Goal of Feature

  1. Our blog will be create Fan Superstore for new income for this blog.
  2. Turning on a enable the online store and in-store location in Eugene & Springfield. It’s also going to have Live Television Programs
  3. Growing Advertising & Marketing for Sports and maximum seat for live television paid per view programs
  4. Team-up with local Schools and run a Live Sport Programs though YouTube, Facebook and Instagram plus Twitter.
  5. Key Advancing Marketing goal including team with Entertainment company hold in-house Watch Party,
  6. Over the next 4 year this blog and the online store and in-store merchandise sale to grow it to $500,000 income plus more.
  7. Modeling for New entertainment mini series on YouTube, Facebook, And Instagram including Video Game Live show and Social Media Marketing For Advance Beta Testing during Sports, simulators games
  8. Hiring up to 30 people to be in key position of marketing or Entertainment and Getting Live Concert in-house.
  9. Rate of growth of up to 25% for feature revenue of up to $1 Million dollar income over the next 2 year of business.
  10. Create a Billboard of Entertainment to help generate revenue.

This also going to be a part of the YouTube Feature. and i want to work the best in the business to create direct point of view America and View Point for all people to relate to.

Im also very interest in traveling to meet this man and get insight into the Todd Chrisley view point and let all meet this man. I wanna sit down with Todd and do one on one interview for my blog and get his input on current events.

Next Year 2020 WrestleMania 36 at Tampa Bay FL

This will be mind biggest point to Capture my new outlet for the feature of my business and one of the most insightful idea for building out Super-Store for all major sports.

Next Monday Night Raw it official going to getting shake-up and shake down as we move to Canada And SuperStar Shake-Up next Monday

Next Tuesday Night SmackDown Live will be Highlight with WWE turn upside down and Shake Up for WWE Superstars will be the main theme next Tuesday in Canada for every superstar is going to be moving from Raw to SmackDown Live next Monday & Tuesday

More to coming soon.

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