prophecy.


now that I would say would be true because it’s not just something you feel it’s something you do it’s like family it’s not just something you feel it’s something you do all the time.

love is not something you don’t look for love is something that just comes to you and what happens he can’t stop it and I have to kind of short nap paraphrase best thing ever to happen to you cuz sometimes the best thing that happens to you is not really the best.

I would comment and in that comment I would say that love does happen but sometimes it takes three or four or five women to find the right kind of love

see we forget sometimes about the pleasure of a woman so I’m going to include another post that I made in here about pleasuring women and I’ll come with a different picture cuz it’s the cover photo from the original post but you’re going to go through a lot of women to find the right one.

and I’m going to be absolutely honest with you I have been through three different women and all of them have been tragic failures or just never understood the way I am which I will never apologize for because I stand by what I mean.

I’m not going to give in to females I don’t give in to anybody actually I stand on my morals and sometimes I piss people off but I live with it.

see the true is tragedy of this whole thing is is it the deal that I make with myself is to be honest with my readers so I don’t drop names but I do tell you how many when are dated.

the first woman I dated she was she really care about how I felt and she continuously lied to me and then she should use fake stories and give me lies to cover up the truth and then when confronted by it she just broke up with me and so I gave up on trying to figure her out and today I don’t know what her problem is but she seems to be happy apparently cuz she kind of talks to me but not all the time.

I’ll give you a little bit of a hint I don’t know what I ever give in to the demands of a woman who didn’t respect me for who I am and I respect her a lot concerning I put up with a lot of s*** from her

The second one well the second one was kind of a real experiment because I found more out about her than what I probably wanted to know and the absolute most honest thing I could have actually come up with was dignity because I don’t think that her friends that she had had much of that.

Planning a pleasure night

Plan a pleasure night

now I’m going to warn you the pictures are very explicit and the conversation is very deep so do not be surprised but what I say because it is all fact-checked in true to a t.

Yes women have a particular spot on their body that holds nearly 10 to 11 times more pleasure points than any other place on their body and just because you might be done she probably won’t be so the key to this dating thing is to know how to complete the job.

Now I am going to go by the assumption that you’re reading this because you want to know about me well it’s not so much about me it’s more about the way I see things and so I give you a diagram to follow by.

Planet pleasure night make it your own special Night and the art of Love


Breaking impailed Statements

Impaled by a statement

so everybody reads my blog and well I just got a statement that kind of impaled everything I said and back when I started this blog I started because I had a love of journalism I love for writing the truth I had a love for doing what was right and now I am being impaled by statements that are not true.

Now I have garden variety of responses to not truthful statements and there is no garden-variety response to a statement that is made by people who do not know me.
so I’m going to speak honestly and I’m going to speak fairly to those who wish to judge me if you are in a disagreement with me about a statement I have made on my blog then I would justify it by saying that have you really researched what I have said and can you fairly and accurately just suppose or impale me with a honest response.

I strongly disagree with the conclusions of the media and the conclusions of biased news organizations and you know who you are. I refuse to believe that there is a lie or no mission from the Michael Cohen hearing. I’ve been put on the spot before I’ve been asked lots of questions but I’ve never had to find a response to a question or a statement that is so outlandishly bold that it’s not even worth being a statement.

somebody on Twitter sent me a message saying how can you write. Bravado and stand by a conservative platform when you virtually print the truth but your article tells not everything on both sides.

well I’m going to respond to that because that is kind of like complicated and the consequences are very real to me as a writer and a journalist with integrity. I will not patronize a left movement I would not encourage socialism nor would I encourage the destruction or self-destruction of people who don’t understand the future of America.

well it is true then America has a future it is also true that the future of America lays with the millennials this is a fact which is very honestly laid at my backyard cuz I am one of the millennials I am the next generation that follows every other generation from me I am one of those who is heard the stories heard the lies and has to distinguish between truth fact and fiction. I will only capitalize untruth when the people who read it printed properly in a news article.

Let’s take CNN let’s talk about Jim Acosta a CNN White House correspondent that has verbally and conductive outrageously slandered Donald Trump and impune Sarah Sanders statements.

let’s take Jim acosta’s slander and impugning to a whole new level what if I was to in Kuhn Jim Acosta a CNN correspondent for the White House with some statements like this.

1. Jim Acosta has a biased reporting standard he doesn’t care for the truth he is a Marxist and he is the first step in a socialist country that the left would capitalize on.

2.Jim Acosta correspondent for the White House at CNN has impugn and slandered the honor and the Integra built the integrity of a fair and honest reporter as Jim Acosta is none of those things and he is the farthest thing from having integrity or morals about what he said.

now all those statements may be true the fact is is that I owe just in Kuhn what Jim Acosta is to CNN is impune his integrity I question his morals I object to his way of reporting the facts.

Those statements for bradleyville and were simplified for the absent minded people.

let’s talk about Marxism Marxism is a step in the wrong direction Marxism is what Russia has done and anti-Semitism is a step closer to Marxism so if this is a question of morals I have them because I report Fairfax and I would not use anti-semitic remarks to report a fact.

let’s talk about socialism socialism is a breeding ground of high taxes and no income for any American person the dream would be dead the Constitution wouldn’t even be around and the truth is is it at the end of the day 90% tax on the top 1% of millionaires does not work you would have to pay $600,000 in taxes to cover even a small quarter of what the green deal has to offer and that doesn’t even cover income and revenue.

so let’s be sure about what we put out there let’s be sure about what we say let’s be sure about how we react to press coverage because article one of my New deal includes holding the press accountable for the reporting it is a valuable tool which would hold accurate reporting an accurate press reports fully accountable by each major network from CNN to Fox News from Fox News to MSNBC and from MSNBC to ABC NBC CBS and all those major affiliates around the world and here in the United States.

the international affiliates like the BBC and TV one and all those around the world have to know that we have credibility and accountability here and the accountability and The credibility of our media is most important to reporting accurate and fair standard facts.

the morals of our media are the same as morality of the people win no integrity or no justice is shown there’s a limited fashion of justice that the Democrats wish to impose on the people the consequences of which they are proven time and time again to be unwrapper hensonville

so see I am not one to slander or let another person slander a president United States I am also not the governor of Virginia and I’m also not the lieutenant governor of Virginia because the actions of that state or reprehensible racist and a mark of anti-Semitism by everybody who stands behind that kind of action.

many years ago the United States faced a bigger problem than just anti-Semitism and it was one that led to a lot of questionable actions these actions since then have had severe and quite substantial consequences to the people who continue to do it.

no I’m not going to sell you one what people want I’m going to sell you on the truth.

you hear conversations like human trafficking you hear conversations like integrity and respect and consequences for their future to make the future better.

but where does Free press come in to actually hold their reporters and their coverage accountable and credible to what they say on television?

is Trump really the problem for the press or is the press the problem for President Trump as they have shown a no-count accountability action and CNN and all these major affiliates continuously chew on the Trump White House just get a response?

know if the press has freedom of press there needs to be limitations to that freedom of press they need to be held accountable for their statements they also need to learn that slander is a real possibility as a press reporter and a few impugn am a statement or impugn his honor it is 3 times worse than being a reporter.

c on several occasions the press has impugn Donald Trump and his family for their statements or for their questions that will logically needed to be answered by the press. I am not a target for the press I am a target for honest fair accurate reporting and when is not honest when it is not fair I call out the network that do that.

I stand for values
I stand for the flag
I stand for credibility
I stand for accountability
and I stand for the greatest country on this Earth the United States of America.
I stand for accurate and fair reporting by the major News networks.
I support and justify the justice system when there are right and they do the right thing for the people.

I stand because for the stand that I take is valued in love appreciation understanding and common Sense.

I will be the conservative truth in an unfair untruthful society that has been proven time and time again to be illegitimate and very impugned by their statements.

If the desire is strong enough!!

If the desire is strong enough!!

love is a powerful thing it’s not an emotion it’s not just one thing you know it’s something you feel.

Real life challenge comes from within when you challenge yourself to do something more than what others want you to do it set you up for success.

when you learn to keep studying every day harder and harder each and every day you also learn that friendship is a matter of opinion.

if your dedication is to what you like then you’re always have success see that’s the key dedication.

I am dedicated to making my life better by doing what I love and therefore my success is my almond

A must read!

United we stand & divided we fall

this was a great article I found your viewpoint to be very open died and I really do still stand behind the fact that socialism is bad for America and the farther we fade the farther we divided so if America is stand strong then we need to stand together.

If you read the article just click on the blue letters above and the title of the article will tell you everything united we stand & divided we fall.

Soso the terminology has been used over and over again and history is never ending every month every year every day every second every minute of every other day we makes history that is why I just have to say that black history is American history and I think mr. Freeman had the best saying of all.

if we’re declaring one month black history month then what’s going to be the next month how can you say that February is Black history month when in fact every month is a history month things happened every month which means every month had some sort of history in it and if we look at it that way will be better off.

Thisthis is what I love to do this is what I am I right about this stuff because it means the world to me to have you read it so I take the time to show you how united we can stand and how divided we can fall.

The truth behind love and women is women are like the backbone of mankind some have a reliable continuous everyday understanding of Life others just have a dimauro a portable attitude that creates hate and dishonesty.

Love is what made women so insightful

a greatest insight is two women are greatest downside is through war so when we appreciate the love and the admiration of real talk and real understanding we appreciate each other so the terminology united we stand divided we fall means the world to me because I’m going to stand United with honest fair and real common Sense understanding.

see the future of America lays in the hands of the millennials I am one of those I am a millennial I serve as a voice of reasoning when the unreasonable people of America start to cause friction.

It’sit’s me it’s the way of truth it’s the way of real view it’s the way of supporting charity it’s the way of being who you are this is who I am this is who I achieved to be I’m a real reporter I report real life situations I give you a real conversation.

Brandon’s point of view media and entertainment .

so I’m posting the promises of Hope and I’m also posting the problem since it’s true because we have to work together so I’m going to work together with everybody and I’m going to go around and ask the easiest question of all so please check out my Facebook page follow me and I will keep doing what I do best.

New plan for

Moving to a

Yes.. It going to teaming with GoDaddy site for more opportunities and this meaning that

But this site will continue to have content publish on this Site.

Love to learn more

This is what I love and appreciation for good article ❤️ Understanding the art of reporting and giving full coverage report in what I want for future reference of America.

New Business Future Opportunities

Eugene OR: Is going to have new online Entertainment including Report cards news and media.

This mean I’m going be make high standards for all free press. It also mean that their will be No Bias in my reporting.

Art of Love

I will continue to report on my research in matter of Love 😍

it is always about values here at Brandon’s viewpoint blog and it’s not going to stop the values that I have put in place here in reporting what I think is important will continue on to my GoDaddy website and those values will never stop as long as I’m reporting the fair and accurate news and giving you the latest on what is going on in the world of physical and mental abuse of power in government.

you’ll start having a heart for love so Brandon’s point of view will not stop providing you with interesting stories and a quite a unique study to come about a miniseries that will be happening on my YouTube channel for all of you to see this documentary series will be approximately 8 shows long and will have people who are looking for love experience a week of looking and it will take in a compass of five guys in five women.

so the dream and the business and the Art of entertainment hasn’t stopped we’re just moving to a larger platform and also introducing advertising to our site so if you’re interested stay tuned for more.

I wanted to thank all of viewers and I want you to returning to this site continue to have most for content and current post on here. Stay tuned. And I looking forward to sharing my point of view and more

Break: Winter slam Into Oregon.

Winter weather WARNING


so as the weather goes you know what happens when we have bad weather it creates inclement weather conditions for much of the Lane County area including school closures which all schools apparently in Lane County are closed officially as of last night and there are no delays or anyting expected for tomorrow morning.

as of Tuesday at 6 p.m. snow level of 500 feet to the valley floor could expect 2 to 5 inches of snow but updated at 11 on news you could expect 6 in of snow at maximum.

Lane Transit district LTD as Bella known is operating on a Sunday snow schedule so many of the Lane Transit drivers may not be working a regular schedule but in any event stay tuned to your local news weather and emergency weather alert system radio if you have one or check out keys yet kval came to your or newstalk 11:20 or kpnw 590.

elevations above 500 ft to 1000 could expect anywhere from 8 to 10 in of snow Cascade Foothills and everything above 1000 feet could get anywhere from 9 to 12 in of snow overnight.

So here’s how it all breaks down for closures and delays.

Public School announcements there will be no school and it will be called a snow day Junction City Eugene 4J and all schools around Lane County have been canceled as of last night on the 11:00 news on Tuesday the 26th of February this is officially the latest announcement.

there it will be limited bus schedule for public transit anybody that has to go somewhere please remember that Junction City bus may not operate 95 to Junction City may not be operational and all of the buses surrounding Lane County out of the Lane Transit district you may not get service due to the fact that they are operating on a Sunday level snow schedule.

I will keep everybody up to date on Facebook and Twitter as much as I can this is what I’ve heard so far anybody with any additional Ms please feel free to comment and post status as you hear it coming in off the in area.

Lane transit district office may not be open tomorrow and many of their regular operations may be canceled for tomorrow or suspended the 79 x if does not change will operate on a regular schedule the u of o campus will try to be open at noon they may cancel in the morning check your local news for that also any students that may have to go to Lane community college you may want to call your college to make sure you have school cuz as okay zr9 news at 11 it was canceled.

Road conditions 38 and much of 58 and 126 are closed as of today the inclement weather conditions have created traveling difficulties for much of Lane County so I can let you really have to go somewhere they’re encouraging everybody to stay home and stay safe and warm.

forecasters are hoping that this will be the final day of the snows days much of the land kind of schools have just taken it as a snow day for the rest of the week and will not be operational until Monday of next week.

Major highway closures

ORE138, 26 miles West of Intersection with North Umpqua Highway ORE138 MP 60 – 22


Highway 138E is closed between MP 21.8 – MP 60 due to falling trees and downed powerlines. Use alternate route.

Lanes Affected: (Westbound) 1 Lane
(Eastbound) 1 Lane
Updated: 02/26/2019 11:58 pm

ORE138, 5 miles East of Glide MP 22 – 60


Highway 138E is closed between MP 21.8 – MP 60 due to falling trees and downed powerlines. Use alternate route.

Lanes Affected: (Westbound) 1 Lane
(Eastbound) 1 Lane
Updated: 02/26/2019 11:23 pm

US101, 12 miles North of Brookings MP 344


The road surface has collapsed, use an alternate route.

Lanes Affected: (Northbound) 2 Lanes
(Southbound) 1 Lane
Updated: 02/26/2019 4:10 pm

US20, 2 miles West of Santiam Pass Summit MP 79


An avalanche has occurred, use an alternate route.

Lanes Affected: (Westbound) Median, 1 Lane, Shoulder
(Eastbound) Median, 1 Lane, Shoulder
Issued: 02/27/2019 12:19 am

Weather forecast for the next 7 days

Occasional snow, changing to snow showers late. Additional snow accumulation of 2 to 5 inches. Lows 25 to 30. North wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 90 percent. Rainfall amounts a tenth to a quarter of an inch.

Mostly cloudy. Snow showers early, then decreasing snow showers. Snow accumulation up to 1 inch. Highs around 40. South wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 80 percent. Rainfall amounts less than a tenth of an inch.

Wednesday Night
Mostly cloudy with a slight chance of snow showers after midnight. Lows around 30. Southeast wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 20 percent.

Mostly cloudy. Chance of snow showers in the morning, then a chance of rain and snow showers. Little or no snow accumulation. Highs around 40. South wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation 40 percent.

Thursday Night
Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers. Snow level 1000 feet. Lows 25 to 30.

Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers. Snow level 1000 feet. Highs around 45.

Friday Night
Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers. Lows around 25.

Partly sunny. Highs around 45.
Saturday Night

Partly cloudy. Lows around 25.

Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of snow showers. Snow level 500 feet. Highs around 45.

Sunday Night
Partly cloudy. Lows around 25.

Partly cloudy. Highs around 45.

so there’s your latest road report and weather conditions for the next 7 days. we’re going to have a little bit of a chill out but it is better to be safe than sorry and a little bit of a suggestion if you’re going to be going somewhere plan extra half-hour for travel time also give yourself enough time to get there and plan an hour ahead of schedule so you’re on time.

Oregon’s department of transportation is asking people and requesting that if you have no place to go please stay home stay off the highways and remain safe and sound at your own home or you have heat.

and the power company is working really hard to get power back on so for those of you without power please be careful cover up or snuggle up to a blanket or do something to get warm. if you have a downed power line and you wish to report it please contact your local power company or go to smart hub and make sure to report it there in any other issues you may have please report it directly to the police or local law enforcement.

And if it’s an emergency please call direct 911.and please remember that this is a critical and current weather condition which is going to last the better part of tonight into tomorrow afternoon so please use caution and be safe and if you don’t have to go somewhere don’t.

Thank you and have a wonderful safe week

Mr, McMahon Factor

Weekly Report WWE

First Monday Night Raw

Soso from Monday Night Raw there was a lot of confusion the wild women’s champion rowdy Ronda Rousey basically threw threw down on mr. McMahon handing over the women’s title belt as she is a current raw women’s champion this proposes questions going into next Monday in Philadelphia.

what has happened to Ronda Rousey’s ambitions of being raw women’s champion?

Is there going to be a WrestleMania match for the raw women’s champion?

and where does Vince McMahon get off yanking top-level Superstars out of matches at pay-per-views such as WrestleMania?

Those would be my questions if I was to ask the questions at a WWE press conference or try to get answers from mr. McMahon or the McMahon Family themselves.

so for fast-lane the answer to all the questions comes down to what’s next is mr. McMahon really trying to turn Raw on its head and virtually just take the CEO and the other owners of WWE out of the question and just objectify himself to the party of one?

has mr. McMahon factor became an issue for other superstars inside the WWE locker room?

and then this report as opinion yes mr. McMahon is the factor to this whole thing so see it’s a McMahon factor he’s putting egg on the face of the CEO of the WWE itself and willing to jeopardize everything at wrestlemania.

not even 2 minutes after Becky Lynch was fired was mystic man putting Charlotte flair in her spot at WrestleMania the diverting the question of why did he suspend Becky Lynch for 60 days and what happens now that she’s been arrested?

