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Looking for a women

This something new and this blog will have more mystery solved about things. This mean I am giving a women a chance to give true point of view. STAY TUNE FOR MORE.

Check please $210.5 Trillion dollar bill.

our country is falling to pieces if you think medicare-for-all is a good idea it’s not who’s going to foot the bill the millionaires and the billionaires and the people have already paid their taxes are going to pay three times the amount just to cover this new bill that is being really badly written by the Democrats.

I hate to disagree with party but this is ridiculous I remember when free market met real free market and the Democrats had nothing to do with it this new Democratic party is a big joke. joke and that is something that you can take to the bank. there is nothing real about this this is not real this is a totally fabricated put together medicare-for-all thing by the Democrats the hot air flying out of DC’s Democrat caucus is just ridiculous.


are we so blind by what the Democrats are doing their stalling their obstructionist their way of dealing with every situation so far including Nancy pelosi and Chuck Schumer are just more of the Stars tactics that we have become accustomed to buy these democratically lead liars they cheat the country they obstruct Justice and they have no reason to follow the law always. see we’re leaving this country into a death spiral a civil war that’s going to happen between the Democrats and moderate Democrats will happen soon when they go too far off the cliff and they taxation on the millionaires is out of control like Alexandria ocasio-cortez has recommended it will undoubtedly kill the job market on all millionaires.

Handling a passive aggressive

that is one thing that you can say about the Democrats are passive aggressive they deal with things had on when they don’t like something they lie about it when they want to get something they change the rules and what it doesn’t suit their absolution they continue to turn it around and use it against the people of America. see the truth is is it the Democrats for their aggressive nature have fallen short of a few things one there’s more people out there who will stand up for this country and believe that there’s a right and a wrong to doing things and part of it comes from the fact that they are wrong and what they’re doing to this country.

I want to point out some obvious facts police hours are dying border patrol are dying because of the country’s inability to protect itself the whole thing here is is it the Democrats the more they stall the more they waste time the more we see nothing in America because that’s what the Democrats want is nothing.

real change comes from real people real change is when people see what the lies the cheats that are pieocracy that is the Democratic community. it’s no longer a community of Democrats it’s a bunch of people who sit get paid lots of money and pocket the rest for themselves the rip-off artist their struction s and they have no reason to follow up because a lot won’t touch him. But stay tuned for more on this.

so I receive some pretty strongly-worded messages from some people out there who read my last blog and I really want to address those messages.

first one coaching with Katie in Fairmont Virginia Katie you told me that I was on coos about the way I handled dating allow me to remind you that uncouth is what you have right now in Virginia with a racist Democrat like all the others. I’m simply a logical man that is going to tell you the truth and there’s nothing uncouth about the truth.

Next on to a Phil in Vermont, will you said that I was questionably unhonorable and I was dishonest about how to deal with each situation.

and my response to you is feel that everything I wrote in that blog made sense to me at the time and if there is anything just honest about it is the fact that you read and could not see the truth women have a right to have just as much pleasure as you do and for you to question my honesty is like picking up a sword and driving at to somebody’s heart. I will not lie cheat or tell my view or something is not true if another view doesn’t like it that is not my problem I’m only speaking the truth as I see it.

thank you to all of you check out the rest of the stories on my blog and remember I look forward to seeing you next time right here reading my blog liking and sharing your points of view on what you think I’ve said right.

Excellence Aspect Descriptions

What is?

Love is emotions and physical feeling.

Respect is an ability of morality.

Humanity they have a stronger sense of humanity for men and the love in their hearts is stronger than some and those who really find it interesting share a connection with other sexist.

Emotional that is when they’re most highly physical is when their emotions are aroused either in the sexual sense or the caring sense of the word

Honesty is one of the more powerful things because for women honesty is the greatest generosity and they are very generous with their honesty in all respects of the word

Humble is something also they achieve very well women are very humble about the way they feel and their honesty as before has always been the greatest respect.

Treasure to Pleasure

See women have a temple to treasure it’s their body so when you go to pleasure them they treasure the pleasures that you offer and if you offer one of the greatest pleasures of all they’re going to take one of the greatest treasures of all and love you forever.

