War is coming United States

Yes it has been proven once again that lie and miss conduct by Democrats. Florida voter leader resigns after crooked voting techniques were used in the current Florida election. Atlanta GA:this lady is going to wage war on just about any legitimacy and election could ever have I understand that grammar is about as farContinue reading “War is coming United States”

Break News:Oregon Conservative are cheated by far-left Democrats

Salem, Or: in what could be called the biggest upset in Oregon history it is a fact. Yep the damn skit the independent vote in Oregon.by luck I did a little bit of research and I found out that any Independents vote your Democratic committee gets those votes. so Kate Brown is projected to winContinue reading “Break News:Oregon Conservative are cheated by far-left Democrats”

Breaking News:Real clear stupidity on Democrats of America

Speaking conspiracy in Democrats Washington DC: conspiracy in the Democratic party to keep one man from being on the Supreme Court they would do anything this is a special report brought to you by Brandon’s point of view after further research and a lot of questions unanswered I’ve come to the conclusion that the DemocratsContinue reading “Breaking News:Real clear stupidity on Democrats of America”

😘 Point of Friendships into Relationship 😘

Real Friendships I’m real about relationships Everyone has a time in life when they feel low. This is when being with your partner makes you stronger. When someone believes in you, when someone motivates you, inspires you, strengthens you, then you realize what being in a relationship really means. It means being strong together, livingContinue reading “😘 Point of Friendships into Relationship 😘”

Exposing a liar a cheat and a thief in a real relationship no love just sex

So for weeks now I have been dealing with a constant problem I’m not going to reveal the faces because I know what’ll happen and I expect it I kind of have gotten used to it the picture should explain a lot because I lost one of my best friends to this and I’m notContinue reading “Exposing a liar a cheat and a thief in a real relationship no love just sex”

Advancing Business & Relationship Personal & Professional

Hello everybody out there who reads this blog this is like an advancement on what I’m trying to do so I’m going to give you my advance directive in agenda Advance directive I’m here because I want to form opinions I want to get people talking I want to meet people I want to doContinue reading “Advancing Business & Relationship Personal & Professional”

🇺🇸Point of View about Brandon🇺🇸

❗❗Broken America Dream🇺🇸🇺🇸 Point of Interest: History has way of Repeating it self. and my history has proven that with my respect and kindness has been the upside to me and my key talking point. so i am making point in fact that after so much disrespect i would be humble to understate the keyContinue reading “🇺🇸Point of View about Brandon🇺🇸”

Point of View: Real News in Failed Report and Late night Cheap Shots

On The War Path about Trump & Fsmily You media would spread lies to keep what Sean Hannity and are my Deep State of Fake coverage. Im here to give you the people truth behind Deep State of Democratic Breaking Down and Powerful are becoming know for who they are. Is cynicism was a concreteContinue reading “Point of View: Real News in Failed Report and Late night Cheap Shots”

Bell To Bell for WWE Universe From London United Kingdom

We are covering the Live action of the WWE from London in the United Kingdom in England. I am looking forward to war of world about the International Tour with great Event Taking place in WWE Community. I am looking forward to Money in the Bank on WWE Network when coming from WWE talent isContinue reading “Bell To Bell for WWE Universe From London United Kingdom”

Watch “Brandon WWE Raw & 205 Live-WWE 2K18” on YouTube

YouTube Live SmackDown Live & 205 Live May 1st 2018 WWE2K18 Stuttgart, Germany had 2K18 Game live with 205 and many other great match and left the crouserweight in the best position with new champion and also great main event for 205 live and SmackDown left with great main Event all on the WWE UniverseContinue reading “Watch “Brandon WWE Raw & 205 Live-WWE 2K18” on YouTube”

New Show Premier This Morning called Bell-To-Bell Show

I am bring all from the 2K videogame including the WWE2K game and this mean i am bring the best of the WWE Television Show and WWE2K18 game #WWELive and #Bell2Bell on Twitter @brand1Entertain if you talk about my Bell to Bell Show including My Point of View Vlog that will be going this FridayContinue reading “New Show Premier This Morning called Bell-To-Bell Show”

YouTube Channel for Monday Night Raw My WWE Universe

I am happy to introduce this New Viewership and also sharing space with other new vlog call Brandon Point of View. I am also opening up Promotion on YouTube for my show with short view and i am continuous building of my website for great deals.. This mean i am going to offering my UniversalContinue reading “YouTube Channel for Monday Night Raw My WWE Universe”

NEWS FLASH: Brandon YouTube Channel is On Fire

I am my version of @WWE2KGame with all weekly shows like Monday Night Raw & Tuesday Night SmackDown Live . Brandon’s Youtube channel “Subscribe” Be ready and don’t miss the world event #GreatestRoyalRumber event on the WWE Network. If you sign up now you two free ppv and get last episode free for 30 dayContinue reading “NEWS FLASH: Brandon YouTube Channel is On Fire”

New Show: Making A Difference in America

I am pushing for new idea and better building tools for new business and also opening these states that need the business building tool. this including Social Media and App building tool for Google Android and Apple App Store, It will be progressive move to create change for America Small Business.. I wanna give peopleContinue reading “New Show: Making A Difference in America”

Teasure the Female body

The clitoris has approximately 8,000 nerving endings, which is more than anywhere else in the female body. Those three words are go along way right along with every other word that comes with courtesy and kindness and the respect you show to each other’s bodies especially a woman’s body. So my idea is to seekContinue reading “Teasure the Female body”

Sensational pleasure Female body

I’m here to giving the women to give Instight to making female Happiness. 😍 Taking on a new love of body and sharing the memory of treasure. Click Here Creative Women Exotic Pleasure story This is continuing build to love with women. And making this factor of many great opportunity to build a pleasure speakingContinue reading “Sensational pleasure Female body”