Triple H gets a message from Dave


Atlanta Georgia celebrating 70 years of verse Ric flair gets attacked by Dave Bautista to send a message to triple H you have to wonder what triple H is going to have to say about Batista ruining Ric Flair’s birthday celebration.

New Orleans was the site of a shocking turn of events and the McMahon factor was exactly what shocked the WWE universe Kofi Kingston was supposed to face the WWE champion Daniel Bryan and tell mr. McMahon’s music hit and then it all went to hell.

see mr. McMahon’s powerstride was in full motion when it came out and congratulated and also kicked Kofi Kingston right in the teeth at the same time to not have a match at fastlane against the only Daniel Bryan for the WWE championship.

in a shocking turn of events a returning refreshed healed up 100% Kevin Owens takes Kofi Kingston spot virtually just handed to him and what could be called a rip Sean move by Vince McMahon.

the underhandedness and the deplorable actions of Kevin Owens have always been want a question and now I also have to question the owners ability to manage his Superstars as mr. McMahon really turned himself against every one of the superstars is competed in his ranks.

Kofi Kingston deserves an opportunity at the WWE title there was no question about that but the way Mr.McMahon is going about it is questionable at best his ego is getting the best of him and Mr.McMahon is proving it all the time.

more as WrestleMania at fastlane become more clear and we’ll Kofi Kingston get his title shot at WrestleMania and said if a sling and who will be KO Kevin Owens

Letter to the democratic and Republican

Case & Point

I am kind of like outdated on this power system I mean everybody lost power during the winter storm and yet the power companies have no way to solve the problem

point of conclusion it is my job to seek a way to make sure that everybody in the world keeps power during a bad storm and that if power should go out there is an emergency generator for every household in America to make sure that they have power.

this should be a great solution when every household in America has power no matter what even if the power company can’t provide it.

so I’m going to demonstrate to all of you a good way to make sure that we don’t lose power ever again in the 21st century by going with a common-sense solution if everything else comes from the ground and energy is one of those common everyday things then it should be a top priority of scientists to study a better solution to providing households homes with power and businesses.

I am looking at a possibility of making a report on power outages across America and how outdated our power structure is an American society they have not been updated so we don’t know what what we don’t even know if they have the proper equipment and we don’t know if the power companies are even allowed to upgrade update and make metal models for better power supply systems.

I would contend first to getting a $1000000 grant to do a power and structural supply system research which means that $1000000 would go to innovating the future of America and also updating and replacing are outdated power systems. Let us start with the states on the west coast and work East.

let us form a team of experts to research guide and start the remodelacion structure of our power structure it is a very important hot subject which is not covered by many but is covered by me it is also important to remember that $1000000 would fund this project and this project will go towards the future of America.

it is a valuable most valuable tool of energy and production to make a better power system than what they have rooted power from water is a great builder of energy this combined with years and years of experience wooden power poles and lines that run all over the country and a1 tree falls and people lose power by the thousands natural disasters take millions out of power and leave millions wondering what is going on about the power company.

our energy is spent more on doing something stupid than doing something smart trying to build a future for America is what I’m doing I’m going to use common sense and I’m going to use realistic understanding.

realistically we cannot build a power structure if we do not understand it and we cannot move forward if we do not move away from our outdated overrated power system and this means that the people need to work together to build a better structure of power supply and demand.

we also need to work at building better roads and having better communities to operate in so when we have a major storm system like a winter storm in the winter time we’re better prepared it is time to put an end to this traffic freeze this freezing weather this inclement weather and start doing something smart for America if we are to be the building blocks in the pioneers of the future it is time to look at better systems of communication better system of road ways and and a better traffic system.

what we have hurricanes what we have natural disasters it is important that the people of America realize common sense is the beginning of the future we have DC Democrats and DC Republicans who do not look at the wider picture I’m not going to support anybody who talks to a green New deal that he has not even shown us a budget or shown us that there’s any evidence to support what they say.

I am a part of the millennial generation but I’m also a part of the common Sense generation I do not want to spend trillions of dollars on a plan that has not even been proven true by top scientists if the liberals and the socialists of America want to do something to destroy America and no one wants to say anything then you’re going to meet the one that will I am telling you now we can not let the government be the ruler of our lives we cannot give them 100% control of our lives we have to do something to better serve our country or community or cities or states are financial institutions because we are the wave of the future the millennials are the future.

Pretty soon it’s going to be the Trinity Mills the people who will live on after us this is a trinity problem we have to work together to make it better the Trinity is Trinity’s of years tens of thousands of years of people ignoring the key problems in America.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez is another one of these enraged socialist factions that has totally deny the American people truth and Justice she is complaining because her self-awareness is being questioned well I am going to question her if she’s the boss then do the job that you’ve been hired to do stop you’re pushy attitude and get over yourself because I think it was a mistake for New York voters to vote you in just like Royal Bernie.

if the American people are to listen and if you are to listen good you will understand what I’m about to tell you is the God’s honest truth socialism doesn’t work it’s been proven by the thousands of people overseas that it does not work millions of people are dying starvation is an all-time high and if Bernie Sanders think that that is a good idea to have people walking at the food banks then he’s got another natural disaster going to happen.

I’m ready to say shut down the government and never reopen it until we come to a common sense understanding I’m ready to tell these Democrats these liberals he’s socially that if they want to live that way go to Russia or go to Vietnam do not stand here and tell us it works cuz we already know it don’t.

in America there is no way we can afford Alexandria ocasio-cortez 9 trillion dollar green deal it doesn’t work this is not a deal it’s a breaker of America it proves that 100% of American taxpayers money will go to supporting a green deal why should we pay 100% of our taxes to something that would never work in America.

are you willing to sacrifice your home sacrifice your heat sacrifice your Entertainment sacrifice your self-esteem sacrifice everything to believe and a green deal that doesn’t have any feet on it.

Alexandria you have lied you didn’t tell us everything and yet you stand there like a big pre-madonna and you think you’re going to win the day well let me tell you something about prepaid primadonnas I have a way of shutting them down and I am just one of many who will shut you down you’re not a maitre d of the world and you’re not some lowlife off the street criminal who’s willing to do this if you look at this logically logically you would not even talk about this kind of deal it destroys the American way.

Here’s the truth behind the green deal

90% of Americans would pay 100% of taxes all the time even when they’re working their pay 100% of their taxes for what a green deal and even if that you’d be paying over $300,000 in taxes just to cover a 9 trillion dollar never-ending debt surge created by Alexandria ocasio-cortez and her green deal it is a dream fake deal there is no real solution to what she has created and her deal has no merit in America.

Marxism anti-Semitism communism all of them run together and all of them are running right through Washington DC Democrats if you by the Democrats story then you’re a fool you’re an ass you’re an idiot your dumbass there is nothing reliable or even Constable to a 9 trillion dollar crisis that Alexandria ocasio Cortez has spoke of.

what about the national stage Miss Cortez what about the people of America who don’t have that kind of income who don’t want to be on food stamps anymore who don’t want to go to food pantries who want to have the privacy of their own home and want to start a family and don’t want to have you sticking your long nose into their business?

there is nothing right about this Miss Alexander or cross your Cortez and there’s nothing right about you you are a fake you are crossover from a long generation of crossovers who’ve always thought that the government has to have 100% control of the American people and it is not nor will it ever come to that the American people have the Constitution of the United States of America those amendments stand tried-and-true to whatever Alexandria ocasio-cortez has in mind her manufactured Marquis of Marxism is not going to work.

if you are an idiot you will buy everything she sells but if you are smart you will research it to a t. anti-semitic comments are far from what has been happening in Washington DC as you well know the Virginia governor Virginia lieutenant governor and the district attorney of Virginia have all been caught in a scandal virtually like Democrats Hillary Clinton was caught in one but she got a freebie because of James Comey that is why call me is the freebie what?

James alabaster, he has a sell-out attitude doesn’t care about America and his self-serving attitude prove that the Barack Obama Nation of the worlds were the worst ideas ever without any common Sense the Democrats have bragged about the income numbers and the rocketing employment numbers and the African American employment numbers and how many people have come off of food stamps since President Donald Trump took office.

the truth behind anti-Semitism has been proven long long ago when people had anti-semitic remarks they were based on untrue facts that is what slavery brought us now we’re going back to it just in a lot harder way socialism is a factor of slavery and anti-Semitism is a factor of the DC Democrats cover up what you will lie what you want but the truth is America is smarter than you.

American truth and honesty will win.. a somatic remark a Marxism of anti-Semitism a communist country like Russia has a lot of anti-semitic remarks for America and what you’re seeing in the Democrats is virtually a Communist regime they don’t care about the country they only care about themselves they want to put all the money in their pockets they have no reason at all to care about the American people.

To paraphrase I think that Chuck Schumer Nancy pelosi and all the Hollywood elites in DC need to come out of their glass houses and see the truth I will not allow my country to fall into the hands of communist radicals like Alexandria ocasio Cortez and I will not allow Chuck Schumer or Nancy pelosi to lie to anybody ever again and I will shut down the freedom of press act if the truth is not told.

I am tired of this lying biased and isometric media that is CNN MSNBC ABC NBC and whatever the media outlet you can be doing what you’re doing to our country do you not realize that by your own remarks by your own anti-semitic comments on live television you are tearing America apart with your lies with your deceptions and without out of ferret of a fact you have totaled biased total no respect for the country and you are exempt from this tirade you think.

but I’m here to tell you you are not you will be the target of many comments of mine none of them reflecting the views or the premonition of the current-day people I am one I have a lot of people who believe in what I say so believe this if there is anti-Semitism it is out of the democratic party is in relation to a Marxism of this country then we are on the road to Communism and that is a destruction of personal property.

how willing is the American people to let the Democrats take our country to Communism how willing is the American judicial system to overlook the Injustice in America on the Republican party and the conservative people how willing is the honest American willing to sit by and let this treacherous actions happen before you these are the treasures people who do it names I’ll give you a couple of them.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez
Chuck Schumer
Nancy pelosi
Mazie hirono
Jerry Brown
Kate Brown
Barack Obama
Bernie Sanders
Maxine Waters

Oh and there are so many more because these are just a couple of the names on that list of people who are trying to create communism in America you want the truth the truth is communism doesn’t work the truth is socialism doesn’t work the truth is is it if you want to have sex you better have a camera cuz that’s what America’s coming to you before too long everybody will have cameras on them and they’ll be able to see everything you do from the time you go to the bathroom to the time you get up in the morning to the time you go to bed at night.

If the Democrats have their way we won’t have a free America will have an expensive socialist America. Let’s not give the Dems anyting anymore let’s do something for ourselves let’s do it right let’s talk about the truth behind the veil of democratic blocking. Don’t cater to your Democratic colleagues cater to finding out the truth supply yourself with some truth and real common Sense before you go out and make an ass of yourself cuz those list of names are the people who have made asses of themselves.

Batista and the ending to Ric Flair’s birthday celebration

Ric flair attacked in his dressing room by Dave Bautista on Monday Night raw and the absolution of what happened to Becky Lynch getting arrested.

Atlanta GA

set for a 70th birthday party ruined at the end of Monday Night raw by the one man who wanted triple h and triple h went to the eighth of his friend instead of finding Dave Bautista with WrestleMania and the balance will the triple h get his match against Dave Batista at WrestleMania and what will happen to Ronda Rousey who said her title right in front of Stephanie McMahon and walked away will it be a triple threat match or will the match be changed once again to a one-on-one contest.

He’s back he’s back. yes Roman reigns made his WWE return after only 5 months of fighting leukemia and he confirm tonight on Monday Night raw did he was in remission from leukemia the best news is is that with him back on raw what will it do to the balance of the WWE championship there are no more automatic rematches in the WWE so let’s see how that balances out with Brock Lesnar.

WrestleMania kickoff at the Royal rumble when the first ever 30 women 30 men battled it out for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we already know what’s going on with the women’s division deceit in the ranks Stephanie McMahon on fire and the chairman of the board decided to suspend the winner of the Royal rumble match.

fire in tombstone bigger and badder does the man have a fight on her hands with fire will she last night in jail does the Atlanta Police department feel that the Vince McMahon factor is to blame how old Vince answer the question and how will Ronda Rousey answer her Queen?

so the Atlanta police take Becky Lynch into custody charging her with felony trespassing and criminal mischief at Monday Night RAW live during Monday Night raw taping.

the fire-and-brimstone of the WWE 13 women entered the Royal rumble one wins 30 women one wins that must mean Becky Lynch won the Royal rumble match and she should be on her road to WrestleMania but in her absence she refused to go see the doctors which led the McMahon Family to tell her she was suspended until she did and then when she finally went saw the doctor’s she had to apologize to Stephanie and triple h on Monday Night raw.

Royalrumble the risk the reward and The road to WrestleMania starts there and it started there for Becky Lynch and the winner of the smackdown women’s Royal rumble was Becky Lynch I guess you could say that smackdown ruled the Royal rumble.

the wrong mans raw rumble was ruled by the fiery brimstone of the WWE zone Seth freaking Rollins.

so it WrestleMania we are confirmed with the Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar match also at WrestleMania it will be the Daniel Bryan factor against an unknown opponent right now but at fastlane Daniel Bryan will have to face Kofi Kingston and a WWE title match.

so as we go forward there is quite a few new things happening in the WWE such as the women’s tag team division now we’re going to get more on that as I watch Monday Night raw on Tuesday night SmackDown and we figure out what the next step in the brand of women’s wrestling is.

let me be the first to offer my condolences to Becky Lynch. Trinity and her rest I feel that Vince McMahon has fiery temper has overlooked the greatest opportunity in women’s history and is willing to shortcut himself to WrestleMania by giving Charlotte flair a flare family member the opportunity to win the women’s title match where he’s trying to make history he just destroyed it

no I not mean anything to anybody but it sure as hell mean something to the women of the WWE now this is true there’s a lot of sore losers at the WWE such as Vince McMahon Stephanie McMahon Shane McMahon and triple h who can never fight and honest war without getting somebody else hurt.

the ending result being that Charlotte flair. Already intensified the situation by her statements on SmackDown and raw and the attack at the Royal rumble afterwards at elimination chamber kind of let it more and more but more to this story.

Breaking hot Atlana GA returns Reigns

Roman reigns and Monday Night raw comes to hotlanta next week it’s breaking news as we find out a status update on his leukemia and his fight to return to WWE.

how will Roman reigns handle the return to entering competition and will be returning after or before WrestleMania this year. we’ll find out this Monday live on raw in Atlanta when Roman reigns goes to the ring to give the WWE universe an update and see what he has to say about the current status of his WWE universal championship in the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Roman reigns ain’t just returning so is Ric flair to celebrate 70 years of age the WWE Hall of famer will be live in Atlanta to celebrate his birthday with the WWE universe this Monday on Monday Night raw when they emanate from Atlanta Georgia and the 70-year-old hall-of-famer will have a lot to say about his career in the WWE.

so The road to WrestleMania makes a pit stop in Atlanta and fast Lanes coming up soon so what will be the next WWE Hall of famer for the 2019 class of Hall of Fame inductees and will D-Generation x make one appearance at Monday Night raw before going to the Hall of Fame in New York City at the Barclay center.

and with the 30-day suspension on the Irish lass kicker Becky Lynch what will be the outcome of rowdy Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair’s match at WrestleMania and how will Rousey respond to Charlotte’s first comments from last Tuesday on smackdown live.

and with fast lane in the view mirror it is a question of fast or furious who’s going to have the upper hand headed into WrestleMania and what world WrestleMania have the Noel the wrestlemania has had the greatest match of all time will probably be Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte flair and I have to wonder what Ric Flair’s going to say about that..

and what will Brock Lesnar say to Seth Rollins as they roll through Atlanta on The road to WrestleMania and what will be the next big match for wrestlemania and will The undertaker coming back to face John Cena or triple h or one of the big dogs in the WWE won’t find out as we go along the road to WrestleMania and stay tuned for the WWE Hall of Fame induction..

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the WWE Network has the greatest content and a 5-star rating and has one mini great awards for it’s awesome content that it has on the app where you can see all the WWE pay-per-views for free and you only pay $9.99 after your free 30-day trial of the WWE Network so if you’re looking for fun and entertainment sign up March 7th and you won’t miss a minute of the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony or fastlane all on the WWE Network and all for one great low price of $9.99 and new subscribers get it Free for the first month.

Point of View: Bias controversial 

Alert to Truth & Honestly Media

it’s actually pretty dangerous when you think about it because the journalism of media has become such a dangerous profession for honest media that when you watch CNN or MSNBC or any of those major cable network televisions you almost have to pity the people who lie or cheat to get the truth.

so meet the dangers of controversial skepticism and Marxism media. is this doesn’t worry you let me paint a picture of what could happen if we don’t get control of honest journalism. .

The Art Deception is very clearly showed . see there’s a mass of not true media and not true journalism and these people who call themselves journalists should be examined because they lie and they put their own personal spin on news.

How can you believe an outlet like CNN the most left media you can ever find the most controversial questionable journalism you could ever meet and all these media outlets to do this know that they’re not standing up for standardized journalism and freedom of press means honest and fair journalism and I think that the freedom of the press has been taken too far when they can slander be rate totally annihilate our own government to believe anything that they want.