I think the rest of the words speak for themselves in a fashion you can always rely on things love honesty and respect. So if we love and we are honest with our women then we should have the greatest treasures the greatest Pleasures the greatest Sensations that there is and for that, we can learn a lot.

See this is the teas that can really set him into going but the love is in their cuz if you really think about it a woman has many great aspects and one of her greatest aspects is her motherly instinct.

But when you put it all together the greatest aspect of all is their body and the way they move it see women are very well-shaped some have the most and some have a lot but at the end of the day it’s how you look at it you love them a lot it’s not the body they look you looking at it’s their heart them mind their body and soul cuz if they can reach you on a deeper level than just what you see in front of you the physical aspects don’t matter it’s how they feel on the inside that matters. You have to be mentally or physically adaptable you just have to be somewhat understandable and exceptional and what you want. What women want is they want a guy who can pleasure them and take them all the way to the Limit no matter what how where when or anything like that.

Wow Factor

I think the wow factor is when you take her to bed and you show her how much you really know about her body it’s not just a matter of you knowing it’s a matter of learning each other’s ins and outs.

The ingenious idea of this whole thing is that you’re going to find that she’s going to have one particular spot it is going to have over 60,000 nerve endings in it and it’s going to turn your head to know what you’re going to do.

Cuz it’s not just about loving you since about you loving her and helping her to feel good about herself to cuz if we’re just working for ourselves then we might as well just start watching a whole bunch of dirty movies and do it that way when you’re with a woman it’s about both of you coming at the same time and showing your satisfaction.

So you’re on that Treasure Trove of pleasure and this is where a man is going to find his best and his worst moments of love cuz together you guys make perfect music now it’s your turn to show her how perfect the music can really be.

Just remember that both of you are looking for the same intensity and desire you both share something very special that’s why you fell in love with him and that’s why he fell in love with you so you both have to have that je ne sais quoi that others wish they had. It’s not just about public feelings is also about private feelings it’s about the conversation it’s about the connection and spouts the love that you share with her.

So don’t let that fall because of the way you are looked at as a human being. Remain true to the love.

Experience Lessons

Encourage Lesson 1

Your Encouraging word could be the start of the best friendships guide.

Friendship can be starter kit of a encouraging time and positive thoughts together with Friends.

Sex physical

Sex physical is a combination of talking of understanding and Compassionate caring man or woman.

Advance Sex Oxgen

It the Oxgen to a ever growing strautgry of life and Relationship with man for Women and Or Women For Women.

the sex all the love you make together is the atmosphere you create as a couple a woman can have many needs but if we study very closely we will see that the woman’s body is her treasure her map and her lead a few words that describe women.


Beautiful ❤️ intelligence 😀 Engaging 😘 Wonderful 💑 Delightful ❤️ Understand 😊 encouraging 🤗 treasured 🤩

those are just a few of the words that are used to describe women I mean they are all those words and so much more when you think about Valentine’s day think about those words I remember some or gamers others are monogamous and they’re serious.

#Valentine’s day is about building a Relationship and love is about understanding of relationship.

🧜 love of Female ❤️

Start With Dating?

You’re welcome to Companion and Love and Your also Encourage to engage the dating aspect of starting new relationship with a Women.

Game Girls these are just out their for the games of sexual pleases and so they aren’t interested in dating any men. .

Monogamous Girl now you’re just going to see that love factor and between you and that women is that integrity of real dating to begin a Relationship.

👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨First Kiss of Romantic 💋

Your best friend is how deal the each progress into Dating or relationship.

Let talk: This start of know each other cause the general consensus is that if you both communicate you will be in line with dating strategy.

Let go out for Lunch

Okay here where you have to pay for lunch and make good appearance for here and work telling each other things. No matter how weird it is.

Here the 🌹 for Women of love

In the number of love this naturally way of expressing your feeling. And with some love you will make safety home and be the girl winner for thoughtfulness and caring about her.

