Democrats breaking Bank

It is really easy to meme by America

A manufactured lie by Democrats and if the lie become omission to hide America.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

her statements are ranked her comments are outrageous and her literalism don’t work neither does socialism after all you have to do is check out Puerto Rico and all these foreign countries that have tried it and look how badly damaged they are.. the outrage is repulsive the comments are repulsive people like her give America a very bad name.

Meet liar of Family

So I’m not too sure about this but you might recognize these two they live in Junction City Oregon. I don’t want to put names with them because they don’t even talk to me anymore so they disowned me his wife virtually lies to everybody and the people that she has like two she’s got very select few believing her lies. And sometimes I just think it’s a viral infection in her mouth she can’t tell the truth from a lie.

And the one person who is believing them is a family member but he’s my cousin and he chooses not to listen and he’s ignorant. But when I get this posted he’s probably going to be more pissed off than he wants to be.

I don’t know how people live with themselves when they did some family members but I know one thing the truest believer in God understands the word of God and does not Trident where no man walks.

That’s what they call values the core of every family that has any compassion any understanding is going to get both sides and have values you don’t try to turn on those values and you don’t disrespect your grandmother or your mother to get those core values.

But I’m going to take it one step further see these people have drawn on the family they have disrespected the values of respect and then got a lot further to everybody else to get the truth out in their fashion and these people don’t want to hear the truth for the future.

So if you ever meet them or you ever want to know what they are just ask my family just ask me or my mother and we’ll give you a complete history. Of those two and the one that has fallen into their Gailey white trap.

Letter Friends and Reader plus Family

Hello friends and family

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you. I guess the one thing I had to be thankful for this year’s I was able to hold myself together on the hope and prayer of a lot of things going on. I mean for the first time I have all my bills paid and so for Christmas I need to get celebrate that and for New year’s I’m hopefully going to get celebrate the family coming together although that doesn’t sound too possible right now..

you know I’ve made it a goal to achieve everything I want and I’m making a goal to achieve my next goal so for 2020 and for 2019 I’m looking to launch a Entertainment website and a multi-million-dollar business that will make this very interesting going forward for one thing I know business is about character.

And character is about background how you deceive and how you perceive to get into what you want. I found entertainment to be my background I like to go on and talk on YouTube I’ve done point of view I do my blog I give my opinion.

so I’m going to be posting a few things on here that might get me asking people why but I know why I’m doing and I have a clear head about it see it’s kind of hard to write a business plan for a website when everybody needs a demonstration. I figured that if I can get the website up get it processing through get the promoters get the marketing get the advertising and get the moderation put together not too soon afterwards I’ll be recognized.

but see I’m going to do it the legitimate way I’m going to get a business plan written and I’m going to get a business plan for together but in order to do that I have to have a few things in place.

Gold number one finding somebody that is willing to invest $25,000 in me. With a repayment in 2 years or a year-and-a-half at a little over $50,000 total repayment for Investment.

goal number 2
Finding business partner to work with me to build world class business together and also make income that reinvest into the site and pay bill and be true about business building and More proposals.

Here’s a receipt a sample of what the $50,000 would go for.

$5,000 into Research and Marketing

$15,000 Building and monetization to website building Entertainment and News

$10,000 merchandising and product purchases for selling on Website.

$500 Dollar to YouTube Marketing and Facebook and Twitter include Instagram advertising

$19,500 Re-sale and Promptly marketing advertising service on the website.

so there it is in short order the receipt of what the money would be going for now you may find it boring obsolete not important but I think it is very important that I have the opportunity like everybody else to find that perfect match for business and an income it will help people and also bring entertainment back to what it’s really supposed to be which is entertainment. no political advertisements no line to the people just giving them strictly entertainment and real news connections.

so tell all my family and friends and everybody around the world and Merry Christmas a happy holiday and a happy New year because by 2020 I want to have my own business I want to have and the investment secured and by Christmas of 2019 I want to go to say I did it on my own so I’m looking for a business partner and I’m looking for that one investor who believes in a millennial and is willing to invest in me.

if you get this letter and you find any interesting connect with me and we’ll talk on Facebook on the phone whatever works for doing Business

My one big wishes for Christmas
Brandon Vaughan

Letter to Santa Claus

Hello Santa Claus

I might be a different type of letter writer but I believe it when you write a letter you have to have it mean something well this means the world to me. inside of me is a lot of hopes and dreams and I’ve been looking to achieve one and have achieved most of them I’ve become independent I’ve become understanding and I’ve made a lot of good and I’ve made some not-so-good decisions. But out of those decisions I have gotten better and stronger in my faith and in how I deal with every situation.

So I’m Writing to the man who’s done a lot for us. And in the season of giving I hope that the right people see this because it’s really going to be an insightful writing.

My wishlist for Christmas And New Year Resolution list

My first wish:

I’m interest meeting Business Partnership with The Intention of Build Business with a Online Website.