Jim Acosta of CNN journalist has gone on there several times and made statements that Trump is at war with media now you know as well as I do that these statements are not true and that Jim Acosta is a big baby.

me jussie Smollett he is a well he’s one of many people who have tested the waters and been caught by the Chicago Police department for lying about racy pointed statements at him.

jussie Smollett has paid people to assault him has given $3,500 to two brothers who are not even from the United States who live in Nigeria and virtually just lied to the United States government and the Federal bureau of investigations. does lying become a part of the democratic way because this looks like a painted perfect picture of what’s going on in Virginia that happened in Chicago except he got busted for lying and now he’s charged with obstruction of justice and $100,000 bail would you and help with 10% of it which means he only had to pay $10,000 to get out of jail.

when will the media stop being so controversially biased and stop lying to the American people and put the truth of what is going on out there when will the Hollywood elite stop making up stories and reporting it to the police and tell the truth about what happened.. there is nothing more disturbing than when an outer control media a biased reporter or journalist would be willing to sabotage a news report just to make his point home.

so when I report on truth I report on what I know and what I hear and what I watch on television and I report what the White House and many other reporters report as truth I do not add a spin to a media report that is not there I will not give you a personal opinion unless I’m writing my own point of view I think that there’s many things that need to change in America and one of those things is journalism and the freedom of press.

the journalists have no integrity anymore journalism has lost its finest art of honest and establishment media reporting this with a lot of disk credits out there including James Acosta and the other CNN reporters and MSNBC reporter’s and morning Joe have a lot to be desired there lies there controversial biased to our president is another racy subject to itself.

but jussie Smollett is another prime example of what racism is really coming to when you lie you sabotage yourself and the people around you when you give Miss information to the police and when the Donald Trump effect is not really in effect but a self-induced coma to the people of America. is the truth ever got out it wasn’t going Trump that did it it was a fact that the media can handle the truth so they started handing out lies and misinformation.

I find the integrity of CNN gone I find the integrity of MSNBC and all these other major news reporting in journalism newspapers gone cuz they don’t have it anymore I think that there is a big line in the Sand that journalism has crossed and can never get back from I believe that the art of reporting the news has become just a passing thing.

I think Free press is becoming a little too biased and controversial and needs to have it put back in its Lane and needs to adjust to an honest fair press and also remove the people who want to clute or couldn’t make controversy out of the air that is the journalism integrity. everyone integrity back we need to put the press in Free press back in order everyone everyone to respect the media then the media needs to learn its way and keep its mouth shut when something is not really said.

Dead People Headline the Bias Media controversial

Atlanta GA: the snowflakes over CNN have decided to report a dead man in the news and John Wayne was a headline so I have to wonder how far does the bias controversial media want to go with these unpremeditated 50 or 40 year old interviews..

Is there a limit to what the people and the media will do to get a new story are dead people now going to be mortified for what they say 40 years ago today

I would not report a dead man in a forty-year-old interview to a snowflake they can’t even understand the back then things were different and what they lie about is the truth what they don’t want to hear is honesty and what the snowflakes want is a controlled environment everywhere they go to where they don’t have to read a news article or interview from Playboy like this.

John Wayne believe in the country he lived in he believed in the United States he was a western movie star he made the best of a very high tense very controversial era when he was alive. 1907 to 1979 was a very controversial time in American history and yet the snowflakes of today want to take away the history and put something different in its place they want to lie they want to put this information out there but you can’t do that everywhere you go you have to put honest true journalism first

The history behind black history

so I post an article you can kick up click on the blue link above to see what I was talking about but if we’re to talk about dead people let’s talk about the dead people who are also dealing with a lot of controversy themselves do you think that lying or snowflakes can change them.

we cannot simply overlooked history and we cannot just turn our backs on what historians have found and if we report the truth as history has told us we came out looking a lot better than reporting Ally this is history this is why it is history because we are honest fair and balanced about how we feel in history.

Breaking:$100k Bail

Jessie Smollett Paid off check at $3500 two brothers for hate crime and the attack was caught on Camera capture a phony attack and blame them . A fake hate crime .

The name of the two brothers was the orderson

so it’s basically a put together fake out hate crime and jussie Smollett is a liar and he is now proving how dangerous the elite Hollywood left is willing to be to get Trump into trouble all this over a man who has done nothing to him but he’s going to blame Trump for what his inaction his inability to get a date or his just his how low he can go to be stupid.

I really do believe that if you’re a fan of empire you should boycott the show because this rolling with all those other would all of the Hollywood left this is the most dangerous time in America and we need to have some common sense put back into American television.

this is not safe if it’s going on in Hollywood it’s going on everywhere and it is a problem for me personally because it creates an unsafe environment for people who live and work around the cities this is a danger that small light has put in to place because now in order to go somewhere you need to have a body camera so you’re not accused of doing something and you need not take money from anybody because all that does is it allows them to play a little game with you and that’s not a game I’m willing to play.

I see all this has been set up they have it right down to the minute of what happened and Smollett knew it he said himself those hate letters he sent himself the white powder and the hate letters and everything is just a bunch of phony put together b******* by these Hollywood leftist and the Democrats that believe it or is stupid is Axis on a dry ride.

Risa Lanier cook county state Attorney’s office

Love Versus Hate

This is Type of Hate 😡 In Fashion

I am going very expressive right here and Now. This status post make sick when I hear a dead man in the News.

John Wayne Interview turn in News

Racist or Just Honestly Legend of old fashion lifestyle.

It amazing how the society has taken to make racist and or Marxist for their opinion .

John Wayne the man was born in 1907 he has done a lot for his time and now coming up on 1971 the 21st era Democrats have decided that they want to make a Target out of a Deadman 1979 John Wayne passed away the man himself was a living legend and an icon for the younger generation. this controversial interview I guess is what they’re calling it has become the talk of the Town and now I’m going to do a few things are probably going to sound unkind or just uncouth because I do want to make a statement to this.

A new light on Dead People is in news.

so if John Wayne was a racist then what does that make all these people who we talked about all the time like Rosa Parks or how about Martin Luther King were they Marxist or racist if we’re going to really condemn the dead people then let’s condemn them all because when we start taking words and using them to equip ourselves in a controversial manner we destroy the fabric of which many people have stood on for years and the freedom of speech which has been a loud ringing Bell for those of us who speak freely and honestly about how we feel about things.

could this be a racist I mean after all we are exposing the dead and alive to racism and isn’t socialism another way of racism against the rich?

if the media hounds and the snowflakes want to make a Target out of something they better make it better than just a legend and a living remembrance of a man who passed away long before they came along and had his opinions about things.

Alexandria ocasio Cortez has had her opinions about things and yet nobody seems to judge her for who she really is and nobody passes a comment that she doesn’t like well allow me to pass a comment to the snowflakes if you think that John Wayne was a racist or was a bigamist or didn’t have feelings about things he still on his own two feet use a freedom of speech very wisely and he said what he meant he didn’t have any reason to apologize.

Detected a Note of Racist or love.

I find it kind of ironic that a dead man is being declared a racist by snowflakes and yet roses aren’t racist I mean you give roses all the time to show love and appreciation but pretty soon snowflakes are going to consider those racist because they’re part of life or they’re part of the flourish that we see outside.

Don’t you think it’s kind of peculiar that a man who died 1979 who’s been gone almost 50 years and this cronies these people who do this seem to find it very popular to turn a dead man into a racist. are they going to turn this picture of a rose into a racist is this what they’re going to do to everything nowadays.

Is this a man who is racist against unborn children?

I mean after all we are taking Dad and life people and trying to bury them at the stake for what they say and what they do so I guess the theme here is is it if we’re going to make it a controversial subject let’s do it the right way let’s make it a real controversy.

when I go on and I read these news articles and I hear about third term abortion and I hear about all this happened that happened and a dead man makes the news for his interview in 1971 and he dies in 1979 there’s a problem in that picture there’s a flaw.

the floor is snowflakes that the real racism that is happening here is not a racist comment is a racist opinion it’s one neutral opinion which is felt by all who look at it and then they use it to stab a dead man that’s already dead. they want to be gratified for what they can dig up in a dead man’s past on an interview or television show or global winning Oscar something they want to dig all that up just to prove how incoherent or unrespectful he was to the American dream.

but yet this man’s dead and there’s nothing being said about him or his statement to society but we honor him for his achievements we honor him for his gratitude we honor him for his beliefs and we pay respect him every time we turn around and so I have to really validate what people say to me in the manner in which they say it.

I mean after all it was Martin Luther King who stood in Washington DC after March and gave his speech remarking on I have a dream and what are the snowflakes going to do turn that into a racist biased confusing statement.

I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen but there is a certain line which we must not cross and when we cross it we wipe out hundreds and hundreds of years of respect and dedication to what we believe in.a controversial statement a racist statement can be just as painful as hearing it in the news the people who knew John Wayne the people who knew Martin Luther King would be damned to hear what the news is doing and what these liberal snowflakes are doing to the heroes of our time.

so has America become short-sighted has are intelligent thinking and I or great way of increasing our freedoms become a short-term goal and has controversy taking over because Trump’s in office

Special report message

if we’re going to blame the president of the United States then let’s blame Obama to because this is become a me to controversy and it’s not just one time it’s multiple times I would like to lay out a few facts cuz you don’t know.

first fact the minute Trump announced he was running for office to biased the controversial media all took a Target and pick the name out of a buck and this is what you have this controversial most uneducated crowd of snowflakes have began taking cheap uneducated shots at a man who has run a business who has made his name in business who’s doing his very best of all the constitutional amendments as they are written by these United States of America.

jussie Smollett and others like him have become the grassroots controversy of American News if it’s not one thing it’s another if Sean hannity wasn’t reporting the truth then the biased media would continue to lie to your face and tell you nothing but lies they don’t love what they have to read so they put their own twist on it.

Vanity is not what you’re getting anything but vanity you’re getting controversy you’re getting cut racist you’re getting a cutthroat industry that is totally out of touch with American society.

society is a whole bunch of people who come together to make this America better and if we fall to socialism then we fall to what is going on in Venezuela we will be the highest biased country in America and it won’t matter because other countries will look at us and know that we have failed to fulfill the American dream.

taxing the top one of 10% of millionaires and billionaires is not the answer taxing the rich people to make yourself richer to find a green New deal isn’t going to work you’re only going to draw us into a deeper more expensive debt than what we have now.

Alexandria ocasio-cortez has proven that she is willing to ruin America to take away the dream of the American dream she is willing to tax the top one tenth of 1% to make her point she is so enthused by ripping off the American dream that she’s going to cut the throats of the people who create the jobs and the small business owners of America.

but yet every year every year the Congress give themselves a raise every year Nancy pelosi Alexandria ocasio-cortez Maxine Waters and all these liberal Democrats give themselves a raise it’s not a 1% it’s a 5% so every year their checks go up by a factor of 5% so they get paid more than the average American so they get to do more with their families.

the tragedy is is that while they’re talking about taxing the top one tenth of 1% they’re also taking away the one tenth of 1% of people who want to work they’re going to make America rely on the government and they’re going to undercut the American dream.

a disaster a phenom of misunderstood and controversial statements presented by the snowflakes of America?

When you try to put vanity into a situation you’re going to be very disappointed because the truth of the matter is if vanity has nothing to do with prosperity and that is what the socialism factor is it’s not just socialism it’s Marxism to it’s a step below marks when you start trying to unhinge the media or start trying to unhinge the American people you draw a critical line in a very broad sand.

I don’t know what happened to love I don’t know what happened to the people who actually understood the American dream what I do know and what I do understand is is it the American dream is not dead the American dream is not socialism and socialism will not work in America.

these Hollywood elites these would be snowflakes and these fake-ass media reporters need to learn one lesson one that will be the most unhinging statement of them all is that we as American people do not want socialism do not want to pay more in taxes we’ve dealt with a Democrat for 8 years and we got nothing for it and all those Hollywood elites and Democratic steadiest have one problem they are failing to meet the needs of the American people in the traditional way. it isn’t controversy and it isn’t standing up for yourself it’s creating hate malice and a very unwelcoming feel for the American people.

so if I am too far out there for you I’m sorry but I try to put a spin on something that actually is true here’s what truth I have to tell you

Touched by an Angel a life being of unmitigated power has touched all of us at some point has guided us on the road to happiness and prayer and is told us that love is the most powerful thought out there.

loved by God the children of Earth have all known for such a long time that God loves us very much and that whatever we do whatever challenges we may face we have to face them head-on.

Jesus Christ gave His only begotten son to pay for our sins they pinned him at the stake and he died for our sins but now it is become a race riot a very real problem for America.

Touched by the Lord himself we learn to love each other and respect one another we learned in high school that no matter how hard things get we have to push ahead they’re learning now in college about safe spaces and what are we learning out here in the real world that there is no place safer than the arms of the one you care about in your family.

teaching we’re learning everyday how inmoral how uneducated these new people look at things the millennials I am one of them I believe that each millennial should have to take a crash course in life I believe that each millennials check to take a crash course in what’s hard times really are and then go to that office and tell those people it’s really hard to live from month to month.

so if we’re going to put the spin on this and we’re going to stop spinning out of control news then it starts here press the question that all of us must answer.

Do we or don’t we

Do you want to pay close to all of your paycheck and taxes to the American government?

don’t we have a right to spend our money on her own way making your own decisions living by the constitutional laws of this country?

do you feel that the Democrats are out to work a rip off every single American out of all their money just to pay for their Green New deal?

Don’t you believe in love life liberty and justice for all?

could you bare your soul to a ghost or an angel who touches your heart and would you be able to live with that bearing of these soul that you justr that you need?

Suunto all those questions I just asked I’m going to be frank and I’m going to be absolutely totally honest there’s nothing more important than bearing your soul to God there’s nothing more important than having a happy place in your heart there’s nothing more important then the words of Love integrity and respect those are water important those are the liberties the justice that we seek in life.

John Wayne in the News

Decades ago 1971 and they still haven’t let go of a man who passed away in 1979 the league you liberal snowflakes hold on to something that is not worth holding onto really a golden word which she spoke.

How can a hundred and ten year old man’s interview in 1971 be the top news of the day this man served in his own way and spoke the truth of America he was an All-American man she made an American Western and yet the Liberals and the Democratic party was victimized him as a cruel and sensible human being.

Just to bring a little bit of light to the subject lines that did an article on John Wayne this past week so in Fox News followed it up here is the life the article on John Wayne.

So the interview they talked about homosexuals and it was a quite revealing interview, to say the least but John Wayne had a point of view so I’m getting really curious how come they the media and the Liberals want to make a Target out of an innocent dead man who didn’t do anything wrong who never said a file word and who always respected everybody he met.

So the ironic thing of this whole thing is is it they’re going to take a dead man and they’re going to basically destroy his character and then they’re going to inseminate some sort of racist remark or a Marxism on him to make sense of what is going on in America today.

A very open-minded in casual conversation is what is needed and I don’t think our government sees that is such a thing and I don’t think the liberal see it either because they don’t want to have a casual conversation they want to jump to judgment they want to judge everybody before they even try and understand what and how they feel so much rather be a sarcastic a******* and Casper’s on an innocent man dead man’s body then try and get the truth.

So the white lie Across America is it liberals have an opinion but conservatives in people who speak out against certain things are inferior like John Wayne his attitude his conservative way his beliefs are pulled into question once again by the media who want to make cheap unpremeditated shots at him because of his belief.

I would submit to anyone that lying cheating and misinformation is not going to serve your purpose and if you want to take an interview for 1971 in Ringgit 50 years into the future then allow me to renege you with some information back then certain things were not acceptable certain things were actually unacceptable and back then people smoke how they felt they didn’t have to try and understand what you or anybody else felt about it because it was a freedom of confirmation the freedom of conversation the freedom of speech he said how he felt and he couldn’t be held responsible even if you tried.

His opinion was then it’s now our opinions he’s passed away he’s been gone over 50 years and if we’re going to continue to use an old interview and the Liberals are going to continue to make a Target and I was dead man then I’d like to see what they’re going to do when people actually say in life.

Anti-Semitism is alive racial racial profiling is alive Marxism is alive and it’s the truth because it speaks to level of the democratic party that we have nowadays these simpleton people who make racist fascist remarks have no respect for people or life and they want to take away the liberty and the equality that we have to work so hard to achieve capitalism understand freedom of speech and a misunderstanding of the life and Liberty that we have nowadays.


It becoming a Road To WrestleMania and the power is going up.

Current status of WrestleMania full power. with Becky Lynch out of the picture for wrestlemania and now Charlotte flair to take her place the WWE is on for a rocking WrestleMania at Charlotte flair will face the newcomer to WWE Ronda rowdy Rousey. a staggering number of WWE Superstars and divas have spoke out to the highest competition of this match the best in the business go one-on-one inside a square circle at WrestleMania on April 7th but I wonder how and where Charlotte Flair’s going to find the maneuverability to out wrestle or outdo rowdy Ronda Rousey.

It official 👍 for Wrestlemania and so is next Monday for Charlotte Flair’s father as will be joining the team of Superstars to celebrate his birthday

Turn 70 year old it Flair Birthday Special

can you believe it flair has been around for seven centuries 10 years more than any man in WWE he is seeing 70 years of WWE Superstars and he remembers every one of them.

so let’s celebrate Ric Flair’s birthday the wrestlemania and is very special tribute on the WWE Network to Ric flair all week long celebrating his 70 years of birth his statement to WWE is spin jet flying limousine riding any type of fun you can have is Ric flair style.

I think the best quote that I ever heard out of Ric Flair’s mouth was to be the man you gotta beat the man and that man is Ric flair. he truly is the man for next 3 hours next Monday on raw and it all comes down to who is going to be there.

could it be the revolution of evolution Ric flair Randy Orton triple h and Dave Bautista all to celebrate a 70 year old man’s birthday Ric flair. could it be degeneration soon-to-be Hall of famers x at Monday Night raw. and will this be the biggest event to hit Monday since Monday Night raw where I’m here and what will Ric flair remember back to seven years ago on his birthday.

yes ladies and gentlemen D-Generation x has officially become the first entry inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame it will be d generation as triple h Shawn Michaels X-Pac road Dogg and many more join them for the greatest in Hall of Fame inductees take on China to remember her and the Hall of Fame induction ceremony April 6th at the Barclay center and Brooklyn New York.

Jussie Smollett sabotage

Hollywood disgraced and a liar on a bait


So I might not be the smartest cat in town or the one who knows the most but any legal expert will tell you that he is a Empire a liar

So the Liars of the Empire like Hollywood Elites and the people who think they know the best and who redact phone records have a lot to cover up cuz if they ever got investigated by the Constitutional Justice that we have you might find that then lied about an attack.


Jussie Smollett 36 yrs old

Born: June 21, 1982 (age 36 years), Santa Rosa, CA
Height: 6′ 0″
Siblings: Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Jazz Smollett, Jake Smollett, Jocqui Smollett, Jojo Smollett
Parents: Janet Smollett, Joel Smollett
Albums: Empire: Original Soundtrack, Season 2 Volume 1, Sum of My Music,

So is a Hollywood Elite it’s going to get away with lying to the justice system and does this mean that he’s going to be able to pull another one off somewhere down the road and tell people that he had a hate crime committed on him.