Let get Room

Now the best room are for yourself and herself and Bed with bathroom and Television and Little Clock radio on the nightstand and lamp on the other nightstand.

😎Let cover few rules😎

Turn off Cellphone and disconnected any distractions

Make sure your both ready

Don’t be stupid and Don’t ask why!

you taking all the right steps so this should not be too hard for you to understand but you both have to realize something from this point on you’re going to know what did she looks like and you’re going to love every minute of it because you both share something very interesting.

the woman has found something inside of you that makes her happy and the man is found something inside of that woman that makes him happy so at some point there’s going to be something that happened. and this something that happened is called love it’s not for the purity or the ingenuity or the imagination it’s for the greatest feeling in the world which is love ❤️

This is what you’ve been waiting for!

and any respectable man and woman would tell you that this is the one night where love has no end you have to impress every inch of each other just to prove yourselves to be this way and the moments you’re going to see things you thought you never see until now those anticipations those fears they’re all going to have to be washed away because now you’re going to see it all unfold.

no clothes no shirts no pants no underwear no bra no nothing except each other.

And that beautiful hotel room so all these moments all these hopes all these dreams comes down to this come down to the moment where you’re staying across from each other looking at how much you love her and her looking at how much she loves you and you’re helping each other to get undressed.

and in your head you’re saying I really hope she doesn’t laugh at me and then her head she’s saying the same thing cuz you’re sharing a very special very unique moment together.

there’s nobody in this world who’s going to share that special moment with her except you that moment is a moment where it’s either going to be a relationship or marriage that moment is where this changes from dating to a relationship.

in the act of pleasuring a woman or in the act of pleasuring a man you’re both considered equally accomplishable and to feel accomplished you have to first accept the moment the first time is got to be the best so if you never started a female body you don’t know how to pleasure her and if she never studied in male body or took say said she doesn’t know how to pleasure you either but she will learn that night you will learn a lot about each other. Savor and respect and trust and encapsulate that moment.

Remember Romeo and Juliet told the story of how love took them to death and death brought them closer together so if that is true then this is the moment of Romeo and Juliet being much closer together then one night.

treasure don’t tease pleasure don’t play Love Don’t lie respect don’t dis.

philosophical conversation is the greatest connection of all cuz in your future you’re going to find it to be your greatest exceptional moment and for this you can only appreciate one thing the look on her face the smile on her eye and the knowing and feeling of your bodies pressed together.

cuz in this moment and in this life you only have one opportunity and that one opportunity is called love with your two bodies pressed together the kissing the exchange of romance and the soft music playing in the background and the lights turned way download where you can barely see each other or the moments where you have total silence and you fall asleep in each other’s arms you will soon see that love has brought you so close together and you are blessed by the Divine statutes and strategy updating to turn into love from just a couple of dates makes it an amazing inspiring moments of life for both of you.

Breaking News: Murder of Children

Important Death Born Children

What do we come to see 8 or 9-months abortion as murder?