Price $30,000 to $45,000 to start up a business. This Website will feature a major networks source of Television And Paid Per View network. it will have Presentation of Building business proposal and Plan

My second Wish

Help my grandmother save my grandmother home in the first 5 years from the reverse mortgage and pay it off and also have the Money and Income to help my grandmother with Home improvement.

My goal 20+ year plan goals

One to Five years

1. completely get my business up and running that will have a website and a complete telemarketing and online marketing advertising promotion centre to get the greatest and entertainment on the website as a feature of a major Network.

2. build a website that is telemarketing and customer base friendly that allows customers to contact advertisers marketing agents and a complete lineup of what the website will be putting together

a board of directors to help operate the day-to-day operations of the website.

in the first 5 years everything that is on this list will happen this website will launch and it will have our board of directors and it will have me as a CEO chief executive officer and owner of this entertainment company which it will be called Brandon point of view entertainment.

3. help get the money up to take the reverse mortgage off my grandparents home. And also work at having an income to support owning a home and helping my mom and dad.

the goal is to help raise the money via a business to help pay off some bills for my grandparents and my mom and dad and also build up my business going forward.

10 to 15 years goals

I’m looking to opening superFan Store while the build continuous revenue I’m looking to be a host of my own Show online website .

Hosting is the major networks show with Online Partnerships and real Media and This mean Brandon’s Point of View Entertainment will a lot of Advancement to bring forward the creative sprinit to the website.

I will bring more soon. .Point of views engaged the community of entrepreneurship

Request and Prayers for Hero

Season Giving.

I’ve been giving away understanding.

I’ve been giving insight to friends and New Business ideas.

I am given to Three great chairty for season of giving

Now I’m going to be selfless for these of you with brains and your always so comprehensive about younger generation in helping theme getting ideas off the ground.

First it my honor to share a prayer for Fromer Presidential 41 George H W Bush and His Family .

The loss of a loved one can be one of the most painful parts of life. Grief and mourning come in many different stages and it is easy to let emotion consume you during these difficult times. However, it is important to keep God close to your heart instead of pushing Him away. Remember that you need God now more than ever and He wants you to be happy again despite the loss and heartbreak you may feel.

In addition to losing a loved one yourself, it is also difficult to know how to help someone else who has lost someone close. One way to comfort them is to pray to God that they find peace and comfort in their time of need. With the love and reassurance God can provide, it is possible to ease the pain of those who are hurting. These 10 prayers can help you and your friends or family to cope with the loss of a loved one by asking God to pay close attention to them so they are able to move on

Rest in peace and Love to Families

Now my request for this Season of Giving.

1. Gift of big Amount of Money would be very helpful up to $25,000 for New Business

Love hoilday wishing lists

My Holiday Wish list for 2018 & 2019

1. HP 15 Laptop 15.6″ Touchscreen Laptop , Intel Pentium Silver N5000, 1TB HDD, 4GB SDRAM, Windows 10 – Jet Black – 15-bs289wm

2. RCA 50″ Class 4K Ultra HD (2160P) HDR Roku Smart LED TV (RTRU5027-W)

3. Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Complete Series (DVD)

4. Touched by an Angel: The Complete Series (DVD)

5. HP Gaming Computer Nvidia GT 1030 Video Core i5 3.2Ghz 8Gb 1TB Windows 10 64 Bit 1 Year Warranty

Now News

Real News-Press

It is the official Breaking holiday season

Be aware of the high risk to holiday Grinch.

I’m honored to report that no Grinch report yet.

But it is that time where holiday. theft is a big concern for many in

The United States. Local or online commerce it is very important to

Source you gifts. As to save a lot heartache.

Plus tips on receive and Delivery.

1. Be home for the day of delivery

2. Lock your doors and make sure your home is Locked

3 Call local authorities if you see any suspicious activity.

4. Check on the elderly and disabled to they safe and Warm inside.

5 take some extra time when planning your holiday get together

New Financial Need

Comings Soon

War is coming United States

Yes it has been proven once again that lie and miss conduct by Democrats.

Florida voter leader resigns after crooked voting techniques were used in the current Florida election.

Atlanta GA:this lady is going to wage war on just about any legitimacy and election could ever have I understand that grammar is about as far away for Understanding. But see the truth is is he won the election he won because he stood up for the right ideas. the election is over and it’s time to concede and say that he is the legal constitutional governor of Georgia.

New York City NY: after the elections this gal went super crazy on Facebook calling for socialized economics which means that you could lose every bit of your income do to her thinking she can’t answer a question she doesn’t understand common sense and she is far and away the most left socialist that there is in the Democratic Party. we want to talk fair and balanced where this into fair and balanced I would say I would say that the Democrats are gone off the deep end with her.

after the elections on November 6th we’re almost to Thanksgiving and still the Democrats are unwilling to succeed the fact that they didn’t get the big blue wave they wanted.


so she’s only like my age and she’s talking complete stupidity and yet I understand more about government than she ever will she can’t even answer easy questions I think that there’s been a big flaw in the Democratic voting league.

now they’re voting for people who actually can play stupid and who actually do understand what stupid is this lady doesn’t even register on her mind scale.