Let if it true free a Cliton Family relation since DNC is speaking out for his cover up.

Love is theme for today

😍Sensors of Love 😍

It probably a very uncomfortable situation with all the difference between people how women and men feeling about things love and Life ❤️

Viewing the property of Love with Common sense

Let start with the ladies of today generation.

Women of today generation is some kind of #MeToo and this make Love very hard without asking 100s of questions.


so allow me to give you guys an orientation of love a composition of a YouTube video and a short conversation afterwards. first of all who reading this Valentine’s day post actually believes that YouTube video could change your tune about romance?. okay maybe that’s a little bit ostentatious but the whole idea is to understand what I’m saying in the fact that today is Valentine’s day I am a single man and I realize that there’s a lot of questionable yet misunderstood romances.

1. UNEXPECTED love Now this one of the modern way of Love

2 I miss You this is the other way around say I love you and how can miss that one special ❤️ love

3. Reason why I love you This is actually true love is reason why and telling truth to the women who really want to know why.

4. The absolution to Life with Love

Is Monitor you output of love and How mention your feelings on love. It a become question of many people conversation. Real Independence truth is In Music and How it look at life and resemblance of love in Truth.

My Top 5 song as you look at Life with Love

1. It Girl by Jason Derulo

Mr, Derulo song this song at Halo Award it share a recognition to Love and Life ❤️

2. Testify to Love by wynonna Judd

It speak to truth of love and What good has Share to 🙏 love . And wenitness to love and testifying to Love.

3 Think about Love By Dolly Parton

This song take on truth behind love and it actually could be really true when you think about love it really is think about love and the ones you love the most.

4 Here A Song for You By Ray Charles

It about shine the truth on love and how love can really affect people and the relationship between a man and A Women.

5. Island in the stream By Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers

It true about one thing you are island to each other and you have propsective on how you view your island of love .

My final remarked about Love and Valentine’s Day and we all be best to accept the position of life and Listen each other.

This is what is don’t listen cause of Difference between you and women

Here is real Art of Love and you really have to Proposal a life as art fromation of love as island of your body.

Happy Love Day

Breaking New Bar In Oregon

Focus on Everybody

It is my focus to focus on everybody who is looking for fun music Sports and many other different things like live entertainment makes a difference in everyday life.

The reason I’m focusing on everybody is because most of everybody has a family there are not very many single people out there who want to go to a family bar or a music bar or anything else such so I’m introducing the tailgate bar where music Sports reign supreme and the only thing that’s going to hold you back is how you feel about intermingling with other families.

So I do have a strategy I’m going to focus on three things then make this bar thing work I’m going to focus on music I’m going to focus on Sport and I’m also going to focus on interactive entertainment.

That means I will be teaming up with some of the top entertainment out there to bring it to Oregon and I will look forward to building many great professionals and personal connections to entertainers to give the people their money’s worth and also to have a sellout crowd in an active entertainment type style in a bar. See I’m bringing back the actual family joint where everybody can get together have a conversation talk about anything they want to and enjoy a good night at the bar with family.

Live sports live!

WWE Television

NFL Television

Music Entertainment: Live Bands, Live Artist. So here’s a couple of things that I’m going to be presenting in my bar I think it’s an excellent opportunity to show people that music and entertainment can go together just wonderfully.

More to come

Love is Amazing

Women are Love for Relationship

Sometimes I look at women and ask what can they offer me? Then I answer it with nothing to me. It is actually true about some women.

It really about the truth of many things and so I have to ask the real question is where doesn’t the classic women who believe in speaking in person and now by social media.

See I Don’t Chase women

It about real. And one of the most things I don’t do is chase women. Cause it is come Dangerous for Men.

Solution To the Men and Women

First Step: take time and observe and learn that way you know how to handle a relationship if you’re observing her behavior

Second Step: engage her in passing conversation don’t give her full attention and don’t offer up any information more than what you’re willing to tell her about yourself that she was going to tell you.

Third Step: all Rings leave her asking more don’t leave her with asking less cuz she loses interest it’s better to have said what you had to say short and sweet then long and drawn-out keep it simple and keep it easy because she’ll come back if she’s interested.

Sponsorship In Help Growing

It about supports this blog and advances the small business aspect is to generate talk and important to give it a conversation that we share.

Champions of Real Independence

It has been Changed for people to push for self-employed and Self-esteem when you look at life as one and your love is in your heart.

I’m on who believes in the American Dream. And people are Independence and when people have this self-esteem and their independent.

That what the state of the Union so Empowering. And self-sufficient. The pride of America is to be rich and Free of anarchy and a out of control government. Truth behind this is to be respectful and Understanding with a lots of decorum.

Be yourself

Be Honest and Loyal

Be faithful and Love

Be truthful with everyone

I’m Champions the Independent cause it America and it call be real with American Dream.

Truth behind History 💪

Our History is Focus on Black America History

As we observed of Black American history, It very important to analog the historical of foot prints of History.

1929– Martin Luther King was Born in Atlanta to Teacher Alberta King and Baptist Minister Michael Luther King

1944- graduated high school at age 15 entering Morehouse college shortly thereafter

History has away of log the most time point as history is CREATED by the people who live it.

Rosa Parks

Each person must live their life as a model for others.

The statement was made by this Woman on December 5 1955 in Montgomery Alabama Public Transit has 1year 15 days of No riders and Boycott lead to the Arrested development over Rosa Park not willing to give up her seat on the bus. It finally end on December 20 1956 they had reach agreement.

But just like everything not all the people were to tell that story .

Then few year later history was made again exception this was by Martin Luther King Jr march on Washington DC and the story was told that it was hot and muggy outside but on August 28 1963 . Martin Luther King give a eye opening speech millions of people who sit or stand their and watch the sweat roll down the people as Mr King got ready to speak. The history recorded for history . It sound of equality for human life and liberty and Equal opportunities for all of man kind.
April 4, 1968, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Memphis

Finial thought is to all of America “Appreciate the friends and Family freedom it very hard to understand but history speak louder then features.

Cause for one reason or another it truly disgrace when we fight for friends and Family and love of human life.

True Trump Truth America

Full End to any doubts

The man at the helm of the United States of America Is truly presidential.

I mean you didn’t talk like this on television if you didn’t want to the doubt was all gone but for her it look like it was just a lot of pain.

Socialism Died with Venezuela

Alexandria ocasio-cortez look like everything she done had just died right there in her lap stone-faced no smile and has nothing to be thankful I guess but she was raised in America.

see orcas to Anacortes I told you Venezuela killed socialism and many other countries are going to fall like Venezuela pretty soon if they don’t get it right.

Sean Hannity is right

Washington DC: just minutes after trumps State of the Union this man was right Trump was there to announce the unification of America and his job for the next two years actually 6 years.

he said we need the border and he’s right we need a border wall we need something to hold our country safe and if the Democrats can of Claude for something that is so spectacularly amazing and so appropriate then they’ve got a bigger problem than just Trump.

Building the wall

as you may have noticed we got Texas New Mexico Arizona and California as part of our wall building excursion.

in Arizona you got the Arizona sun which it’s right around a hundred twenty degrees in the summertime and it’s got its own little magnificent way of letting you see the beautiful sights and sounds in to Mexico.

in Texas you got the Texas Eye and got the yellow Rose of Texas. And then you have the border at Texas to Mexico and somehow I just don’t see how the Democrats can call this a manufactured crisis when the truth is the border wall was never can pre completed and there is illegals pouring in by the dozens.

pelosi and Schumer really look like this.

tomorrow morning when pelosi gets out of bed and Chuck Schumer gets up to get dressed he’s probably going to feel about 5in shorter cuz he didn’t stand up at all and he has totally lost it just like Nancy pelosi who had papers in her hand while she was sitting there at the State of the Union I find that rude and disrespectful at all points.

I give Nancy pelosi and all of the Democrats a hundred frowny faces for their actions of just being stupid.

I give mazie hirono at middle finger cuz I just don’t like the way she deals with everything and she’s so cocky about it I would do the same for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

see that’s a problem with people in America today they don’t State their real feelings cuz they’re guarded by the PC police so you know if you want to pee see me you better find a better way to do it cuz I’m going to tell you what that is exactly how I feel about these stupid idiots in DC who don’t understand that America was built on freedom of choice.

A puppet on a string

this was a lady who was picked to respond to the president’s State of the Union and she did like every other Democrat does and she changed her speech to manufacture a lie. but see that’s what Chuck Schumer and Nancy pelosi have done with this Democratic party they have allowed them to lie their ass off and when they get busted they don’t have to answer for it because pelosi and Schumer will defend them.

and the reason I say puppet on a string is because it is a true term when one person can go back out and delegitimize a truth that is known worldwide by every single American who believes in the Constitution and by the fact that if Democrats had any brains in their head they be like the size of a mushroom because they wouldn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground after the State of the Union. I would submit to you you can wear all the white you want your just as crazy as you look and that’s what you should be wearing and a padded cell with a lock and a key that you should never ever see again.

Update : America is Not Venezuela

America will be over if we continue to believe that are ignorant friends in DC do not see the destruction the mayhem in Venezuela what are they going to do order the United States military to kill an American citizen who doesn’t believe in the way they do. it is a democracy which is made America what it is today and if you rip the Constitution up and you take away the democracy you’re killing America that would be the end to America we become like Venezuela China Canada other form countries which have no understanding of medical knowledge. the disappointing part about all this is is it there something that they’re trying to push off on every single American citizen.

Third trimester abortion

see what the Democrats are trying to do now is commit murder on a human life that has been created a third trimester abortion, I really have to wonder where our hearts are going?

if you were to support this kind of action you would be guilty of murder premeditated murder a child is born and we’re going to kill the child because the mother doesn’t want it what kind of sick freak ever thought of the bill like that.

if you believe in Murder then you go right ahead because I will personally push for murder charges against the first doctor that does it because that is murder without question of doubt you would be committing a capital crime and murdering an innocent child. no thought to help that child might feel about you murdering it no socks how another mother might feel about cold premeditated murder but you go right ahead and do that because I think I’m going to find that there’s going to be a lot of people are going to charge doctors with capital crimes of murder.

Meet the third trimester murder

we cannot honestly believe that the Democrats are doing what is good for America when America is never done this bad.

planned Parenthood backing third trimester abortion planned Parenthood putting their name to a bill that would commit murder on a small infant innocent of anything ever he did nothing at all except to be born.

a tragedy which is horrifying to think about but the most horrifying thing is is when you think about it how can you murder and an innocent child a baby boy or baby girl who’s just barely been born and you’re going to commit an abortion on it right there in front of God and everybody.

America and 13% of Americans think it’s legal but I’m with the 81% who think it’s illegal and I think that is a low-class no account way to deal with your problem. that child was conceived out of love care and nurturing of each other and you as a mother cannot do that to your own infant if you must put it up for adoption or let somebody take it who can take care of it don’t let the doctor commit murder in front of you and let it happen just without saying anyting. we can’t do that we cannot have third trimester abortions it’s not acceptable it’s premeditated capital murder.

Free choice Medicare for all.

how would you pay for it the richest people in America would be paying for that because they would shut down every insurance company just to get it going they take away the rights and the American dream just have free Medicare for every single American.

and we talked about liberty and justice and American Dream but this is taking away the American dream and put it in a socialist government that would be the terrorists to America.

I will not support any Democrat who believes in socialist political views I will not support any Republican who believes in socialist political views I will not take part in a socialist hateful highest taxed country like the Democrats want in any way shape or form and I will speak out to my dying day that this is wrong.

Top Story

Looking for a women

This something new and this blog will have more mystery solved about things. This mean I am giving a women a chance to give true point of view. STAY TUNE FOR MORE.

Check please $210.5 Trillion dollar bill.

our country is falling to pieces if you think medicare-for-all is a good idea it’s not who’s going to foot the bill the millionaires and the billionaires and the people have already paid their taxes are going to pay three times the amount just to cover this new bill that is being really badly written by the Democrats.

I hate to disagree with party but this is ridiculous I remember when free market met real free market and the Democrats had nothing to do with it this new Democratic party is a big joke. joke and that is something that you can take to the bank. there is nothing real about this this is not real this is a totally fabricated put together medicare-for-all thing by the Democrats the hot air flying out of DC’s Democrat caucus is just ridiculous.


are we so blind by what the Democrats are doing their stalling their obstructionist their way of dealing with every situation so far including Nancy pelosi and Chuck Schumer are just more of the Stars tactics that we have become accustomed to buy these democratically lead liars they cheat the country they obstruct Justice and they have no reason to follow the law always. see we’re leaving this country into a death spiral a civil war that’s going to happen between the Democrats and moderate Democrats will happen soon when they go too far off the cliff and they taxation on the millionaires is out of control like Alexandria ocasio-cortez has recommended it will undoubtedly kill the job market on all millionaires.

Handling a passive aggressive

that is one thing that you can say about the Democrats are passive aggressive they deal with things had on when they don’t like something they lie about it when they want to get something they change the rules and what it doesn’t suit their absolution they continue to turn it around and use it against the people of America. see the truth is is it the Democrats for their aggressive nature have fallen short of a few things one there’s more people out there who will stand up for this country and believe that there’s a right and a wrong to doing things and part of it comes from the fact that they are wrong and what they’re doing to this country.

I want to point out some obvious facts police hours are dying border patrol are dying because of the country’s inability to protect itself the whole thing here is is it the Democrats the more they stall the more they waste time the more we see nothing in America because that’s what the Democrats want is nothing.

real change comes from real people real change is when people see what the lies the cheats that are pieocracy that is the Democratic community. it’s no longer a community of Democrats it’s a bunch of people who sit get paid lots of money and pocket the rest for themselves the rip-off artist their struction s and they have no reason to follow up because a lot won’t touch him. But stay tuned for more on this.

so I receive some pretty strongly-worded messages from some people out there who read my last blog and I really want to address those messages.

first one coaching with Katie in Fairmont Virginia Katie you told me that I was on coos about the way I handled dating allow me to remind you that uncouth is what you have right now in Virginia with a racist Democrat like all the others. I’m simply a logical man that is going to tell you the truth and there’s nothing uncouth about the truth.

Next on to a Phil in Vermont, will you said that I was questionably unhonorable and I was dishonest about how to deal with each situation.

and my response to you is feel that everything I wrote in that blog made sense to me at the time and if there is anything just honest about it is the fact that you read and could not see the truth women have a right to have just as much pleasure as you do and for you to question my honesty is like picking up a sword and driving at to somebody’s heart. I will not lie cheat or tell my view or something is not true if another view doesn’t like it that is not my problem I’m only speaking the truth as I see it.

thank you to all of you check out the rest of the stories on my blog and remember I look forward to seeing you next time right here reading my blog liking and sharing your points of view on what you think I’ve said right.

Excellence Aspect Descriptions

What is?

Love is emotions and physical feeling.

Respect is an ability of morality.

Humanity they have a stronger sense of humanity for men and the love in their hearts is stronger than some and those who really find it interesting share a connection with other sexist.

Emotional that is when they’re most highly physical is when their emotions are aroused either in the sexual sense or the caring sense of the word

Honesty is one of the more powerful things because for women honesty is the greatest generosity and they are very generous with their honesty in all respects of the word

Humble is something also they achieve very well women are very humble about the way they feel and their honesty as before has always been the greatest respect.

Treasure to Pleasure

See women have a temple to treasure it’s their body so when you go to pleasure them they treasure the pleasures that you offer and if you offer one of the greatest pleasures of all they’re going to take one of the greatest treasures of all and love you forever.

I think the rest of the words speak for themselves in a fashion you can always rely on things love honesty and respect. So if we love and we are honest with our women then we should have the greatest treasures the greatest Pleasures the greatest Sensations that there is and for that, we can learn a lot.

See this is the teas that can really set him into going but the love is in their cuz if you really think about it a woman has many great aspects and one of her greatest aspects is her motherly instinct.

But when you put it all together the greatest aspect of all is their body and the way they move it see women are very well-shaped some have the most and some have a lot but at the end of the day it’s how you look at it you love them a lot it’s not the body they look you looking at it’s their heart them mind their body and soul cuz if they can reach you on a deeper level than just what you see in front of you the physical aspects don’t matter it’s how they feel on the inside that matters. You have to be mentally or physically adaptable you just have to be somewhat understandable and exceptional and what you want. What women want is they want a guy who can pleasure them and take them all the way to the Limit no matter what how where when or anything like that.

Wow Factor

I think the wow factor is when you take her to bed and you show her how much you really know about her body it’s not just a matter of you knowing it’s a matter of learning each other’s ins and outs.

The ingenious idea of this whole thing is that you’re going to find that she’s going to have one particular spot it is going to have over 60,000 nerve endings in it and it’s going to turn your head to know what you’re going to do.

Cuz it’s not just about loving you since about you loving her and helping her to feel good about herself to cuz if we’re just working for ourselves then we might as well just start watching a whole bunch of dirty movies and do it that way when you’re with a woman it’s about both of you coming at the same time and showing your satisfaction.

So you’re on that Treasure Trove of pleasure and this is where a man is going to find his best and his worst moments of love cuz together you guys make perfect music now it’s your turn to show her how perfect the music can really be.

Just remember that both of you are looking for the same intensity and desire you both share something very special that’s why you fell in love with him and that’s why he fell in love with you so you both have to have that je ne sais quoi that others wish they had. It’s not just about public feelings is also about private feelings it’s about the conversation it’s about the connection and spouts the love that you share with her.

So don’t let that fall because of the way you are looked at as a human being. Remain true to the love.

Experience Lessons

Encourage Lesson 1

Your Encouraging word could be the start of the best friendships guide.

Friendship can be starter kit of a encouraging time and positive thoughts together with Friends.

Sex physical

Sex physical is a combination of talking of understanding and Compassionate caring man or woman.

Advance Sex Oxgen

It the Oxgen to a ever growing strautgry of life and Relationship with man for Women and Or Women For Women.

the sex all the love you make together is the atmosphere you create as a couple a woman can have many needs but if we study very closely we will see that the woman’s body is her treasure her map and her lead a few words that describe women.