Andrew Cuomo New York Dem who sign a bill. Watch this YouTube Video:
Now legitimately I am pissed off legitimately I think it’s a poor taste the New York Democrat like Andrew Cuomo but signed any kind of Bill they will commit murder on a family.
No I’m one of the ones who believes that quality of life is more important than quality of death and equal rights to extend to women but you need to make those decisions within the first three months of pregnancy or you need to go to term and handled the decision you have to make either adoption or you take care of the child as is!
I don’t know what’s going to happen now I mean after all Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat and he falls right into that socialist selfish picture that they promote and he doesn’t seem to care about life for the liberty of a woman and now the doctors that can push the late-term abortion all the way up to term and I wonder how pro-life people feel about that?
First of all, I would strongly recommend that people who believe in standing up for the rights and Liberties of children come out and say something because this is just another statement to aggravate the Socialist media and they’re taking it so easily it’s not like they care cuz they don’t.
The only ones that have shown any signs of caring about anything has been Fox News they have covered the story they’ve made real statements to the fact that this is wrong and so I have to wonder does CNN MSNBC do they care no because they fall into that socialist Democratic way of not caring and they don’t want to hear it so they don’t want to hear it they don’t want to listen.
I have a question for Cuomo and all these Democrats do you guys truly believe that Justice is served by murdering innocent babies at full term?
An assessment of a truly honest assessment of the incomparable of what the Democrats are doing to this country.
The assessment is made that the Democrats want to kill children just born brought the full term 9 months and the Democrats want to kill off babies in the womb of the mother. Ladies, I know that accidental pregnancy is a tragedy I know that abortion is a choice but at three two to three months you need to make a decision if you want children, not at 9 months. I think that when you talk about abortion it’s murder and we can talk about murder it is what it sounds like it is heartless cold murder to do what people like you and your fellow women are creating as Democrats to kill a baby that is brought to term for 9 months.
They’re barely even formed at 3 to 4 months and yet you choose to wait full term and commit murder on a child. A child that you could have had an abortion on sooner if you chose to so I think it’s a poor choice of decision-making by our Democratic colleagues to do what they do.
Andrew Cuomo is a socialist leftist liberal whose most agreeable action is signing a bill that commits murder on children that allows the family to commit murder and if anybody has any doubts they should call it murder..

Uncomfortable America


Washington DC: the America we all knew the America we have fought so long and hard for the Constitution we stand by that makes America so great. and is now under fire by the extremist left socialism it is not working for Venezuela and it won’t work in America and if we don’t vote to stop it we vote to fall like Venezuela’s president has. free Medicare for all is not an answer to the problem the answer to the problem is is to work together and build a common sense medical system and actually put the tools that we have to work for us.

Alexandria Ocasio-cortez outrageous Statements of socialism.

not only would a damn America to a life of distress but are also damn everything we fought for business and the entrepreneurship play we all want in America if we allow the Democrats especially this one to stay in office it is a sign that our world will fall and soon he’ll will rise.

Democrats are out to make sure that America goes broke the American people aren’t allowed to have money the American people aren’t allowed to have any sort of entertainment and so they’re going to take it all the way because they want people the American people to lose.

a financial responsibility that was proven by the Obama administration is once again knocking on our back door and if we allow this to continue it is a sign that financial responsibility will no longer be our financial responsibility because the Democrats want free healthcare free schools and how is that all going to work what are you going to do turn everything on its head for business fire doctors, And put everybody in a death line the oldest goes first and they shoot him a sun up?

see America ain’t half as reliable as what people think and if we allow socialism to be a rock garden then we’re going to be very sadly mistaken when all of our grandparents died our moms and dads died because of the panic depression that will happen and the doctors won’t treat us and the Democrats it will sit in the office with all of our money in their laps. it is false bravado and false happiness that the Democrats are promoting. a lie by President Barack Obama back in 2006 that cost the American people a lot of money and also across the medical field a lot of money and good doctors.

so we can’t let socialism be the way to the future if you want to go live in under socialism go live in some of these foreign countries that have it and look at how bad their system of justice how wrong they live and how many people die every year because they have to wait in the line. you won’t lose your doctor was a lie by Obama this is another lie perpetrated by our democratically elected officials and if for 5 minutes people think I’m going to sit by and just let it happen then wrong and they’re going to be sadly disappointed when I come around.

socialism would be the end of the Constitution would be the end of America and with set a hundred years of what we thought for and died for in our fathers of bad luck. we have to draw the line at socialism we cannot let it happen it can’t even be a remote conversation because there is no such thing as free the only thing that’s free us is the way we want to live and the choices we make in life those are free what people are now promoting is not so free.

February 10th in Eugene that will be a march across Eugene all the way throughout Oregon and I’m hoping to promote and I’m going to give a speech and then get every newsradio TV whatever I can to get the message across cuz I ain’t going to let a socialist country, bout to America America cannot survive under that and these Democrats need to hear the conservative real voice.