I stand up for equal rights I stand up for fair and balanced understanding I stand up for conservative thought I stand up for real economic impacts I stand up to make a difference in my community but I cannot stand behind a woman who cannot answer common questions like self-defense on the Border international terrorism domestic terrorism or anything like that.

well it is most likely physically possible that she is has a remote education of a college student I would recommend that she look at this whole situation she’s been elected two if she can’t balance her books and keep a checking account above negative then we got a real problem because she’s like all these other Democrats overspending overthinking under thought and didn’t think about the future of the United States.

the people in New York deserve real common Sense understanding but if we continue to let CNN MSNBC VR media guides to the Stars we’re going to be in a very sorry. Shape including CNN.


so she’s 29 years old and yet she can’t even answer simple questions by the media that have asked her. and no one seems to care but I do because when I asked the congressman or Senator or question that is working on the taxpayer dollar I expect an honest answer and not at all…. . Answer.

so a real question is is how far are the Dems willing to go to commit suicide on the American people. so the truth is is that this is going to be a long journey to get the truth out I am hoping and I’m pushing for a real change.cuz I am planning on putting up a lot of time and a lot of town halls to get the message out about honesty and respect and a value of understanding.

More to come..

Dating Profile

You be so creative. But can’t beat the love of self . Be bold in yourself.

Is it possible to over look yourself in love. It about heart when it comes to love and Relationship.

Major impact of heart and self-sustainability is completely define by ones Understanding of life ,love, and Trust including Humanity.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams ”

Dating Profile:
Name Brandon
Age 31
Race White Caucasian
Hair & Eye Brown hair and Brown eyes
Height 5’6″

Dating Meaning:: The Definition of Dating and What It Really Means. … “Dating” means you’re going on dates. You are actively getting out there and meeting people and spending time with them. “Dating someone” means you’re seeing somebody specific, with purpose and on a regular basis. That could be use in same of sexual pleasure.

It’s time to be real and I’ll be posting more stuff . I’ll be shaving soon ..

Simple yet yes it is True

Attorneys of love

Are true about being sincere in Love?

Then should make smile about love . Cause this what you creating when looking at love. Your body is your friends . And that is the accomplishment that any Independents person will ask for in a man or women of self understanding.

The female body is various feelings of a woman and a male body while great to have some female and male body show signs of Joy or happiness it oftentimes it show in male more than Women.

It’s male body. And like everything else. You have accepting of all shape and Sizes with that come a very wide road of course. How Define your love is also character of the separation from female and Male body .

A women character is always shape by their design of two key point of view.

1. Chilren the average female will have the ability to conceived child that’s where the change become more evident.

2. Love, Compassion is their main instinct. And when the children’s arrive in 9 months. That when mothering get stronger.

More to come

Break News:Oregon Conservative are cheated by far-left Democrats

Salem, Or: in what could be called the biggest upset in Oregon history it is a fact.

Yep the damn skit the independent vote in luck I did a little bit of research and I found out that any Independents vote your Democratic committee gets those votes.

so Kate Brown is projected to win the Democratic governor Street of Oregon and I happen to find out through reliable sources that she got all the independent votes. I guess I’m a little bit disappointed in our governor able to cheat the system and pick up the Democratic votes in Independence even if they didn’t vote Democratic she took it anyways. I really do hope that Oregon realizes what they’ve done and I really do hope the people who voted Democrat realize what they’ve done..

this is as of 1 a.m. eastern time in New York City and this is what the Republicans have done but still I do not agree nor do I accept the results of the selection here in Oregon.

see I think that the Democrats turn Oregon all across the United States have ripped the American people off and I think it’s time an investigation was launched by the FBI to find out how come the independent votes automatically go to the DNC.

my first three questions are going to be awfully hard to answer cuz I don’t think the Democrats have an answer but here they are.

Is there a fair voting process in Oregon?

do you believe that we should protect the rights of all people in the United States and also protect our borders?

do you believe that the governorship of Oregon is already cited before the voters even get a chance to vot?

I don’t really think that anybody really cares I don’t think the American people really think that the West Coast counts and it’s the truth. cuz they’re already calling the election even before the West Coast vote is even cash so I’m going to say something about this and I’m going to say very bluntly.

I think the East Coast should wait until the West Coast gets its votes and then call the election and I think the East Coast should have their election way later than hours and wait until the West Coast gets their votes in because what is going on is the same thing that went on back in the medieval days. and these Democrats don’t seem to care about the American people cuz if they did they stop having these protests and fighting in the streets.

Designate by need of Pleasure

Pitch yourself to the one you appreciate the Most.