Beautiful ❤️ intelligence 😀 Engaging 😘 Wonderful 💑 Delightful ❤️ Understand 😊 encouraging 🤗 treasured 🤩

those are just a few of the words that are used to describe women I mean they are all those words and so much more when you think about Valentine’s day think about those words I remember some or gamers others are monogamous and they’re serious.

#Valentine’s day is about building a Relationship and love is about understanding of relationship.

🧜 love of Female ❤️

Start With Dating?

You’re welcome to Companion and Love and Your also Encourage to engage the dating aspect of starting new relationship with a Women.

Game Girls these are just out their for the games of sexual pleases and so they aren’t interested in dating any men. .

Monogamous Girl now you’re just going to see that love factor and between you and that women is that integrity of real dating to begin a Relationship.

👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨First Kiss of Romantic 💋

Your best friend is how deal the each progress into Dating or relationship.

Let talk: This start of know each other cause the general consensus is that if you both communicate you will be in line with dating strategy.

Let go out for Lunch

Okay here where you have to pay for lunch and make good appearance for here and work telling each other things. No matter how weird it is.

Here the 🌹 for Women of love

In the number of love this naturally way of expressing your feeling. And with some love you will make safety home and be the girl winner for thoughtfulness and caring about her.

Let get Room

Now the best room are for yourself and herself and Bed with bathroom and Television and Little Clock radio on the nightstand and lamp on the other nightstand.

😎Let cover few rules😎

Turn off Cellphone and disconnected any distractions

Make sure your both ready

Don’t be stupid and Don’t ask why!

you taking all the right steps so this should not be too hard for you to understand but you both have to realize something from this point on you’re going to know what did she looks like and you’re going to love every minute of it because you both share something very interesting.

the woman has found something inside of you that makes her happy and the man is found something inside of that woman that makes him happy so at some point there’s going to be something that happened. and this something that happened is called love it’s not for the purity or the ingenuity or the imagination it’s for the greatest feeling in the world which is love ❤️

This is what you’ve been waiting for!

and any respectable man and woman would tell you that this is the one night where love has no end you have to impress every inch of each other just to prove yourselves to be this way and the moments you’re going to see things you thought you never see until now those anticipations those fears they’re all going to have to be washed away because now you’re going to see it all unfold.

no clothes no shirts no pants no underwear no bra no nothing except each other.

And that beautiful hotel room so all these moments all these hopes all these dreams comes down to this come down to the moment where you’re staying across from each other looking at how much you love her and her looking at how much she loves you and you’re helping each other to get undressed.

and in your head you’re saying I really hope she doesn’t laugh at me and then her head she’s saying the same thing cuz you’re sharing a very special very unique moment together.

there’s nobody in this world who’s going to share that special moment with her except you that moment is a moment where it’s either going to be a relationship or marriage that moment is where this changes from dating to a relationship.

in the act of pleasuring a woman or in the act of pleasuring a man you’re both considered equally accomplishable and to feel accomplished you have to first accept the moment the first time is got to be the best so if you never started a female body you don’t know how to pleasure her and if she never studied in male body or took say said she doesn’t know how to pleasure you either but she will learn that night you will learn a lot about each other. Savor and respect and trust and encapsulate that moment.

Remember Romeo and Juliet told the story of how love took them to death and death brought them closer together so if that is true then this is the moment of Romeo and Juliet being much closer together then one night.

treasure don’t tease pleasure don’t play Love Don’t lie respect don’t dis.

philosophical conversation is the greatest connection of all cuz in your future you’re going to find it to be your greatest exceptional moment and for this you can only appreciate one thing the look on her face the smile on her eye and the knowing and feeling of your bodies pressed together.

cuz in this moment and in this life you only have one opportunity and that one opportunity is called love with your two bodies pressed together the kissing the exchange of romance and the soft music playing in the background and the lights turned way download where you can barely see each other or the moments where you have total silence and you fall asleep in each other’s arms you will soon see that love has brought you so close together and you are blessed by the Divine statutes and strategy updating to turn into love from just a couple of dates makes it an amazing inspiring moments of life for both of you.

Breaking News: Murder of Children

Important Death Born Children

What do we come to see 8 or 9-months abortion as murder?

Andrew Cuomo New York Dem who sign a bill. Watch this YouTube Video:
Now legitimately I am pissed off legitimately I think it’s a poor taste the New York Democrat like Andrew Cuomo but signed any kind of Bill they will commit murder on a family.

No I’m one of the ones who believes that quality of life is more important than quality of death and equal rights to extend to women but you need to make those decisions within the first three months of pregnancy or you need to go to term and handled the decision you have to make either adoption or you take care of the child as is!

I don’t know what’s going to happen now I mean after all Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat and he falls right into that socialist selfish picture that they promote and he doesn’t seem to care about life for the liberty of a woman and now the doctors that can push the late-term abortion all the way up to term and I wonder how pro-life people feel about that?

First of all, I would strongly recommend that people who believe in standing up for the rights and Liberties of children come out and say something because this is just another statement to aggravate the Socialist media and they’re taking it so easily it’s not like they care cuz they don’t.

The only ones that have shown any signs of caring about anything has been Fox News they have covered the story they’ve made real statements to the fact that this is wrong and so I have to wonder does CNN MSNBC do they care no because they fall into that socialist Democratic way of not caring and they don’t want to hear it so they don’t want to hear it they don’t want to listen.

I have a question for Cuomo and all these Democrats do you guys truly believe that Justice is served by murdering innocent babies at full term?

An assessment of a truly honest assessment of the incomparable of what the Democrats are doing to this country.
The assessment is made that the Democrats want to kill children just born brought the full term 9 months and the Democrats want to kill off babies in the womb of the mother. Ladies, I know that accidental pregnancy is a tragedy I know that abortion is a choice but at three two to three months you need to make a decision if you want children, not at 9 months. I think that when you talk about abortion it’s murder and we can talk about murder it is what it sounds like it is heartless cold murder to do what people like you and your fellow women are creating as Democrats to kill a baby that is brought to term for 9 months.

They’re barely even formed at 3 to 4 months and yet you choose to wait full term and commit murder on a child. A child that you could have had an abortion on sooner if you chose to so I think it’s a poor choice of decision-making by our Democratic colleagues to do what they do.

Andrew Cuomo is a socialist leftist liberal whose most agreeable action is signing a bill that commits murder on children that allows the family to commit murder and if anybody has any doubts they should call it murder..

Uncomfortable America


Washington DC: the America we all knew the America we have fought so long and hard for the Constitution we stand by that makes America so great. and is now under fire by the extremist left socialism it is not working for Venezuela and it won’t work in America and if we don’t vote to stop it we vote to fall like Venezuela’s president has. free Medicare for all is not an answer to the problem the answer to the problem is is to work together and build a common sense medical system and actually put the tools that we have to work for us.

Alexandria Ocasio-cortez outrageous Statements of socialism.

not only would a damn America to a life of distress but are also damn everything we fought for business and the entrepreneurship play we all want in America if we allow the Democrats especially this one to stay in office it is a sign that our world will fall and soon he’ll will rise.

Democrats are out to make sure that America goes broke the American people aren’t allowed to have money the American people aren’t allowed to have any sort of entertainment and so they’re going to take it all the way because they want people the American people to lose.

a financial responsibility that was proven by the Obama administration is once again knocking on our back door and if we allow this to continue it is a sign that financial responsibility will no longer be our financial responsibility because the Democrats want free healthcare free schools and how is that all going to work what are you going to do turn everything on its head for business fire doctors, And put everybody in a death line the oldest goes first and they shoot him a sun up?

see America ain’t half as reliable as what people think and if we allow socialism to be a rock garden then we’re going to be very sadly mistaken when all of our grandparents died our moms and dads died because of the panic depression that will happen and the doctors won’t treat us and the Democrats it will sit in the office with all of our money in their laps. it is false bravado and false happiness that the Democrats are promoting. a lie by President Barack Obama back in 2006 that cost the American people a lot of money and also across the medical field a lot of money and good doctors.

so we can’t let socialism be the way to the future if you want to go live in under socialism go live in some of these foreign countries that have it and look at how bad their system of justice how wrong they live and how many people die every year because they have to wait in the line. you won’t lose your doctor was a lie by Obama this is another lie perpetrated by our democratically elected officials and if for 5 minutes people think I’m going to sit by and just let it happen then wrong and they’re going to be sadly disappointed when I come around.

socialism would be the end of the Constitution would be the end of America and with set a hundred years of what we thought for and died for in our fathers of bad luck. we have to draw the line at socialism we cannot let it happen it can’t even be a remote conversation because there is no such thing as free the only thing that’s free us is the way we want to live and the choices we make in life those are free what people are now promoting is not so free.

February 10th in Eugene that will be a march across Eugene all the way throughout Oregon and I’m hoping to promote and I’m going to give a speech and then get every newsradio TV whatever I can to get the message across cuz I ain’t going to let a socialist country, bout to America America cannot survive under that and these Democrats need to hear the conservative real voice.

I will speak out against death I will speak out against socialism and I will speak out against poverty in America. And this has the earmarks of poverty.

see this will throw the America I know into a very uncomfortable situation this is what we created freedom for this is what we got rid of socialism for this what we didn’t want to talk about this is a dark corners of America where these Democrats dig in and they don’t want to let go. the actions the poverty of what they’re proposing is greater than the death toll that will rise if we don’t put a stop to this this is not America the picture above is a picture of America it’s America’s rights dreams possibilities love and acceptance of the future. but we cannot let Kamala Harris Alexandria ocasio-cortez take away our rights as American citizens are choices as American citizens and we have to stand against these people who proposed these extraordinary out of this world outrageous statements.

So stay tuned for more because my March is to bring America back from socialism my March is to make the American dream my March will change or at least get the conversation going about small business about living the dream..

Police under fire

the United States has become more dangerous more lethal for public service officers like our police or FBI our counter-intelligence this is a danger that we all must be ready for. four cops 144 cops total have been killed five more in Dallas and Houston Texas over the weekend this is a danger if there survive it will be lucky but they’re in critical condition one has been released the other four are in critical condition in a Houston hospital. So my speech will continue join me on February 10th in Eugene will start at the Eugene library and Walmart all the way through out the streets of Eugene getting the right act put together getting the right policies in place and proving once again that stupidity is not in America. then when the American people want to put stuff together they work together when Democrats want to be stupid you just let them talk and run their mouth and the American people will work it out.

Don’t give up on the entrepreneurial spirit.

don’t let people tell you you cannot do business in America

Don’t let the American dream died because the Dems want to take away our rights and our opportunities.

and don’t look down the barrel of a gun as our Democratic friends want to create socialism in America it ain’t fair and it is not constitutional.

let’s keep America moving forward let’s do what’s right for the American flag for our families or moms and dads and let’s put a stop to this violence on our police and our public officials let’s put the Democrats in the rearview mirror and let’s make them feel the cold shoulder.

Socialism doesn’t work extreme mounted rage doesn’t work Democrats America will stand strong together and better when we are as one like everybody wants us to be love respect understand all these things because these are what America was built on not socialism.

more to come stay tuned also join me on my social media pages they are on here thank you for reading and stay tuned for more.

Pairing The America Dream Act

America Dreams Revive

As we watch the American political Group push the button of Socialism, You have to Wonder if the Far Left and Socialists of America are try hurt the American Dream.

American prosperity

see when you’re living the dream people prosper and business people prosper and jobs they have this prosperity because we’re not like Venezuela we don’t take 70% in taxes 80% of healthcare 90% and everything else and we don’t rip off the fellow Americans we do things the fair and just way.

America Families

Seesee prosperity is new business prosperity is growing the American dream and when we help others we went a lot when we don’t we lose a lot the American dream is a very prosperous very fulfilling feeling of love and business and the families we all support to create these businesses and opportunities.

This what America Dream is And Product of time and Love and Intropective on our life with the families we know and Appreciate.

so when a new business opens we create jobs we create a Financial freedom for another member of our community for a family for people who need the jobs.

and this is what they call opportunity when you have enough Trinity to create a business online or in a home or whatever you want to call it it’s a grand opportunity because of the three milestones and every business that take time.

Seesee the three are above you and the last one is being your own boss cuz if your commitment to making your life better than that commitment will last with you forever every American everybody who lives in America has that entrepreneurial spirit.

and if we allow socialism to take over in the United States that entrepreneurial Spirit Will travel someplace else will lose jobs or higher taxes and will lose money and we won’t have just people living in the street what have people living everywhere in the street so we need to work together we need to bring prosperity back to America and we need to shutdown the killer of the economy socialism.

that’s where the I have a Dream came in do you have a dream and you can dream bigger and better things then you have the spirit of moving forward. Your take opportunity when you can get it and you remember the man who stood in front of Washington and everybody and said the Dream speech Martin Luther King jr. Has a dream of living peacefully together of producing a friendly compatible working environment having relationships not just with yourself but with the other people around you having the love and commitment to understand each other. when you’re working together you’re building it better when you’re working a Part you’re tearing us apart. so let’s work together to build up the American dream and let’s put socialism where it belongs in the trash can.

New Looking & Compare


Martin Luther King jr.
the man stood on a stump in the middle of Washington DC and said that equality for human Rights was the most important thing and that any type of hate foreign or domestic or right here at home would be a dissension to equal rights.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez
this woman has proven that equal rights don’t matter in her opinion and on many other occasions she is found it very hard to find and even ground to answer questions and these socialists which she is is creating a very high-tech low-income problem. The woman can’t even answer general questions about the world as it sits.

Martin Luther King jr.
he stood on a stage for an hour and a half and answered every person’s questions right there in his speech gave his honest opinion.invalidated himself in front of God and everybody.

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez

this woman cannot answer hard questions I am mortally mortified by the way she is handling everything she is going to listen to socialism whether we want it or not this country is not founded on that it was founded on the American dream and the Democrats are slowly depleting all of the American dream.

so by comparison Martin Luther King would have won the presidency he would have been Fair he would have been active in human civil rights he would have done like Trump is doing in some fashion and this woman would have never even been thought to take anywhere in office. I cannot speak highly of Alexandria but I can say that she is a lot of things that she shouldn’t be that she needs to look at and she can’t answer questions about the world stage and about the economy then she’s never had to live on a checkbook or live paycheck-to-paycheck and if she can’t cover the natural disasters of the world then she hasn’t really been paying too much attention to the news.

Partial government shutdown a month and 4 days

now before we go any further into this partial government shutdown I would like to inform all of you that there is some glaring missteps and information by the media.

Trump has offered wall funding at$ 5.1 billion dollars he is also offered up three years of DACA funding for the dreamers in America and if that ain’t enough he is looking at protecting the dock of families that way they have a chance to get citizenship but pelosi and Schumer don’t want that.

now if this is like the most boring thing you’ve ever seen then you know who’s holding up the shutdown it’s Nancy pelosi they’ve been to Puerto Rico for vacation they have tried to travel to other places but Trump held up pelosi like she’s doing to him on the funding she refuses to listen to common Sense.

I guess that’s what you get when you have Democrats who don’t believe that Trump should be president but that’s what y’all should get with a third world third rate Democratic running stupidity in the Congress.

New Look Profile

I’m story about this Picture. But the truth is that pick up amazing announcement for Comments about facial expressions.

And being I’m able to share my facial I welcome you to give feedback.

Announcement this Sunday

WWE takes to Phoenix Chase Field for the first time ever the 31st Royal rumble event will happen and if you sign up this Sunday you’re also get the elimination chamber match for free for new subscribers and after your 30-day free trial you’ll get it all for $9.99 a month.

the Royal rumble this Sunday the men’s and women’s will be competed for 30 women they will compete and Carmela got 30 cuz she won the mixed match challenge.

and in the middle drawer humble our truth will take 30 because he and Carmella both won the mixed match challenge on Facebook watch live every Tuesday after smackdown for the next season.

and if that wasn’t exciting enough you got the newest most amazing best you tag team coming into the Royal rumble against the bar and that would be Sheamus and Cesaro so is Cesaro and Sheamus prove their brute strength on smackdown live then at the Royal rumble Shane McMahon and The Miz will have to prove their brute strength to win the smackdown tag team titles.

for elimination chamber this is going to be amazing for the first time ever and elimination chamber it will be at women’s tag team championship title match. the newly-announced tag team champions from two weeks ago on Monday night raw were the newest raw title belts to be unveiled during a moment of bliss on Monday night raw.

so at elimination chamber on top of everything else The road to WrestleMania the moment headed to WrestleMania and what happens at WrestleMania we have women competing for tag team gold yes with a women will team up and we’ll go up in the chamber and go for tag team supremacy.

Tonight’s blog today’s blog has been brought to you by the WWE Network

Remember The Dream speech

January Monday 21st of 2019
Martin Luther King, Jr.

So Martin Luther King would celebrate his 90th birthday today his name is the most powerful name in history. I’m dreaming of future of the Country.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

There are Martin Luther King’s quotes there’s the man that stood in a sea of other men and spoke the dream speech. This is the truth about this whole thing I stand behind I stand beside the man who Stood Beside other men who marched on Washington who believed in Injustice and unfair was the key to making it right who stood up for the wrongs of America now it is our turn to stand up for the wrongs of America. Don’t let the dream get behind you when you’re running towards it we all have equal opportunity rights and all those rights are most evident in the long run. We cannot for any reason by Temptation by design by misunderstanding allow the people of the government to sit on their butts and do nothing and get paid. We need to stand up for what we believe in and protect our country and protect our rights as human beings. This means that we need to get that wall built on the southern border and protect our country from MS-13 from the wild out of control lawlessness that is in Mexico and get it under control here.

Martin Luther King is a man with means is a man with priorities and his honest priority was to build a connection with the United States his on his priority was to take away slavery and to create jobs to create a life to create a dream for America and in order to have that dream we must protect America and protect the people who live here are police are firefighters are men and women who put on the uniform every day to save our life and other lives around us.

Rest in peace Mr. Martin Luther King jr.