I will speak out against death I will speak out against socialism and I will speak out against poverty in America. And this has the earmarks of poverty.

see this will throw the America I know into a very uncomfortable situation this is what we created freedom for this is what we got rid of socialism for this what we didn’t want to talk about this is a dark corners of America where these Democrats dig in and they don’t want to let go. the actions the poverty of what they’re proposing is greater than the death toll that will rise if we don’t put a stop to this this is not America the picture above is a picture of America it’s America’s rights dreams possibilities love and acceptance of the future. but we cannot let Kamala Harris Alexandria ocasio-cortez take away our rights as American citizens are choices as American citizens and we have to stand against these people who proposed these extraordinary out of this world outrageous statements.

So stay tuned for more because my March is to bring America back from socialism my March is to make the American dream my March will change or at least get the conversation going about small business about living the dream..

Police under fire

the United States has become more dangerous more lethal for public service officers like our police or FBI our counter-intelligence this is a danger that we all must be ready for. four cops 144 cops total have been killed five more in Dallas and Houston Texas over the weekend this is a danger if there survive it will be lucky but they’re in critical condition one has been released the other four are in critical condition in a Houston hospital. So my speech will continue join me on February 10th in Eugene will start at the Eugene library and Walmart all the way through out the streets of Eugene getting the right act put together getting the right policies in place and proving once again that stupidity is not in America. then when the American people want to put stuff together they work together when Democrats want to be stupid you just let them talk and run their mouth and the American people will work it out.

Don’t give up on the entrepreneurial spirit.

don’t let people tell you you cannot do business in America

Don’t let the American dream died because the Dems want to take away our rights and our opportunities.

and don’t look down the barrel of a gun as our Democratic friends want to create socialism in America it ain’t fair and it is not constitutional.

let’s keep America moving forward let’s do what’s right for the American flag for our families or moms and dads and let’s put a stop to this violence on our police and our public officials let’s put the Democrats in the rearview mirror and let’s make them feel the cold shoulder.

Socialism doesn’t work extreme mounted rage doesn’t work Democrats America will stand strong together and better when we are as one like everybody wants us to be love respect understand all these things because these are what America was built on not socialism.

more to come stay tuned also join me on my social media pages they are on here thank you for reading and stay tuned for more.

Pairing The America Dream Act

America Dreams Revive

As we watch the American political Group push the button of Socialism, You have to Wonder if the Far Left and Socialists of America are try hurt the American Dream.

American prosperity

see when you’re living the dream people prosper and business people prosper and jobs they have this prosperity because we’re not like Venezuela we don’t take 70% in taxes 80% of healthcare 90% and everything else and we don’t rip off the fellow Americans we do things the fair and just way.

America Families

Seesee prosperity is new business prosperity is growing the American dream and when we help others we went a lot when we don’t we lose a lot the American dream is a very prosperous very fulfilling feeling of love and business and the families we all support to create these businesses and opportunities.

This what America Dream is And Product of time and Love and Intropective on our life with the families we know and Appreciate.

so when a new business opens we create jobs we create a Financial freedom for another member of our community for a family for people who need the jobs.

and this is what they call opportunity when you have enough Trinity to create a business online or in a home or whatever you want to call it it’s a grand opportunity because of the three milestones and every business that take time.

Seesee the three are above you and the last one is being your own boss cuz if your commitment to making your life better than that commitment will last with you forever every American everybody who lives in America has that entrepreneurial spirit.

and if we allow socialism to take over in the United States that entrepreneurial Spirit Will travel someplace else will lose jobs or higher taxes and will lose money and we won’t have just people living in the street what have people living everywhere in the street so we need to work together we need to bring prosperity back to America and we need to shutdown the killer of the economy socialism.

that’s where the I have a Dream came in do you have a dream and you can dream bigger and better things then you have the spirit of moving forward. Your take opportunity when you can get it and you remember the man who stood in front of Washington and everybody and said the Dream speech Martin Luther King jr. Has a dream of living peacefully together of producing a friendly compatible working environment having relationships not just with yourself but with the other people around you having the love and commitment to understand each other. when you’re working together you’re building it better when you’re working a Part you’re tearing us apart. so let’s work together to build up the American dream and let’s put socialism where it belongs in the trash can.