If you’re imagination can stand up to beautiful women then your love will support a future in America pleasure

Feeling sexually desire

See you know a women body.In desire you’re learning their fellow point of the body. And in some way her body will feeling emotionally driven to Sexually building project lines of her body .

You can be lovable insight to Romeo to her Julie.

1. Cuddle is term use to be with women who support during movie and some music.

there’s a combination that goes with all women and it’s called their sizes..A little secret though don’t go trying to guess a woman’s size stick to what you know.

see I have a dream girl in mind and I know her sizes and they are on this chart but I’m not going to disrespect all women by telling all of you what that is..true love is a passion true love is a fire that burns and all of us true love sets the terms what can be called a relationship. A true Factor this love is how you present yourself to the woman. And how the woman presents herself to you.see at a point which everybody reaches there is a love that burns hot for guys and there’s a love that burns hot for the woman of your life. but when you’re working together to build a romance to build a family that love has to be superheated to get you through the hard times.

there is the Friendship aspect which you begin to realize after a while that you build up to that point you install that urge of understanding and respect and you put to use. The Familiar sounds of honest man will always be honest to the end a honest woman will also be just as honest to the end.

but the truest test to this whole thing is the night that they decide to spend that time together that is where the truest test becomes a reality check for both sides.

check one are you comfortable cuddling with him during the night and is he comfortable with you as well

check two does the music that you imagine sound off when you’re around him and does the same music sound off for him when he’s around you

Check three once you hit that point once you come to that moment will you be honest and not laugh when you undress in front of each other or were you lie and laugh at each other.

True compassion it comes from the heart seeing each other naked is a familiarity what you have to adapt to sing because you’re sharing love your sharing a bond of two bodies into one you’re also building a connection with her and she is building a connection with you. See beyond on the jeans the shirt the bra and the panties and the socks and shoes there’s a woman underneath there that is yearning to get out.

Call an Old Faithful call learning cuz we on that man with those socks the underwear the pants the shirt and the smile there’s a man in there who is very faithful to what you want to see he’s going to show you love romance a yearning for you just as much as you urine for him.

A palace of intrigue a mystery beyond the blankets a tower on top of the Moon where the night goes is not so much the question it’s how the night starts that’s a question.

Foggy but clear light but a little bit Shady a mystery beyond the T-shirt the pants blue jeans the tank top and all the other pieces of clothing you have on your on underneath your regular dress. This at the satin red dress that you bought for him to see you in or the blue jeans and the high top hat and the t-shirt that you wear to impress him.him and his baseball cap t-shirt blue jeans tour in the middle and a little piece of dirt on his boot as he wears cowboy boots. saddles in his eye is a woman of his dreams saddled in the woman’s eye is man of her dreams.

Forge Gathering Stone they say hottest fire built to the relationship but the highest flame since I’m over the top a dream Romance the magic the romance the music the songs on the radio kind of turned it all around.nine months later and eight hours into labor the woman’s finding out that her love for him is as strong as his love for her they shared a bond a chemical moment. You see a chair well from the guys I you see the tear of Rejoice where well from the woman’s eye as their first born is a daughter and then a son the most solemn happy moment of family.

Can you treasure to believe that just nine months earlier you made love to such a beautiful woman and that is how beautiful she is laying there in the stirrups having your son and your daughter. Ironic isn’t it the love that you guys had created to God’s greatest gifts and they were delivered to you and a medical center.

Heart pumping life-changing moments for you and the woman you love for that night you settled any differences in that room you said you were in this for the Long Haul you saddle the horse you tested it you gave it all you had and at the end of the day you fell in love.. so what’s the daughter’s name the doctor asked her name is Angel what’s the boy’s name his name is Angel conceived in love but also conceived enjoy could it be so sweet and so tender then no one realizes how beautiful those two are both angels and their mom and dad’s eye.

The incredible moment to this whole thing is is it when you hear stories of women fighting breast cancer and they have kids and they have husbands the fight never stops the love goes on and on and on so for this moment from this point forward I want you all to give sitter yourselves the proudest couple out there because you are working through the hardest years of your life yet to come. the biggest outside is it when you reach a certain age you really begin to see how much love there is in your you blend over the fact that your love has carried you all the way through to having two beautiful children or do you desire more of her body as you go along I think there’s a little bit of both in there you blend the fact that you have two beautiful children at the same time you urine for her body to press close to you as she does for you.

Just remember there’s a love out there for everyone and there’s a moment out there for someone very special and opportunity away I know how and expense of life or Forever Dawn these words. ” I believe in miracles and I believe in love from the beginning tell life end”

ladies and gentlemen I’m telling you the truth there’s someone special out there for all of this the story I have told you is no more crazier than the store you’re going to tell yourself when you find mr. Right or mrs. Right.

settle down saddle up and let’s ride because for the first time you have to ride before you can walk and you have to walk before you can ride this horse of life.