About me part 2

Men Seeking Women

The term is most commonly used with informal relationships, such as “going steady,” but may encompass any relationship where an expressed commitment is involved. Terms related to a committed relationship include: monogamy: having a single long-term sexual Partner

My words to the description of Women

Sexual desire is a motivational state and an interest in “sexual objects or activities, or as a wish, or drive to seek out sexual objects or to engage in sexualactivities”. Synonyms for sexual desire are libido, sexual attraction and lust

Some flirts are never serious. This can be annoying, and you might call such a person superficial. If a person does it solely to amuse themselves, you might call them a tease: a person who makes fun of or annoys others, as with playful or taunting remarks; A flirtatious person

Greek words for love. The Greek language distinguishes at least six different ways as to how the word love is used. Ancient Greek has six distinct words for love: philía, éros, agápe, storgē, pragma, and philautia

During this period, a couple is said to be betrothed, intended, affianced, engaged to be married, or simply engaged. Future brides and grooms may be called the betrothed, a wife-to-be or husband-to-be, fiancée or fiancé (from the French word of the same form), respectively

I’m always looking for people to talk to and so if you want to talk or send photos I welcome you to contact me any number of ways

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Democrats breaking Bank

It is really easy to meme by America

A manufactured lie by Democrats and if the lie become omission to hide America.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

her statements are ranked her comments are outrageous and her literalism don’t work neither does socialism after all you have to do is check out Puerto Rico and all these foreign countries that have tried it and look how badly damaged they are.. the outrage is repulsive the comments are repulsive people like her give America a very bad name.

Letter Friends and Reader plus Family

Hello friends and family

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you. I guess the one thing I had to be thankful for this year’s I was able to hold myself together on the hope and prayer of a lot of things going on. I mean for the first time I have all my bills paid and so for Christmas I need to get celebrate that and for New year’s I’m hopefully going to get celebrate the family coming together although that doesn’t sound too possible right now..

you know I’ve made it a goal to achieve everything I want and I’m making a goal to achieve my next goal so for 2020 and for 2019 I’m looking to launch a Entertainment website and a multi-million-dollar business that will make this very interesting going forward for one thing I know business is about character.

And character is about background how you deceive and how you perceive to get into what you want. I found entertainment to be my background I like to go on and talk on YouTube I’ve done point of view I do my blog I give my opinion.

so I’m going to be posting a few things on here that might get me asking people why but I know why I’m doing and I have a clear head about it see it’s kind of hard to write a business plan for a website when everybody needs a demonstration. I figured that if I can get the website up get it processing through get the promoters get the marketing get the advertising and get the moderation put together not too soon afterwards I’ll be recognized.

but see I’m going to do it the legitimate way I’m going to get a business plan written and I’m going to get a business plan for together but in order to do that I have to have a few things in place.

Gold number one finding somebody that is willing to invest $25,000 in me. With a repayment in 2 years or a year-and-a-half at a little over $50,000 total repayment for Investment.

goal number 2
Finding business partner to work with me to build world class business together and also make income that reinvest into the site and pay bill and be true about business building and More proposals.

Here’s a receipt a sample of what the $50,000 would go for.

$5,000 into Research and Marketing

$15,000 Building and monetization to website building Entertainment and News

$10,000 merchandising and product purchases for selling on Website.

$500 Dollar to YouTube Marketing and Facebook and Twitter include Instagram advertising

$19,500 Re-sale and Promptly marketing advertising service on the website.

so there it is in short order the receipt of what the money would be going for now you may find it boring obsolete not important but I think it is very important that I have the opportunity like everybody else to find that perfect match for business and an income it will help people and also bring entertainment back to what it’s really supposed to be which is entertainment. no political advertisements no line to the people just giving them strictly entertainment and real news connections.

so tell all my family and friends and everybody around the world and Merry Christmas a happy holiday and a happy New year because by 2020 I want to have my own business I want to have and the investment secured and by Christmas of 2019 I want to go to say I did it on my own so I’m looking for a business partner and I’m looking for that one investor who believes in a millennial and is willing to invest in me.

if you get this letter and you find any interesting connect with me and we’ll talk on Facebook on the phone whatever works for doing Business

My one big wishes for Christmas
Brandon Vaughan

Letter to Santa Claus

Hello Santa Claus

I might be a different type of letter writer but I believe it when you write a letter you have to have it mean something well this means the world to me. inside of me is a lot of hopes and dreams and I’ve been looking to achieve one and have achieved most of them I’ve become independent I’ve become understanding and I’ve made a lot of good and I’ve made some not-so-good decisions. But out of those decisions I have gotten better and stronger in my faith and in how I deal with every situation.

So I’m Writing to the man who’s done a lot for us. And in the season of giving I hope that the right people see this because it’s really going to be an insightful writing.

My wishlist for Christmas And New Year Resolution list

My first wish:

I’m interest meeting Business Partnership with The Intention of Build Business with a Online Website.

Price $30,000 to $45,000 to start up a business. This Website will feature a major networks source of Television And Paid Per View network. it will have Presentation of Building business proposal and Plan

My second Wish

Help my grandmother save my grandmother home in the first 5 years from the reverse mortgage and pay it off and also have the Money and Income to help my grandmother with Home improvement.

My goal 20+ year plan goals

One to Five years

1. completely get my business up and running that will have a website and a complete telemarketing and online marketing advertising promotion centre to get the greatest and entertainment on the website as a feature of a major Network.

2. build a website that is telemarketing and customer base friendly that allows customers to contact advertisers marketing agents and a complete lineup of what the website will be putting together

a board of directors to help operate the day-to-day operations of the website.

in the first 5 years everything that is on this list will happen this website will launch and it will have our board of directors and it will have me as a CEO chief executive officer and owner of this entertainment company which it will be called Brandon point of view entertainment.

3. help get the money up to take the reverse mortgage off my grandparents home. And also work at having an income to support owning a home and helping my mom and dad.

the goal is to help raise the money via a business to help pay off some bills for my grandparents and my mom and dad and also build up my business going forward.

10 to 15 years goals

I’m looking to opening superFan Store while the build continuous revenue I’m looking to be a host of my own Show online website .

Hosting is the major networks show with Online Partnerships and real Media and This mean Brandon’s Point of View Entertainment will a lot of Advancement to bring forward the creative sprinit to the website.

I will bring more soon. .Point of views engaged the community of entrepreneurship

Request and Prayers for Hero

Season Giving.

I’ve been giving away understanding.

I’ve been giving insight to friends and New Business ideas.

I am given to Three great chairty for season of giving

Now I’m going to be selfless for these of you with brains and your always so comprehensive about younger generation in helping theme getting ideas off the ground.

First it my honor to share a prayer for Fromer Presidential 41 George H W Bush and His Family .

The loss of a loved one can be one of the most painful parts of life. Grief and mourning come in many different stages and it is easy to let emotion consume you during these difficult times. However, it is important to keep God close to your heart instead of pushing Him away. Remember that you need God now more than ever and He wants you to be happy again despite the loss and heartbreak you may feel.

In addition to losing a loved one yourself, it is also difficult to know how to help someone else who has lost someone close. One way to comfort them is to pray to God that they find peace and comfort in their time of need. With the love and reassurance God can provide, it is possible to ease the pain of those who are hurting. These 10 prayers can help you and your friends or family to cope with the loss of a loved one by asking God to pay close attention to them so they are able to move on

Rest in peace and Love to Families

Now my request for this Season of Giving.

1. Gift of big Amount of Money would be very helpful up to $25,000 for New Business

Love hoilday wishing lists

My Holiday Wish list for 2018 & 2019

1. HP 15 Laptop 15.6″ Touchscreen Laptop , Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 1TB HDD, 4GB SDRAM, Windows 10 – Jet Black – 15-bs289wm

2. RCA 50″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Roku Smart LED TV (RTRU5027-W)

3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Complete Series (DVD)

4. Touched by an Angel: The Complete Series (DVD)

5. HP Gaming Computer Nvidia GT 1030 Video Core i5 3.2Ghz 8Gb 1TB Windows 10 64 Bit 1 Year Warranty

Now News

Real News-Press

It is the official Breaking holiday season

Be aware of the high risk to holiday Grinch.

I’m honored to report that no Grinch report yet.

But it is that time where holiday. theft is a big concern for many in

The United States. Local or online commerce it is very important to

Source you gifts. As to save a lot heartache.

Plus tips on receive and Delivery.

1. Be home for the day of delivery

2. Lock your doors and make sure your home is Locked

3 Call local authorities if you see any suspicious activity.

4. Check on the elderly and disabled to they safe and Warm inside.

5 take some extra time when planning your holiday get together

New Financial Need

Comings Soon

War is coming United States

Yes it has been proven once again that lie and miss conduct by Democrats.

Florida voter leader resigns after crooked voting techniques were used in the current Florida election.

Atlanta GA:this lady is going to wage war on just about any legitimacy and election could ever have I understand that grammar is about as far away for Understanding. But see the truth is is he won the election he won because he stood up for the right ideas. the election is over and it’s time to concede and say that he is the legal constitutional governor of Georgia.

New York City NY: after the elections this gal went super crazy on Facebook calling for socialized economics which means that you could lose every bit of your income do to her thinking she can’t answer a question she doesn’t understand common sense and she is far and away the most left socialist that there is in the Democratic Party. we want to talk fair and balanced where this into fair and balanced I would say I would say that the Democrats are gone off the deep end with her.

after the elections on November 6th we’re almost to Thanksgiving and still the Democrats are unwilling to succeed the fact that they didn’t get the big blue wave they wanted.


so she’s only like my age and she’s talking complete stupidity and yet I understand more about government than she ever will she can’t even answer easy questions I think that there’s been a big flaw in the Democratic voting league.

now they’re voting for people who actually can play stupid and who actually do understand what stupid is this lady doesn’t even register on her mind scale.

I stand up for equal rights I stand up for fair and balanced understanding I stand up for conservative thought I stand up for real economic impacts I stand up to make a difference in my community but I cannot stand behind a woman who cannot answer common questions like self-defense on the Border international terrorism domestic terrorism or anything like that.

well it is most likely physically possible that she is has a remote education of a college student I would recommend that she look at this whole situation she’s been elected two if she can’t balance her books and keep a checking account above negative then we got a real problem because she’s like all these other Democrats overspending overthinking under thought and didn’t think about the future of the United States.

the people in New York deserve real common Sense understanding but if we continue to let CNN MSNBC VR media guides to the Stars we’re going to be in a very sorry. Shape including CNN.


so she’s 29 years old and yet she can’t even answer simple questions by the media that have asked her. and no one seems to care but I do because when I asked the congressman or Senator or question that is working on the taxpayer dollar I expect an honest answer and not at all…. . Answer.

so a real question is is how far are the Dems willing to go to commit suicide on the American people. so the truth is is that this is going to be a long journey to get the truth out I am hoping and I’m pushing for a real change.cuz I am planning on putting up a lot of time and a lot of town halls to get the message out about honesty and respect and a value of understanding.

More to come..

Dating Profile

You be so creative. But can’t beat the love of self . Be bold in yourself.

Is it possible to over look yourself in love. It about heart when it comes to love and Relationship.

Major impact of heart and self-sustainability is completely define by ones Understanding of life ,love, and Trust including Humanity.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams ”

Dating Profile:
Name Brandon
Age 31
Race White Caucasian
Hair & Eye Brown hair and Brown eyes
Height 5’6″

Dating Meaning:: The Definition of Dating and What It Really Means. … “Dating” means you’re going on dates. You are actively getting out there and meeting people and spending time with them. “Dating someone” means you’re seeing somebody specific, with purpose and on a regular basis. That could be use in same of sexual pleasure.

It’s time to be real and I’ll be posting more stuff . I’ll be shaving soon ..

Simple yet yes it is True

Attorneys of love

Are true about being sincere in Love?

Then should make smile about love . Cause this what you creating when looking at love. Your body is your friends . And that is the accomplishment that any Independents person will ask for in a man or women of self understanding.

The female body is various feelings of a woman and a male body while great to have some female and male body show signs of Joy or happiness it oftentimes it show in male more than Women.

It’s male body. And like everything else. You have accepting of all shape and Sizes with that come a very wide road of course. How Define your love is also character of the separation from female and Male body .

A women character is always shape by their design of two key point of view.

1. Chilren the average female will have the ability to conceived child that’s where the change become more evident.

2. Love, Compassion is their main instinct. And when the children’s arrive in 9 months. That when mothering get stronger.

More to come

Break News:Oregon Conservative are cheated by far-left Democrats

Salem, Or: in what could be called the biggest upset in Oregon history it is a fact.

Yep the damn skit the independent vote in luck I did a little bit of research and I found out that any Independents vote your Democratic committee gets those votes.

so Kate Brown is projected to win the Democratic governor Street of Oregon and I happen to find out through reliable sources that she got all the independent votes. I guess I’m a little bit disappointed in our governor able to cheat the system and pick up the Democratic votes in Independence even if they didn’t vote Democratic she took it anyways. I really do hope that Oregon realizes what they’ve done and I really do hope the people who voted Democrat realize what they’ve done..

this is as of 1 a.m. eastern time in New York City and this is what the Republicans have done but still I do not agree nor do I accept the results of the selection here in Oregon.

see I think that the Democrats turn Oregon all across the United States have ripped the American people off and I think it’s time an investigation was launched by the FBI to find out how come the independent votes automatically go to the DNC.

my first three questions are going to be awfully hard to answer cuz I don’t think the Democrats have an answer but here they are.

Is there a fair voting process in Oregon?

do you believe that we should protect the rights of all people in the United States and also protect our borders?

do you believe that the governorship of Oregon is already cited before the voters even get a chance to vot?

I don’t really think that anybody really cares I don’t think the American people really think that the West Coast counts and it’s the truth. cuz they’re already calling the election even before the West Coast vote is even cash so I’m going to say something about this and I’m going to say very bluntly.

I think the East Coast should wait until the West Coast gets its votes and then call the election and I think the East Coast should have their election way later than hours and wait until the West Coast gets their votes in because what is going on is the same thing that went on back in the medieval days. and these Democrats don’t seem to care about the American people cuz if they did they stop having these protests and fighting in the streets.

Designate by need of Pleasure

Pitch yourself to the one you appreciate the Most.

If you’re imagination can stand up to beautiful women then your love will support a future in America pleasure

Feeling sexually desire

See you know a women body.In desire you’re learning their fellow point of the body. And in some way her body will feeling emotionally driven to Sexually building project lines of her body .

You can be lovable insight to Romeo to her Julie.

1. Cuddle is term use to be with women who support during movie and some music.

there’s a combination that goes with all women and it’s called their sizes..A little secret though don’t go trying to guess a woman’s size stick to what you know.

see I have a dream girl in mind and I know her sizes and they are on this chart but I’m not going to disrespect all women by telling all of you what that is..true love is a passion true love is a fire that burns and all of us true love sets the terms what can be called a relationship. A true Factor this love is how you present yourself to the woman. And how the woman presents herself to you.see at a point which everybody reaches there is a love that burns hot for guys and there’s a love that burns hot for the woman of your life. but when you’re working together to build a romance to build a family that love has to be superheated to get you through the hard times.

there is the Friendship aspect which you begin to realize after a while that you build up to that point you install that urge of understanding and respect and you put to use. The Familiar sounds of honest man will always be honest to the end a honest woman will also be just as honest to the end.

but the truest test to this whole thing is the night that they decide to spend that time together that is where the truest test becomes a reality check for both sides.

check one are you comfortable cuddling with him during the night and is he comfortable with you as well

check two does the music that you imagine sound off when you’re around him and does the same music sound off for him when he’s around you

Check three once you hit that point once you come to that moment will you be honest and not laugh when you undress in front of each other or were you lie and laugh at each other.

True compassion it comes from the heart seeing each other naked is a familiarity what you have to adapt to sing because you’re sharing love your sharing a bond of two bodies into one you’re also building a connection with her and she is building a connection with you. See beyond on the jeans the shirt the bra and the panties and the socks and shoes there’s a woman underneath there that is yearning to get out.

Call an Old Faithful call learning cuz we on that man with those socks the underwear the pants the shirt and the smile there’s a man in there who is very faithful to what you want to see he’s going to show you love romance a yearning for you just as much as you urine for him.

A palace of intrigue a mystery beyond the blankets a tower on top of the Moon where the night goes is not so much the question it’s how the night starts that’s a question.

Foggy but clear light but a little bit Shady a mystery beyond the T-shirt the pants blue jeans the tank top and all the other pieces of clothing you have on your on underneath your regular dress. This at the satin red dress that you bought for him to see you in or the blue jeans and the high top hat and the t-shirt that you wear to impress him.him and his baseball cap t-shirt blue jeans tour in the middle and a little piece of dirt on his boot as he wears cowboy boots. saddles in his eye is a woman of his dreams saddled in the woman’s eye is man of her dreams.

Forge Gathering Stone they say hottest fire built to the relationship but the highest flame since I’m over the top a dream Romance the magic the romance the music the songs on the radio kind of turned it all around.nine months later and eight hours into labor the woman’s finding out that her love for him is as strong as his love for her they shared a bond a chemical moment. You see a chair well from the guys I you see the tear of Rejoice where well from the woman’s eye as their first born is a daughter and then a son the most solemn happy moment of family.

Can you treasure to believe that just nine months earlier you made love to such a beautiful woman and that is how beautiful she is laying there in the stirrups having your son and your daughter. Ironic isn’t it the love that you guys had created to God’s greatest gifts and they were delivered to you and a medical center.

Heart pumping life-changing moments for you and the woman you love for that night you settled any differences in that room you said you were in this for the Long Haul you saddle the horse you tested it you gave it all you had and at the end of the day you fell in love.. so what’s the daughter’s name the doctor asked her name is Angel what’s the boy’s name his name is Angel conceived in love but also conceived enjoy could it be so sweet and so tender then no one realizes how beautiful those two are both angels and their mom and dad’s eye.

The incredible moment to this whole thing is is it when you hear stories of women fighting breast cancer and they have kids and they have husbands the fight never stops the love goes on and on and on so for this moment from this point forward I want you all to give sitter yourselves the proudest couple out there because you are working through the hardest years of your life yet to come. the biggest outside is it when you reach a certain age you really begin to see how much love there is in your you blend over the fact that your love has carried you all the way through to having two beautiful children or do you desire more of her body as you go along I think there’s a little bit of both in there you blend the fact that you have two beautiful children at the same time you urine for her body to press close to you as she does for you.

