High Hope’s for a Livin

I have to High Hope to live because everyone else has nothing to offer in building Business and now I’ve turn my focus to Business and my plans. See I’ve often thought of myself as having High Hope’s and this my song that I’ve myself that represents me https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=GJY8OMJXRAk&feature=share If you ask me I doContinue reading “High Hope’s for a Livin”


WRESTLEMANIA: Going to be feature a WRESTLEMANIA game follow the WRESTLEMANIA to win some great prize will help to fund feature of Entertainment. Goals of the Feature 1. Driving the production of Entertainment to better customers relationships. 2..Finding people to host short video and also get revenue of commission of repeat customers . 3. MakingContinue reading “WRESTLEMANIA PRE”

Bring YouTube Subscriber

I’m looking for a new mini YouTube series called “All America Man & Women” This show would be a starter for many shows on the GoDaddy website when it launches in June 2019. Launching platform is YouTube then we’re with Story follow the blog about the future video before its release. Other miniseries include CookingContinue reading “Bring YouTube Subscriber”

Hot injustice & Trump Clear

Smollett Injustice Chicago : Fox News and every other media outlet has gone wild about the fact that the charges that were pending against Jesse small at have been dropped yes by the Justice department of Chicago the charges were dropped the police department is in flamed and mad and so is this sitting thereContinue reading “Hot injustice & Trump Clear”

Letter to my Followers and the readers

Hello Followers and Readers So I’ve decided to compose this letter to all of my followers and viewers and readers and all those people out there who check me out on Google and follow me on my Facebook and are always finding ways to connect with me in liking and commenting on here it’s veryContinue reading “Letter to my Followers and the readers”

New Advertising Marketing

It coming Soon $ale Our new marketing price and Advertising is to be processed by each weekly store non- Merchandise price and purchase Merchandise purchase will be available with opening and Advertising tool. It time new set standards for reporting the facts. And the feature of marketing is Important to better Marketing tools and AdvertisingContinue reading “New Advertising Marketing”

Watch “Point Of Concern: Socialism” on YouTube

a working political socialize statement to our Alexandria ocasio-cortez is outrageous rant and rave and racist comments she is made towards the American people. this after many months of listening to her talk I went on a little bit of a short video point of concern socialism is not a work of progress socialism isContinue reading “Watch “Point Of Concern: Socialism” on YouTube”

Watch “Lying, Bribery , &Miscarriage Of Justice” on YouTube

I make no statement to wrong myself I speak honestly and fairly and ice Park for an hour last night I many different topics ranging from the Democrats inability to governor and the outrageous statements made by the overcoming of stupidity of Alexandria ocasio-cortez. and Beto O’Rourke’s statements that he is made to I amContinue reading “Watch “Lying, Bribery , &Miscarriage Of Justice” on YouTube”

Hollywood elites and Democrats bribery

A message for all those leaking lying liberals and Hollywood elites. fine-tune your poor me slogan give it a break because it doesn’t work anymore you guys are the biggest cheaters and the biggest liars I’ve ever met in the Democratic party your Hollywood elite cheating the actual special ed kids and taking advantage ofContinue reading “Hollywood elites and Democrats bribery”


We’re we’re on the road to WrestleMania and it stops in Dayton Ohio with smackdown live. https://youtu.be/elyY1SLptJ8 the best news of all though the host for wrestlemania is Miss Bliss Alexa Bliss that is. https://youtu.be/3GbPk3L4V5E One of Fastlane highlight reels was The Miz sending both the Usos flying https://youtu.be/bxMdlPuaF8g and here’s your WrestleMania promo cuzContinue reading “SMACKDOWN Live”

WWE RAW POWER UP TO Wrestlemania

Live in Pittsburgh PA it’s Monday Night RAW. FASTLANE IN Cleveland Ohio So things couldn’t get hotter in Cleveland they sure heated up in Steel City USA. Wrestlemania Host Announce for Future of the Women of the WWE SHOW Host. And this was the ending to the last Monday Night Raw and what Ronda Rousey’sContinue reading “WWE RAW POWER UP TO Wrestlemania”

Watch “Point Of View S&S” on YouTube

So here’s my point of view accredited to me I’m laying the ground for the millennials who choose to be conservative who choose to believe in blind Justice who choose to stand up for the costumeand once again proved that the Democrats are an unreliable government power they are corrupt they are communists and theirContinue reading “Watch “Point Of View S&S” on YouTube”

If the desire is strong enough!!

If the desire is strong enough!! love is a powerful thing it’s not an emotion it’s not just one thing you know it’s something you feel. Real life challenge comes from within when you challenge yourself to do something more than what others want you to do it set you up for success. when youContinue reading “If the desire is strong enough!!”