Is you ready to rock and roll your horses saddled up and your love is going then look both ways and take the leaf of your life find love to find yourself in a commitment.

stay tuned for more I will have more I promise I’ll even finish the story of how two babies got the name of angel and how the mom dealt with a serious illness just after 2 years after the babies were born we’ll have this and so much more and the truest meaning of fatherhood for this Dad.


Caravan-Mania In Mexico

The War of Politics Hate Speech by Democrats

Thisthis is what is headed this way there’s four of these Caravans they’re full of people the conversation really has to be had do we protect our borders can we support these people and how long before they get in the United States which start worrying about our families Our lives our independence and where does it hate speech stop and the real life begin

Trump is Protecting United States

the statements made by President Trump or true we have to turn around these Caravans we cannot be scared of what is coming we have to stand up for our rights or Constitution and it is the truth.

this is what CNN Jim Acosta classifies as war on the media with Trump. see he wants sir Sanders to State the outlets that are have the war on the media with Trump and he wants Sarah Sanders to have the guts to characterize these media Outlets. but mr. Acosta if you don’t remember your the ones who lives with salted and verbally harassed Miss Huckabee Sanders while she’s been giving a press briefing.

Here’s another clip from Jim Acosta at CNN. see mr. Acosta you have degenerated yourself to the lowest point of media when you start putting your personal views and Reporting the news you have a costaud your friends you have virtually chastise the United States of America on national television and 15 seconds after you go off the air on a press briefing he come back on CNN and you say there is a war on the winning that press briefing I heard the statement that was made and nothing was said about a war on the media.

see this is what they’re reporting on these news outlets what they’re not telling you is that those for Caravans not just one but for now there’s something wrong with this picture the American people have spoke out against letting all these people come into the United States but people like Hillary Clinton people like Barbara Boxer people like Cory Booker people like the according to what I heard Nancy Pelosi’s of the world have destroyed the American civil liberties and American Constitution. see they believe that we should have open borders but how can we have open borders when cops are being killed by these people who come into our country who do not have a reason to be here and for any legitimate reason they’ve lost it because they decided to go on a mad spree and take-out police hurt use hate to dignify themselves in the eyes of people.

Breaking: Robert Bowers 44 counts

This man was a part of the shooting in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania synagogue.this is what the Democrats are blaming on Trump but as I see it they hate and the rhetoric that they’ve been using as Democrats is to blame. it is unfair and also very hateful the way they have been downgrading our United States President he is made every achievement to please the American people and when the Democrats go on national television and chastise our president internationally and locally it becomes an issue that needs to be looked at. Donald Trump a very successful businessman and a very successful entrepreneur and he is also now a very very successful United States president.his success is due to his open-mindedness and his conversationalist and his reach across the board to try and solve some of these many issues in the United States. the term Promises Kept and promises made is a very well used term because he’s kept all of his promises mr. Trump is not broken or one the only thing that’s been broken is the Democratic party which is showing a very unhealthy side of itself. people want to talk about hate why don’t you watch what Nancy Pelosi says on the late night shows why don’t you watch what all these other people say on these late-night shows it’s in the government and what they do when they say it.

Hate rhetoric in America

the hate in America stems for Democratic colleagues who don’t care about American Revolution.they sent us into eight years of very hard times the American people paid very highly for the Democrats Miss spendings. well they talk about hate speech in America and a heated rhetoric on CNN I suggest they take a look at what I’m about to talk about.

number one I find it very dishonest and disloyal of these media Outlets putting out fake news that’s not even true if it wasn’t for Twitter people like me and the Millennials are the future would not know the truth about what’s behind this boiling rhetoric coming out of the Democrats mouth.

number to do we take a caravan full of illegal immigrants who have not even tried to apply for a Visa to the United States or much less a passport to immigration they’re on their way here right now and what are the Democrats doing. they’re sitting on their pretty little thumbs sucking each other self not giving a damn what happens to America cuz when they get back in the truth is impeach 45 will be on and that’s right on a Maxine Waters mouth.

number three if the Democrats want to survive this election they need to think about focusing on the same track as the president cuz they’re going to lose their going to lose so badly that when they get done Chuck Schumer is going to look like their daddy out of hell.

now I do not deploy neither would I ever insist on hate speech but if the Democrats can use it to get pipe bombs in the mail to have a Jewish synagogue shut up then where does it stop where does the truth come out in the Democratic talking points.

a key point of contention which I might add a very hot point of rhetoric is that the Democrats don’t give a damn about America cuz they want to destroy it they want to let the borders be open they want to take away ice they want to take away our policing they want to shut down any form of policing that keeps American civil liberties at Bay and keeps control of these criminals who are doing these illegal actions in America.if they want to deal with violence they should get on a plane and fly to Guatemala they should get out of plane and fly to Mexico’s border and see what’s going on there they should get on a plane and go into Mexico and go to its bordering countries and see what is so bad about why we don’t want these people this Caravans headed this way why we want them to turn around.

did you know that the average housing for illegal immigrants in this country equals out to be a whole year to get a new one point three million dollar housing bill which the American people have to fit once they come into this country.Obama gave each illegal immigrant almost $5,000 to start a life in America and out of that several people were hurt a police officer was shot to death by illegal immigrant and all that immigrant did was smile while he was in the courtroom remember that one.