Just remember there’s a love out there for everyone and there’s a moment out there for someone very special and opportunity away I know how and expense of life or Forever Dawn these words. ” I believe in miracles and I believe in love from the beginning tell life end”

ladies and gentlemen I’m telling you the truth there’s someone special out there for all of this the story I have told you is no more crazier than the store you’re going to tell yourself when you find mr. Right or mrs. Right.

settle down saddle up and let’s ride because for the first time you have to ride before you can walk and you have to walk before you can ride this horse of life.

Is you ready to rock and roll your horses saddled up and your love is going then look both ways and take the leaf of your life find love to find yourself in a commitment.

stay tuned for more I will have more I promise I’ll even finish the story of how two babies got the name of angel and how the mom dealt with a serious illness just after 2 years after the babies were born we’ll have this and so much more and the truest meaning of fatherhood for this Dad.


Caravan-Mania In Mexico

The War of Politics Hate Speech by Democrats

Thisthis is what is headed this way there’s four of these Caravans they’re full of people the conversation really has to be had do we protect our borders can we support these people and how long before they get in the United States which start worrying about our families Our lives our independence and where does it hate speech stop and the real life begin

Trump is Protecting United States

the statements made by President Trump or true we have to turn around these Caravans we cannot be scared of what is coming we have to stand up for our rights or Constitution and it is the truth.

this is what CNN Jim Acosta classifies as war on the media with Trump. see he wants sir Sanders to State the outlets that are have the war on the media with Trump and he wants Sarah Sanders to have the guts to characterize these media Outlets. but mr. Acosta if you don’t remember your the ones who lives with salted and verbally harassed Miss Huckabee Sanders while she’s been giving a press briefing.

Here’s another clip from Jim Acosta at CNN. see mr. Acosta you have degenerated yourself to the lowest point of media when you start putting your personal views and Reporting the news you have a costaud your friends you have virtually chastise the United States of America on national television and 15 seconds after you go off the air on a press briefing he come back on CNN and you say there is a war on the winning that press briefing I heard the statement that was made and nothing was said about a war on the media.

see this is what they’re reporting on these news outlets what they’re not telling you is that those for Caravans not just one but for now there’s something wrong with this picture the American people have spoke out against letting all these people come into the United States but people like Hillary Clinton people like Barbara Boxer people like Cory Booker people like the according to what I heard Nancy Pelosi’s of the world have destroyed the American civil liberties and American Constitution. see they believe that we should have open borders but how can we have open borders when cops are being killed by these people who come into our country who do not have a reason to be here and for any legitimate reason they’ve lost it because they decided to go on a mad spree and take-out police hurt use hate to dignify themselves in the eyes of people.

Breaking: Robert Bowers 44 counts

This man was a part of the shooting in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania synagogue.this is what the Democrats are blaming on Trump but as I see it they hate and the rhetoric that they’ve been using as Democrats is to blame. it is unfair and also very hateful the way they have been downgrading our United States President he is made every achievement to please the American people and when the Democrats go on national television and chastise our president internationally and locally it becomes an issue that needs to be looked at. Donald Trump a very successful businessman and a very successful entrepreneur and he is also now a very very successful United States president.his success is due to his open-mindedness and his conversationalist and his reach across the board to try and solve some of these many issues in the United States. the term Promises Kept and promises made is a very well used term because he’s kept all of his promises mr. Trump is not broken or one the only thing that’s been broken is the Democratic party which is showing a very unhealthy side of itself. people want to talk about hate why don’t you watch what Nancy Pelosi says on the late night shows why don’t you watch what all these other people say on these late-night shows it’s in the government and what they do when they say it.

Hate rhetoric in America

the hate in America stems for Democratic colleagues who don’t care about American Revolution.they sent us into eight years of very hard times the American people paid very highly for the Democrats Miss spendings. well they talk about hate speech in America and a heated rhetoric on CNN I suggest they take a look at what I’m about to talk about.

number one I find it very dishonest and disloyal of these media Outlets putting out fake news that’s not even true if it wasn’t for Twitter people like me and the Millennials are the future would not know the truth about what’s behind this boiling rhetoric coming out of the Democrats mouth.

number to do we take a caravan full of illegal immigrants who have not even tried to apply for a Visa to the United States or much less a passport to immigration they’re on their way here right now and what are the Democrats doing. they’re sitting on their pretty little thumbs sucking each other self not giving a damn what happens to America cuz when they get back in the truth is impeach 45 will be on and that’s right on a Maxine Waters mouth.

number three if the Democrats want to survive this election they need to think about focusing on the same track as the president cuz they’re going to lose their going to lose so badly that when they get done Chuck Schumer is going to look like their daddy out of hell.

now I do not deploy neither would I ever insist on hate speech but if the Democrats can use it to get pipe bombs in the mail to have a Jewish synagogue shut up then where does it stop where does the truth come out in the Democratic talking points.

a key point of contention which I might add a very hot point of rhetoric is that the Democrats don’t give a damn about America cuz they want to destroy it they want to let the borders be open they want to take away ice they want to take away our policing they want to shut down any form of policing that keeps American civil liberties at Bay and keeps control of these criminals who are doing these illegal actions in America.if they want to deal with violence they should get on a plane and fly to Guatemala they should get out of plane and fly to Mexico’s border and see what’s going on there they should get on a plane and go into Mexico and go to its bordering countries and see what is so bad about why we don’t want these people this Caravans headed this way why we want them to turn around.

did you know that the average housing for illegal immigrants in this country equals out to be a whole year to get a new one point three million dollar housing bill which the American people have to fit once they come into this country.Obama gave each illegal immigrant almost $5,000 to start a life in America and out of that several people were hurt a police officer was shot to death by illegal immigrant and all that immigrant did was smile while he was in the courtroom remember that one.

Remember this guy remember what he did and remember that smile after the judge read him his rights and how serious and is become when we have illegals in this country.

Sacramento California illegal immigrant

So this is the video above in the blue I would be very worried about this Caravan after seeing this video you really have to think is it worth letting all these immigrants into the country knowing that one immigrant killed a county sheriff in California and Sacramento and what is the cost to housing almost 1500 people in America with for Caravans going on their way here closer to 4000.

do we honestly believe that America is safe no not if we like Democrats if we like Democrats were flushing everything we believe down the tube and nothing and America will be safe ever again as long as Democrats keep destroying the American Constitution

but I will tell you something and I will be very honest hate speech any kind of hate speech whether it’s a racial or religious or whatever it is not acceptable in America it is not acceptable to happen anywhere and it is not acceptable by or Democratic colleagues in DC who have this unprepossessing urge to just say whatever comes out of their mouth and then Eric Holder the former head of the justice department says kick them when they’re down or Hillary Clinton’s commentary.

so well I guess Purge the hate I would also like to recommend that we as American people protect ourselves and allow President Donald J Trump to do the job that he’s been elected to do and that is put America First and Democrats last.

Note: that last post about that cop killer it was a Sacramento County Daniel Oliver who was killed by Luis bracamontes.

upgrade are Coming

Brandon’s point of view entertainment is getting an upgrade on most of its Pages the homepage is getting their prey and so is some of the other stuff.

It’s you read my point of view you realize that I’m a very conservative and open person to conversation I give you my point of view because I’m interested in what my country does I form an opinion around those who formed the opinion and I give you the most honest stable and reliable point of view I can.

so between me you and the fence post you’re probably looking at this offer thinking what can he do with $5,000 want to tell you what I’m going to do.

Will be upgrading the blog to where I can be monetized for income purposes… $160.00 for 2 years

Marketing and Advanced growth into website Development $1,499.99 One Year website service

Promotion and Advertise in the future of Create of YouTube Channel advance to create Shows and Live News Point Shows.

7 Day Advertising and Marketing.. $350.00 for Marketing YouTube and Website Marketing

Happy Halloween everybody my business is off and running I’m looking for more viewers so I’m working on having a business partner and an investor, Stay tuned .

We’re also going to bring you a special look at the bus service in Eugene and around the world and a conversation with a local radio show host on my podcast which will be on here next week.

Democrats: Blame Game

This is another opportunity for the Dems they get stupid and play the blame game

A Jewish synagogue and has a horrifying wake-up call.

mr. Brower will probably face the most devastating news of all as he will probably be the first man to have the death penalty enrolled on him

see part of the problem with this whole picture is it these are becoming common scenes as the Democrats start to use the fiery heated rhetoric on the campaign tour and they’re blasted across the page of the New York Times and then supported by CNN and MSNBC and the Communists seem to run like wildfire through the media

Symbolism fact fiction fake redrick Hillary Clinton Cory Booker and CNN pipe bomb

within a week the New York City Police the Florida and the FBI all had the man Willow in custody for mailing all those pipe bombs to those political heads of state now the Dems might like to blame Trump but Trump was appalled by the actions of one man I don’t care to give his name so the picture will do the Justice this man and people like him or an extremist out of control group of people who have been created by the Democrats own fiery commentary

Domestic inside terrorism in the United States by an American citizen

ladies and gentlemen I would offer you a piece of advice that might work for you when you’re stating truth remember truth is Stranger Than a lie that goes for CNN as well see they’ve lied to the American people so I’m going to set the facts straight here now.

Let’s meet the Trump family

let’s start with Donald Trump our president of the United States a man of great Antiquity a man that has Integrity up trees eyeballs the man who stood on pretty high morals and he asked me this man has had much success he’s a billionaire like all other billionaires he knows a lot of people these people know a lot of people names like Vince McMahon come to mine that’s where he got his small business secretary.

Well everybody’s playing the blame game I’m going to play the get the story straight game I’m going to tell you a little bit about Donald Trump his interior interviews in the past have proven to be very insightful buy a reasonable report in this I will tell you a lot about him.

he’s a man he’s not shy to stand up for himself and when he feels like he’s being backed into a corner or is worth to being changed on him he takes it to the source The Source being the fake media Outlets like CNN like Jim Acosta this has been his Mo since the beginning his Mo to defend himself no less mr. Donald Trump is an honorable successful businessman who stands with the entrepreneurs of America and builds a company from the ground up.

His family consist of a big group these people are partly Jewish and partly Christian and there’s a much more deep upside to this but the real question the real Antiquity of this whole thing is fun out the fact the man that we are taking shots at the man we are humbling to her feet and trying to blame for all the things that have been happening in America is not helping.

if the truth was to be told Donald J Trump the United States president that fought for equal rights for fair trade and made a fight for fair taxation the common sense no-nonsense president of the current decade the 45th president of the United States and the man who goes out to Rally’s and sells out and just a matter of minutes he sells out he gets overbooked and he makes an impact he speaks the truth while CNN MSNBC see fake lies that’s their problem not his.

the media is taking shots at Barron Trump little boy and many more like Melania these are ignorant people who take shots at little kids because of the separation of the Border when the truth should be told that the separation of the Border started doing the Obama Administration not the Trump Administration so shame on them shame on the lies of CNN shame on the lies of MSNBC and shame on every person who’s ever doubted that can duction of law and the criticism of Liberty.

I would Define a character of Donald Trump’s stature to be honorable successful and most definitely a Hall of Fame business career he has built real estate he is built TV shows he’s been on some of the greatest TV shows on television today he’s had his opportunities built to him he’s not taking any opportunity that he is not earned he’s building his company he’s built and on that we should respect him.Trump has made his life about his family and his show The Apprentice made him successful his travel made him also very successful as he owns multiple golf courses internationally and locally in Florida these are Pinnacles of his success but his greatest success sits in New York City his Tower the Trump Empire has been run from those Towers since his father passed away this man has built his success on the back of his father his father was a very successful entrepreneur.and when you the media when you the trash talkers take cheap unprovoked the shots at a American president you show that the constitution means nothing to you or anybody who is living the rules of the Constitution.

So so in closing ladies and gentlemen mr. Trump will leave tomorrow morning for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to go down and share his condolences his commentary there’s respect for the men and women who saved multiple lives and who were there to fight the good fight who ran into danger didn’t run away who stood together and arms and protected the people of the church it will be a sad mournful day for the people in Pittsburgh.

so far the latest stories out of Pittsburgh is it to Brothers will be buried tomorrow who had autism and several pair were very sweet kind gentleman and in the media the absence of remorse is shown at CNN but here on this blog on this post I would like to send my love my prayers to the people in Pittsburgh to the synagogue in Pennsburg I would like all of us to take 3 minutes for every woman man and child who was hurt and say a prayer.

ladies and gentlemen stay tuned for more because I’m going to be a lot more blogs coming up

Breaking: Wresltemania Season is Open Nov,16 2018

Come on November 16 2018/ the big light backup again for other year of shock.And I’m planing to bring something special

Starting December 1st 2018

The perfect blog will be counting Up the Top 10 moment for WrestleMania moment on my facebook page so check my blog post for social media roundup.

Trusting Pray and Love in Pittsburgh

As of Saturday we’ve learned that 17 people have been either injured or died and some are in critical condition and a Pennsylvania Hospital. The sad truth is it’s not Trump’s fault it’s not anybody’s fault but the people who have caused civil unrest Across America people like Hillary Clinton Cory Booker Maxine Waters and so many more.

It’s not a controversy it’s reality it’s not a reality for millions of people it’s a reality for America if we continue to allow the Democrats to soak disaccord Across America we are showing the signs of a weakened America we are falling prey to the Democratic scares and fake media politics.

From shootings in Pittsburgh to bomb threats in the mail to the caravana people headed for America it is time we stand together in unity and stop this crazy outlandish action of liberal thinking. It’s these liberals who have discredited Dishonored and disobeyed a faithful tradition as such as the Constitution who disgrace the laws the Liberties and the justice that we held so proudly across to America.

If not for the Liberty then for the Justice it is time people start looking at this as a criminal matter these actions are actions of people who are demented who have heard these so-called Democrats make disaccord Across America and make it a part of their redrick their fiery heated conversation that they produce is nothing more than threats on American civil liberties.

People like Dianne Feinstein Cory Booker Hillary Clinton and so many more who seem to make it so clear how much they do not like Trump but have the easiest way of blaming Trump for mistakes that they have made. The actions of One Lunatic cringed Democratic party versus the actions of one constitutionalist as Donald Trump.

You know these people these are the people who create all this media buzz you think is real but in reality what’s real is the top five topics they aren’t talking about.

1 United States Border Protection

Nearly 14,000 men women and children are headed this way from Guatemala Mexico and other parts South of the Border that have convictions or known gang members running with him this Caravan of lunatics is head this way under the pretenses that they will get into America by any means necessary

2 fair and balanced taxation

Well the Democrats still don’t understand it fair and balanced taxation technique they do understand that they want their curls back in 2019 leading into 2020 as many Americans are getting back on their feet and some are seeing great results from Trump’s tax breaks the leftist far-left too far to know how far to left have taken on a new ploy to damage or even try to destroy the Trump era tax winning numbers.

3, prescription drug costs & medical coverage for All America

Well the Democrats are condemning Donald Trump’s ideas the Republicans and many of people across America are winning better than before and now he’s going to work on the Medicare he’s going to work on what matters most slowing the cost of medical and lowering the cost of prescription drugs making it a fair and balanced conversation across the board it is time that the American people realize that the Democrats want to destroy America not put America back in first. As so many have often said that the Medicare and Medicaid is so high that it is scary to think that it cost too much to take care of yourself now on these current medical prices.

But Trump is trying to fight for a fair and fare cost Medical plants across the board and taking care of pre-existing conditions included in his plan this means that the American people need to see the truth this means that the American people know the truth about these big drug companies that they don’t want you to know because they’ve been hiding it so well under the Democrats eyes.

4, ratification of jobs and employment in America

Well the Democrats have no cares or worries about their jobs in the American government people out there in the real world realize it jobs are important and that cash flow is not an unlimited budget but the American people see that Trump is trying to create a fair and balanced work environment bringing jobs to America making American number one in skills and prosperity and making vocational schools more available to people who want to do these jobs high demand and very well paid jobs or water and pour it into America and its continuous consumer grows across the world.

5, closing loopholes across the Constitution

Trump for the first time is taking on the serious talk of closing loopholes in our constitution to do not protect the American people but the illegals the people who want to do stuff the wrong way but can do stuff the right way without these loopholes the justice system a broken piece of American History the Constitution which is always stood for greatness and liberty and justice for all and the blindfold over lady Liberty.

Our ignorance will be our undoing Odyssey will be our fair and if we do not vote Republican are dumb or stupidity will be our downfall this is a winning America anybody who believes that jobs equal rights and self-awareness is more important then pity it is time to vote Republican we cannot pity the Democrats anymore we cannot pity their stupidity or their unconstitutional ways we need to become a real America.

It is time for Americans to realize that the justice system is broken and it is time for Americans to also realize the Trump is trying to fix a lot of things Trump is also trying to make peace with our foreign allies Trump success is numbered from 1 to 100 cuz he has completed a hundred things and no other president has ever done before 4 years. A perfect dichotomy I can perfect economy and a perfect Constitution would be better for America it is time to stand together as one and vote red instead of blue and kick these Democrats who don’t want to follow the Constitution out of office.

New Business plan

Looking for Sports Commentary

Sports coverage on YouTube looking for special sports reporter to host a 25-minute sports program

I’m bringing something new to sports a little bit of balance talk

status update leukemia patient Roman Reigns is continuing the fight against leukemla

Twitter: WWE Roman Reigns

and support continues right here on the blog I hope you all message him and tell him how great and how much you miss him and we’re all wishing you the best so message him on Twitter and give him your support and share your support for this blog by going on YouTube and following and subscribing looking for new show commentary takers for sports.

Break News: Roman Reigns Update

Twitter @WWERomanReigns

Thank you to everyone who’s reached out…I can’t put into words what it means to me.

Your energy and positivity motivate me to get better quickly to get back in the ring, but for now I’m going to spend time with my family and focus on health.

Thank you – Joe/Roman

He still getting support from WWE Universe . This was post a couple of days ago. the Power of Understanding is being share with Roman .