New plan for GoDaddy.com

Moving to a Yes.. It going to teaming with GoDaddy site for more opportunities and this meaning that But this site will continue to have content publish on this Site. Love to learn more This is what I love and appreciation for good article ❤️ Understanding the art of reporting and giving full coverage reportContinue reading “New plan for GoDaddy.com”

Break: Winter slam Into Oregon.


Letter to the democratic and Republican

Case & Point I am kind of like outdated on this power system I mean everybody lost power during the winter storm and yet the power companies have no way to solve the problem point of conclusion it is my job to seek a way to make sure that everybody in the world keeps powerContinue reading “Letter to the democratic and Republican”

Batista and the ending to Ric Flair’s birthday celebration

Ric flair attacked in his dressing room by Dave Bautista on Monday Night raw and the absolution of what happened to Becky Lynch getting arrested. Atlanta GA set for a 70th birthday party ruined at the end of Monday Night raw by the one man who wanted triple h and triple h went to theContinue reading “Batista and the ending to Ric Flair’s birthday celebration”

Breaking hot Atlana GA returns Reigns

Roman reigns and Monday Night raw comes to hotlanta next week it’s breaking news as we find out a status update on his leukemia and his fight to return to WWE. how will Roman reigns handle the return to entering competition and will be returning after or before WrestleMania this year. we’ll find out thisContinue reading “Breaking hot Atlana GA returns Reigns”

Point of View: Bias controversial 

Alert to Truth & Honestly Media it’s actually pretty dangerous when you think about it because the journalism of media has become such a dangerous profession for honest media that when you watch CNN or MSNBC or any of those major cable network televisions you almost have to pity the people who lie or cheatContinue reading “Point of View: Bias controversial “

Love is theme for today

😍Sensors of Love 😍 It probably a very uncomfortable situation with all the difference between people how women and men feeling about things love and Life ❤️ Viewing the property of Love with Common sense Let start with the ladies of today generation. Women of today generation is some kind of #MeToo and this makeContinue reading “Love is theme for today”

Breaking New Bar In Oregon

Focus on Everybody It is my focus to focus on everybody who is looking for fun music Sports and many other different things like live entertainment makes a difference in everyday life. The reason I’m focusing on everybody is because most of everybody has a family there are not very many single people out thereContinue reading “Breaking New Bar In Oregon”

Champions of Real Independence

It has been Changed for people to push for self-employed and Self-esteem when you look at life as one and your love is in your heart. I’m on who believes in the American Dream. And people are Independence and when people have this self-esteem and their independent. That what the state of the Union soContinue reading “Champions of Real Independence”

Truth behind History 💪

Our History is Focus on Black America History As we observed of Black American history, It very important to analog the historical of foot prints of History. 1929– Martin Luther King was Born in Atlanta to Teacher Alberta King and Baptist Minister Michael Luther King 1944- graduated high school at age 15 entering Morehouse collegeContinue reading “Truth behind History 💪”

Excellence Aspect Descriptions

What is? Love is emotions and physical feeling. Respect is an ability of morality. Humanity they have a stronger sense of humanity for men and the love in their hearts is stronger than some and those who really find it interesting share a connection with other sexist. Emotional that is when they’re most highly physicalContinue reading “Excellence Aspect Descriptions”

Experience Lessons

Encourage Lesson 1 Your Encouraging word could be the start of the best friendships guide. Friendship can be starter kit of a encouraging time and positive thoughts together with Friends. Sex physical Sex physical is a combination of talking of understanding and Compassionate caring man or woman. Advance Sex Oxgen It the Oxgen to aContinue reading “Experience Lessons”

🧜 love of Female ❤️

Start With Dating? You’re welcome to Companion and Love and Your also Encourage to engage the dating aspect of starting new relationship with a Women. Game Girls these are just out their for the games of sexual pleases and so they aren’t interested in dating any men. . Monogamous Girl now you’re just going toContinue reading “🧜 love of Female ❤️”

Breaking News: Murder of Children

Important Death Born Children What do we come to see 8 or 9-months abortion as murder? Andrew Cuomo New York Dem who sign a bill. Watch this YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/0qIoOyr8tSU Now legitimately I am pissed off legitimately I think it’s a poor taste the New York Democrat like Andrew Cuomo but signed any kind ofContinue reading “Breaking News: Murder of Children”

War is coming United States

Yes it has been proven once again that lie and miss conduct by Democrats. Florida voter leader resigns after crooked voting techniques were used in the current Florida election. Atlanta GA:this lady is going to wage war on just about any legitimacy and election could ever have I understand that grammar is about as farContinue reading “War is coming United States”

Break News:Oregon Conservative are cheated by far-left Democrats

Salem, Or: in what could be called the biggest upset in Oregon history it is a fact. Yep the damn skit the independent vote in Oregon.by luck I did a little bit of research and I found out that any Independents vote your Democratic committee gets those votes. so Kate Brown is projected to winContinue reading “Break News:Oregon Conservative are cheated by far-left Democrats”