Remember this guy remember what he did and remember that smile after the judge read him his rights and how serious and is become when we have illegals in this country.

Sacramento California illegal immigrant

So this is the video above in the blue I would be very worried about this Caravan after seeing this video you really have to think is it worth letting all these immigrants into the country knowing that one immigrant killed a county sheriff in California and Sacramento and what is the cost to housing almost 1500 people in America with for Caravans going on their way here closer to 4000.

do we honestly believe that America is safe no not if we like Democrats if we like Democrats were flushing everything we believe down the tube and nothing and America will be safe ever again as long as Democrats keep destroying the American Constitution

but I will tell you something and I will be very honest hate speech any kind of hate speech whether it’s a racial or religious or whatever it is not acceptable in America it is not acceptable to happen anywhere and it is not acceptable by or Democratic colleagues in DC who have this unprepossessing urge to just say whatever comes out of their mouth and then Eric Holder the former head of the justice department says kick them when they’re down or Hillary Clinton’s commentary.

so well I guess Purge the hate I would also like to recommend that we as American people protect ourselves and allow President Donald J Trump to do the job that he’s been elected to do and that is put America First and Democrats last.

Note: that last post about that cop killer it was a Sacramento County Daniel Oliver who was killed by Luis bracamontes.

upgrade are Coming

Brandon’s point of view entertainment is getting an upgrade on most of its Pages the homepage is getting their prey and so is some of the other stuff.

It’s you read my point of view you realize that I’m a very conservative and open person to conversation I give you my point of view because I’m interested in what my country does I form an opinion around those who formed the opinion and I give you the most honest stable and reliable point of view I can.

so between me you and the fence post you’re probably looking at this offer thinking what can he do with $5,000 want to tell you what I’m going to do.

Will be upgrading the blog to where I can be monetized for income purposes… $160.00 for 2 years

Marketing and Advanced growth into website Development $1,499.99 One Year website service

Promotion and Advertise in the future of Create of YouTube Channel advance to create Shows and Live News Point Shows.

7 Day Advertising and Marketing.. $350.00 for Marketing YouTube and Website Marketing

Happy Halloween everybody my business is off and running I’m looking for more viewers so I’m working on having a business partner and an investor, Stay tuned .

We’re also going to bring you a special look at the bus service in Eugene and around the world and a conversation with a local radio show host on my podcast which will be on here next week.

Democrats: Blame Game

This is another opportunity for the Dems they get stupid and play the blame game
A Jewish synagogue and has a horrifying wake-up call.
mr. Brower will probably face the most devastating news of all as he will probably be the first man to have the death penalty enrolled on him

see part of the problem with this whole picture is it these are becoming common scenes as the Democrats start to use the fiery heated rhetoric on the campaign tour and they’re blasted across the page of the New York Times and then supported by CNN and MSNBC and the Communists seem to run like wildfire through the media

Symbolism fact fiction fake redrick Hillary Clinton Cory Booker and CNN pipe bomb

within a week the New York City Police the Florida and the FBI all had the man Willow in custody for mailing all those pipe bombs to those political heads of state now the Dems might like to blame Trump but Trump was appalled by the actions of one man I don’t care to give his name so the picture will do the Justice this man and people like him or an extremist out of control group of people who have been created by the Democrats own fiery commentary

Domestic inside terrorism in the United States by an American citizen

ladies and gentlemen I would offer you a piece of advice that might work for you when you’re stating truth remember truth is Stranger Than a lie that goes for CNN as well see they’ve lied to the American people so I’m going to set the facts straight here now.

Let’s meet the Trump family

let’s start with Donald Trump our president of the United States a man of great Antiquity a man that has Integrity up trees eyeballs the man who stood on pretty high morals and he asked me this man has had much success he’s a billionaire like all other billionaires he knows a lot of people these people know a lot of people names like Vince McMahon come to mine that’s where he got his small business secretary.

Well everybody’s playing the blame game I’m going to play the get the story straight game I’m going to tell you a little bit about Donald Trump his interior interviews in the past have proven to be very insightful buy a reasonable report in this I will tell you a lot about him.

he’s a man he’s not shy to stand up for himself and when he feels like he’s being backed into a corner or is worth to being changed on him he takes it to the source The Source being the fake media Outlets like CNN like Jim Acosta this has been his Mo since the beginning his Mo to defend himself no less mr. Donald Trump is an honorable successful businessman who stands with the entrepreneurs of America and builds a company from the ground up.