WWE Rollin into Women Evolution

Women Evolutionary

WWE heads and hot and heavy for the women’s Evolution this Sunday on the WWE Network a stylish all women’s pay-per-view who takes woman’s stamina to limit with great matches such as Trish Stratus and Mickie James.

the hot and heavy Duo mix it up inside the ring with what could be called a classic as Trish Stratus makes her in ring debut at the evolution and now then forever Stars will be coming back to participate and roll womens royal battle royal for a future WWE women’s title shots.

talk about hot and heavy the WWE is taking on the women’s Evolution and all women’s pay-per-view.

The heated rivalry and makes its Grand stage debut on the women’s Evolution pay-per-view live this Sunday


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don’t miss the women’s Evolution free if you go and get the WWE Network right now so you don’t miss this Sunday’s Hot Topic pay-per-view the all women’s evolution Paid per View

so I guess the only thing I can say is is that I hope all the women of the WWE get their matches straight and the popular stands up and makes a message out of a few of the Divas.

let’s see some stratusfaction this Sunday on the evolution women’s pay-per-view with Trish Stratus and Lita.

also the greatest opportunity for all the women of Monday Night Raw SmackDown NXT and so much more as the Battle Royale begins and whoever wins gets a future women’s title match

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we the American people of sound mind and judgement now can be rate the Democrats for what craziness they have created in America the burning of the flag the unconstitutional civil rights have been taken away and the continuous protest of fair and accurate judgement by our current president of the United States Donald J Trump. Check out my new show ✓heckmate on YouTube.

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About me:

hello everyone my name is Brandon I welcome all my readers and friends to enjoy this introductory induction of about me.

I am 31 years old I stand at approximately 5 foot 6 and 1/4 inches tall and I have brown hair and brown eyes.

I’m friendly I like to meet new people I have no questions about my friends and I accept everybody as they are the only thing I don’t accept is drugs I live a drug-free life now I will not put up with it nor will I accept it in my life. I’m also looking to build a business I’m looking to make an impact I’m looking to do something that will make everything for me better and in the future I’m looking to become someone who my generation can look up to as a younger generation comes along.

I am one of many small business thinkers who believes it business is good for everybody and the opportunity that I present to all of you here today is the about me it’s in the new show I’m going to be bringing to you guys here on MeetMe Facebook Instagram social media in General.

I am a Caucasian male and I believe that equal rights under every law is a matter of balance I believe there is no race and friendship I believe there is no color in minorities I believe that there is an equal right of power and to that I speak as a conservative a person I believe that there is equal rights across the board to be had and to say the least I stand by my United States of American flag.

I think burning the flag beating up fellow Americans is unconstitutional and it violates the more code which I stand by everyday fair and accurate constitutional understanding of life liberty and justice means everything to me.

I live in Eugene Oregon I’m part of the population that is more outspoken about some things and less about others but I’m looking for an investor someone who can believe in the Millennials someone who believes that we are the next generation of business and a quality I’m looking for $1,500 and an opportunity to use it to make a Business perfect.


Talk about myself and Political View and I’m free for creating my entertainment studio around United States of America. And I’m looking for business partners .

Breaking News Roman Reigns confirm leukemia return

Roman Reigns breaking announcement on Monday Night Raw last night
Roman Reigns his fight is back on with leukemia

Background on leukemia

From what I read so far it is a blood cancer it is where your autoimmune system cannot take care of disease and so it last longer and some of the most deadly diseases or the flu which has been popping up all over the country with this Roman Reigns has resigned temporarily from the WWE to return later after he wins his battle with leukemia.

Recovery From leukemia
In patients younger than 60, roughly 70 to 80percent will go into remission after “induction” (first round) of chemo. Remission means a person doesn’t have symptoms of the disease and their blood cell counts are in a normal range. The five-year overall survival rate for AML is 26 percent

He then pursued a career in professional wrestling and was signed by WWE in 2010, reporting to their developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). AsRoman Reigns, he made his main rosterdebut in November 2012 alongside Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as The Shield.

And ill post link soon to Youtube video to hight WWE Career of Roman


America Under Fire via America’s on Democrats

okay people of America I’ve spoke out I speaking up and I ain’t shutting up until we change something I don’t care if your auntie folk your Democrat or even a dirty Washington DC politician I’m not going to shut up until I get some answers and I want to know what in the hell gives Salem Oregon the right to burn Flags our governor has lost total control of this country are Governors are not paying the respect as Democrats to our United States of America and now they’re pain protesters to beat up innocent bystanders.

see we’re having our own little natural disaster here in America and I’m planning to raise money to change it because I’m not going to sit by and just idly watch this happen big business has leaked into our politicians brains and it’s sucking them dry of any Commonwealth of decency politicians like Cory Booker with his all have a Spartacus moments or the stupidity of Dianne Feinstein sitting in a hearing with the nominee by Donald Trump holding a letter saying that she has been sexually assaulted or had sexual misconduct against Donald Trump’s nominee and Dianne Feinstein leaking it to the Press.

where does the intrepidity of the Democrats begin and the stupidity stop I know where it stops it stops when every single conservative American is laying dead at their feet that’s what they want they want conservatism dead they don’t want real jobs they don’t want real employment they want people to be begging at their doorstep for More Money More income and they want to Rob Us blind.

the flag burning above has happened here in Oregon it has been on the news videos of It Go crossed Fox News all the time and yet you don’t get to hear about it on these other news networks because it’s not important enough they would much rather desecrate our constitutional rights and totally be deny us the truth and lie to us like the governor of Oregon namely Kate Brown

meet the local politician of Salem Oregon the capital of Oregon her name is Kate Brown she lives in the governor’s mansion now I shouldn’t be telling anybody anything but I really can’t tell you that she is a lot worse and these jackasses of no fight they have no will they have no understanding and they have no common sense.

how can we dignify everything that the Democrats have done the more they get bad news the more they continue to hurt my name and try to run people over.

see what’s happening here in America is called a uncivilized Constitution that’s what the Democrats presented to us by Hillary Clinton her actions just like all Democrats after leaving office have left a lot to question yet she is not controversially charged with treason she’s allowed to walk freely she has no worries about ever being charged with anything and if she ever does she’ll just have him killed not to tell anybody. see the truth of the matter is is it as America is turning around the Democrats don’t like it they’re losing what they had but the truth is is we didn’t lose anything we gain something.

we gained conservative jobs we’ve gained a real lifestyle people out spending money Social Security is actually getting what it’s worth and now these Democrats want to shut it down and want to take back everything that they have put out they want America to be the poorest country in the world and they want socialism to rule which means you have to beg and plead with your doctors and your providers and your grocery bills just to make ends meet.

But I’m looking at raising $1000000 to send me and 20 other people to Washington DC to send a message a message of conservative real Justice a message there will be heard by everybody with a proposal $1000000 this proposal means that people all over the world will see what happens when I sit down with the government when I sit down with people and have an actual conversation about real clear conversations that need to be had it is time that Democrats stop pushing the conservative group around stop pushing the Republicans around and we take a stand on the rights and liberties we have. we have a right to express ourselves we have the Liberty to speak out against Injustice and that is exactly what the Democrats are promoting Injustice and America and an uncivilized manner of treating the conservative Republicans like trash on a doorstep is not going to be a continuing job threat.

More to Come.

Power of speech

I am looking forward to using my words my understanding my conversation my real life experience and promoting this America’s message to the whole world and I want you guys to share it to be a part of this great message that will change somebody’s and this country’s life before we go too far beyond the message of America.

Message to America it’s time to change.

Breaking: civil unrest Democrats

The civil unrest in America has generated a lot of controversy yet the Democrats are blind to the fact that the law does apply to them just as well it does to the Republicans.

So this controversial movement through the United States especially here in Oregon a featured piece in Portland Oregon of and Tifa basically ran drawing with the conservative party and if we were to get involved and stand up for the rights of every single American we would get arrested as a conservative America.

City Under Fire Portland antifa

Another statement another city another horrible action performed by our democratic-led government these crazy extremist have now harmed to Senator and I’m going to kill millions of people if the Democrats don’t get a hand on their extremist group

Portland Oregon Oregon found 1859 for the first time in my life I mean to see that certain things are not as bright as they should be and Tifa is like the Nazis of the century they beat they swarm the streets of Portland Oregon.

their actions all the actions of a Mad losing control government that is dark to the law that we have in the United States this is clear by people that disrespect hurts and look to Mame American citizens.

Life is deprived of the human body when violence begins it’s no longer support of love it’s a Bloodsport kills thousands that’s what World War 1 brought about World War 2 was the second it was a blood sport killed or be killed answer 2000 year old war that lasted thousands of years and still to this day we still have no answers.

I don’t care what Nancy Pelosi Dianne Feinstein Maxine Waters are the Hillary Clinton’s of the Worlds how to say I think it is a sad unfortunate turn of events that has led us to this demonic dangerous turning point in our history.

Mazie hirono a Democrat from Hawaii of Japanese descent told all men to shut up. how in the world can women be so vindictive how in the world can women be so evil yet want to date guys.

I say and I say this was a true honest belief I say that the world has changed I also say in the same breathing word I say that the world is deserted the deserters are the ones who are trashed disrespected destroyed this great country of ours and I found peace in destruction of our world.

Democrats would say that I’m talking like an ass and my opinions are not valid but in reality my opinions are valid my opinions of Truth to like my opinion is real.

the destruction of this planet is falling in the Democrats hands cuz they don’t want to see girls they don’t want to see prosperity and they don’t want to have people growing up this is forever known as the war of attrition.

Stay tuned for more

How is it in government

so by comparison in government it is all a bunch of overhyped underachieving smart Alex who work way too hard for way too little who have no common sense and prefer the age of lies and lies and lies.

Miss Maxine Waters she is like Mazie hirono in Reverse from California accept California has nothing to do with Hawaii but miss hirono has told all old white men to shut up making targets out of a race of people who done nothing to them since I don’t know when 19 what oh six this is a kind of political Politics the Democrats in the far-left and yet people still support extremist and what have they done for us?

see they’re all a bunch of fakes they’re all a bunch of conspiracy theory Democrats who want to spread lies and deception across the u.s. so that way we go to war with the average American that way we start a war with the people of the United States and their she care?

does any Lower Burrell that lives in California and New York really care about the average American citizen or Oregon is in the answer is no any Democratic liberal will tell you that they want us all to be dead any Democratic liberal would tell us that socialism is a great cure for billion dollar people and that the average American father and mother should know more than $126, 551.18. that’s what they expect for every family in America on socialism now the billionaires and millionaires of the country would be safe cuz they have millions of dollars but their taxes are outrageously high they take 50% of a million The Heirs taxes and just one lump sum so he’s not a millionaire by the time you’re done he’s a hundred thousandaire. don’t be fooled by liberal Democrats and don’t be fooled by the extremist media their misconceptions the lies their peroneus conversation is not worth the paper that it’s printed on and yet Obama stands in a room full of people and can lie to them to their face a little piece of advice you guys you want to be believable don’t lie to us in the first 8 years of Obama.

so Democrats liberals extremists on the left and antifa I have a message for you.

President Kennedy’s Kennedy is already dead and your dumb face is on television or just a pain in my ass and I’m willing to expose you for what you are cuz you’re an extremist group that should never be out allowed on the street for one thing and going into a restaurant for conservatives is a extremist move dangerously unprotected and any extremist it wants to survive in this world needs to get caught up with

hello my name is Brandon I’m 31 years old I’m a single white male and I will never shut up when a woman standing on their political Bandstand has the capability of saying that to all old white men I would love to see her say that to my face because I have a few questions for those who want us to shut up.

has she served in the military has she been on the front lines in Iraq has she done anything to serve the United States of America besides talk big and Carry Out loser stump. I hope you all have a good day because I’m going to start being very honest and very pointed about my subjects thank you and stay tuned for more.

New to YouTube

I am bringing you a home series on YouTube called Street Talk and we’ll be lying on YouTube once a month and you’re seeing all go down what happens if I don’t get a group of people random people to come on and talk about what they think is important in the city or in the country.

Brandon’s Point of View Entertainment

💯 here is my channel just click on the Brandon point of view entertainment and you can check out all the videos including some new videos like WWE 2K Gameplay. and I will be up to doing this post with the new videos as soon as possible

Breaking News:Real clear stupidity on Democrats of America

Speaking conspiracy in Democrats

Washington DC: conspiracy in the Democratic party to keep one man from being on the Supreme Court they would do anything this is a special report brought to you by Brandon’s point of view after further research and a lot of questions unanswered I’ve come to the conclusion that the Democrats are out to ruin brick Cavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and will do anything to make sure of that.

the Democrats are proven once before that they will do anything to keep their spot in the seat of the Supreme Court and a conservative going on the Supreme Court would not be their ideal plan this is proven once again by the Democratic party and its efforts to get a whole bunch of women to testify against rent Cavanaugh’s undyeable record and leave an imprint on him and his family which they have already done.

the public is not in DC so the public can’t see what is going on in the Democratic mine but by evidence shown on TV the Democrats are out to ruin any of Trumps legitament nominations to the Supreme Court and is willing to do anything to make sure that they do not get on the Supreme Court. Brent Kavanaugh eyes come out and categorically deny all of these women’s accusations and Sans up on Thursday to face one of his accusers what she will not be in the room when she testifies but yet his good name is online and these women seem to think that name or not will do anything to keep you off the Supreme Court.

see even more evidence by the Democrats conspiracy theories and the fake news if they seem to promote all the time Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi work together to make sure that anything Donald Trump does is brought down and double negatives but in reality he and many of his fellow Democratic members have been fighting against the machine and mr. Trump has been defending himself at ever turn just like his Supreme Court Justice pic and his family. and this is why I say that the Democrats are the conspiracy theorists of Washington DC cuz they would do anything to make sure the Donald Trump doesn’t have a successful Supreme Court pick. and the proof is in the pudding the line Chuck Schumer and the other cluding Nancy Pelosi would do anything to make sure that Brent Kavanaugh a man who worked under President Bush 43 and a man who served his country for all these years went to just went to the courts became a judge hired female employees and all of this as he is appointed to the highest court in the land and yet there is like Scandal actor conspiracy after scandal with him all because the Democrats don’t want to see a conservative Justice on the Supreme Court.

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum sat down with the Cavanaugh family and did a one-on-one interview where Kavanagh and his wife Dominion set there and advocated to say that they knew nothing about it but yet they seem to be the Supreme Court’s in the country he was a part of the Bush 43 White House and yet they and people that don’t like him seem to be contesting his legitimacy to the highest court in the land.

meet the guy who is representing Stormy Daniels meet the guy who has over 10 million dollars in debt and is an attorney for a pornstar who also is the attorney for the third person to come out against Kavanagh and claim sexual misconduct.

Michael avenatti is a career politician trying to make a name for himself and the public light so he teams up with all these women who are probably democratically politically inclined to do something like this and is claiming false narratives across many different boards but the real question that I have is why is it Democrats using Michael avenatti as a cover man for what they know to be a total conspiracy theory and DC. two out of the three I can’t believe because you know I really find it hard to think that these women would be coming out unless they were getting paid some big money to really do a number on Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. so this is the conspiracy as you see it now the more the names drop the more the people become more where these names are dropping like flies and you’ve just met the three heads of a two-headed jackass that is trying to take down destroy the Trump Legacy.

Donald Trump is held every one of his campaign promises and yet and yet the Democrats don’t see it Obama comes out on national television and claims that he got those numbers to but yet we never saw those numbers when he was in office we see those numbers with the Republicans conservative party run by Donald Trump more people are back to work more African-Americans are not on unemployment or food stamps because they are able to work more women are working at the same rate as men and it is higher for him because they have found more jobs yet these same Democrats seem to be forfeiting everything that Trump is doing by saying they got the numbers to but tell me something how could they get the numbers when Trump took office almost 2 years ago and he he’s done more for the people than any Democrat in one year. and Obama talks about how he got those numbers and he didn’t I didn’t see the GDP at 4.1% the ggp never get one over 2% of national growth and Obama’s claiming that he got those numbers where was the GDP when a President Obama was in the office where was the GDP when Hillary Clinton was working right alongside him where was our military where was defeating Isis when they were in office sorry you guys you’re all a bunch of lying liberals who can’t see two feet in front of their nose.

Stay Tuned for more.

Breaking News: Bill Cosby Prison 3 to 10 years

Norristown PA

Bill Cosby has been sitting since to 3 to 10 years and a state prison in Norristown Pennsylvania today as of 2:34 p.m. His official sentencing has begun and at the end of his sentencing the defendant ask for bail appeal.

The American Dad sends to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault all three counts turned into one and he’s been charged for 3 to 10 years in prison in one charge..

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New Point of View by This Blog

so I’m always all about equal opportunity and love and how love can blind the truth from all of us well this week I’m taking it to a whole new level and I’m going to do it by creating a magazine the first issue will be out after the first of the year in 2019 in January so let’s see what kind of points of view I can get put on my magazine.

for the first time ever everybody who watches everybody who reads Everybody who looks at my blog will be able to read it all into a magazine for the first time in my life time I will be publicized into a magazine and I will have a whole bunch of people joining me.

this is an opportunity for women and men to come together to work for an opportune magazine this opportunity that I’m talking about will feature 25 of the most model perfect women to cover the magazine this will give women a chance to speak about how love really makes him feel and what they really want in a us Guys.

I’m not just taking over I’m creating a new generation of media I’m creating a new generation of point of view I’m giving the people what they really should be reading and not half-baked over-exaggerated lies this will offer a point of view that no one has ever seen before and this will do in depth interviews with people.

it also shine a light on topics that really are important to the American people and to the points of view that matter. Everybody point of view matter.

And we’re have more soon

COMING SOON: Point of View Megizne

First Issues Fornt Cover

I’ve got a plan to creating new magazine.

so I’m not just making amazing I’m going to make him the first issue about the woman in our lives and I think it’s only fair to ask women to come out and speak honestly about their marriage about the love life and give it a fair evaluation that way the point of view is equally open.

we’re not just didn’t do one issue I have the second issue already ready after the Live point of view on Facebook about sex in marriage there will be a DVD release with this magazine talking about this with photos of the women who spoke and them telling their stories on what they feel about love.

Double Feature on Back Cover including promotion New videogames

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