His family consist of a big group these people are partly Jewish and partly Christian and there’s a much more deep upside to this but the real question the real Antiquity of this whole thing is fun out the fact the man that we are taking shots at the man we are humbling to her feet and trying to blame for all the things that have been happening in America is not helping.

if the truth was to be told Donald J Trump the United States president that fought for equal rights for fair trade and made a fight for fair taxation the common sense no-nonsense president of the current decade the 45th president of the United States and the man who goes out to Rally’s and sells out and just a matter of minutes he sells out he gets overbooked and he makes an impact he speaks the truth while CNN MSNBC see fake lies that’s their problem not his.

the media is taking shots at Barron Trump little boy and many more like Melania these are ignorant people who take shots at little kids because of the separation of the Border when the truth should be told that the separation of the Border started doing the Obama Administration not the Trump Administration so shame on them shame on the lies of CNN shame on the lies of MSNBC and shame on every person who’s ever doubted that can duction of law and the criticism of Liberty.

I would Define a character of Donald Trump’s stature to be honorable successful and most definitely a Hall of Fame business career he has built real estate he is built TV shows he’s been on some of the greatest TV shows on television today he’s had his opportunities built to him he’s not taking any opportunity that he is not earned he’s building his company he’s built and on that we should respect him.Trump has made his life about his family and his show The Apprentice made him successful his travel made him also very successful as he owns multiple golf courses internationally and locally in Florida these are Pinnacles of his success but his greatest success sits in New York City his Tower the Trump Empire has been run from those Towers since his father passed away this man has built his success on the back of his father his father was a very successful entrepreneur.and when you the media when you the trash talkers take cheap unprovoked the shots at a American president you show that the constitution means nothing to you or anybody who is living the rules of the Constitution.

So so in closing ladies and gentlemen mr. Trump will leave tomorrow morning for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to go down and share his condolences his commentary there’s respect for the men and women who saved multiple lives and who were there to fight the good fight who ran into danger didn’t run away who stood together and arms and protected the people of the church it will be a sad mournful day for the people in Pittsburgh.

so far the latest stories out of Pittsburgh is it to Brothers will be buried tomorrow who had autism and several pair were very sweet kind gentleman and in the media the absence of remorse is shown at CNN but here on this blog on this post I would like to send my love my prayers to the people in Pittsburgh to the synagogue in Pennsburg I would like all of us to take 3 minutes for every woman man and child who was hurt and say a prayer.

ladies and gentlemen stay tuned for more because I’m going to be a lot more blogs coming up

Trusting Pray and Love in Pittsburgh

As of Saturday we’ve learned that 17 people have been either injured or died and some are in critical condition and a Pennsylvania Hospital. The sad truth is it’s not Trump’s fault it’s not anybody’s fault but the people who have caused civil unrest Across America people like Hillary Clinton Cory Booker Maxine Waters and so many more.

It’s not a controversy it’s reality it’s not a reality for millions of people it’s a reality for America if we continue to allow the Democrats to soak disaccord Across America we are showing the signs of a weakened America we are falling prey to the Democratic scares and fake media politics.

From shootings in Pittsburgh to bomb threats in the mail to the caravana people headed for America it is time we stand together in unity and stop this crazy outlandish action of liberal thinking. It’s these liberals who have discredited Dishonored and disobeyed a faithful tradition as such as the Constitution who disgrace the laws the Liberties and the justice that we held so proudly across to America.

If not for the Liberty then for the Justice it is time people start looking at this as a criminal matter these actions are actions of people who are demented who have heard these so-called Democrats make disaccord Across America and make it a part of their redrick their fiery heated conversation that they produce is nothing more than threats on American civil liberties.

People like Dianne Feinstein Cory Booker Hillary Clinton and so many more who seem to make it so clear how much they do not like Trump but have the easiest way of blaming Trump for mistakes that they have made. The actions of One Lunatic cringed Democratic party versus the actions of one constitutionalist as Donald Trump.

You know these people these are the people who create all this media buzz you think is real but in reality what’s real is the top five topics they aren’t talking about.

1 United States Border Protection

Nearly 14,000 men women and children are headed this way from Guatemala Mexico and other parts South of the Border that have convictions or known gang members running with him this Caravan of lunatics is head this way under the pretenses that they will get into America by any means necessary

2 fair and balanced taxation

Well the Democrats still don’t understand it fair and balanced taxation technique they do understand that they want their curls back in 2019 leading into 2020 as many Americans are getting back on their feet and some are seeing great results from Trump’s tax breaks the leftist far-left too far to know how far to left have taken on a new ploy to damage or even try to destroy the Trump era tax winning numbers.

3, prescription drug costs & medical coverage for All America

Well the Democrats are condemning Donald Trump’s ideas the Republicans and many of people across America are winning better than before and now he’s going to work on the Medicare he’s going to work on what matters most slowing the cost of medical and lowering the cost of prescription drugs making it a fair and balanced conversation across the board it is time that the American people realize that the Democrats want to destroy America not put America back in first. As so many have often said that the Medicare and Medicaid is so high that it is scary to think that it cost too much to take care of yourself now on these current medical prices.

But Trump is trying to fight for a fair and fare cost Medical plants across the board and taking care of pre-existing conditions included in his plan this means that the American people need to see the truth this means that the American people know the truth about these big drug companies that they don’t want you to know because they’ve been hiding it so well under the Democrats eyes.

4, ratification of jobs and employment in America

Well the Democrats have no cares or worries about their jobs in the American government people out there in the real world realize it jobs are important and that cash flow is not an unlimited budget but the American people see that Trump is trying to create a fair and balanced work environment bringing jobs to America making American number one in skills and prosperity and making vocational schools more available to people who want to do these jobs high demand and very well paid jobs or water and pour it into America and its continuous consumer grows across the world.

5, closing loopholes across the Constitution

Trump for the first time is taking on the serious talk of closing loopholes in our constitution to do not protect the American people but the illegals the people who want to do stuff the wrong way but can do stuff the right way without these loopholes the justice system a broken piece of American History the Constitution which is always stood for greatness and liberty and justice for all and the blindfold over lady Liberty.

Our ignorance will be our undoing Odyssey will be our fair and if we do not vote Republican are dumb or stupidity will be our downfall this is a winning America anybody who believes that jobs equal rights and self-awareness is more important then pity it is time to vote Republican we cannot pity the Democrats anymore we cannot pity their stupidity or their unconstitutional ways we need to become a real America.

It is time for Americans to realize that the justice system is broken and it is time for Americans to also realize the Trump is trying to fix a lot of things Trump is also trying to make peace with our foreign allies Trump success is numbered from 1 to 100 cuz he has completed a hundred things and no other president has ever done before 4 years. A perfect dichotomy I can perfect economy and a perfect Constitution would be better for America it is time to stand together as one and vote red instead of blue and kick these Democrats who don’t want to follow the Constitution out of office.

New Business plan

Looking for Sports Commentary

Sports coverage on YouTube looking for special sports reporter to host a 25-minute sports program
I’m bringing something new to sports a little bit of balance talk

status update leukemia patient Roman Reigns is continuing the fight against leukemla

Twitter: WWE Roman Reigns

and support continues right here on the blog I hope you all message him and tell him how great and how much you miss him and we’re all wishing you the best so message him on Twitter and give him your support and share your support for this blog by going on YouTube and following and subscribing looking for new show commentary takers for sports.

Break News: Roman Reigns Update

Twitter @WWERomanReigns

Thank you to everyone who’s reached out…I can’t put into words what it means to me.

Your energy and positivity motivate me to get better quickly to get back in the ring, but for now I’m going to spend time with my family and focus on health.

Thank you – Joe/Roman

He still getting support from WWE Universe . This was post a couple of days ago. the Power of Understanding is being share with Roman .

WWE Rollin into Women Evolution

Women Evolutionary

WWE heads and hot and heavy for the women’s Evolution this Sunday on the WWE Network a stylish all women’s pay-per-view who takes woman’s stamina to limit with great matches such as Trish Stratus and Mickie James.

the hot and heavy Duo mix it up inside the ring with what could be called a classic as Trish Stratus makes her in ring debut at the evolution and now then forever Stars will be coming back to participate and roll womens royal battle royal for a future WWE women’s title shots.

talk about hot and heavy the WWE is taking on the women’s Evolution and all women’s pay-per-view.

The heated rivalry and makes its Grand stage debut on the women’s Evolution pay-per-view live this Sunday


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don’t miss the women’s Evolution free if you go and get the WWE Network right now so you don’t miss this Sunday’s Hot Topic pay-per-view the all women’s evolution Paid per View

so I guess the only thing I can say is is that I hope all the women of the WWE get their matches straight and the popular stands up and makes a message out of a few of the Divas.

let’s see some stratusfaction this Sunday on the evolution women’s pay-per-view with Trish Stratus and Lita.

also the greatest opportunity for all the women of Monday Night Raw SmackDown NXT and so much more as the Battle Royale begins and whoever wins gets a future women’s title match

✓heckMate “New Show”

So my new show checkmate Premiere tonight on YouTube I hope and I pray that everybody likes it because I’m also going to be bringing back my point of view so just tell me what you think I’m looking for people to host Checkmate on YouTube on my channel so if you’re interested just hit me up right now.

we the American people of sound mind and judgement now can be rate the Democrats for what craziness they have created in America the burning of the flag the unconstitutional civil rights have been taken away and the continuous protest of fair and accurate judgement by our current president of the United States Donald J Trump. Check out my new show ✓heckmate on YouTube.

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About me:

hello everyone my name is Brandon I welcome all my readers and friends to enjoy this introductory induction of about me.

I am 31 years old I stand at approximately 5 foot 6 and 1/4 inches tall and I have brown hair and brown eyes.

I’m friendly I like to meet new people I have no questions about my friends and I accept everybody as they are the only thing I don’t accept is drugs I live a drug-free life now I will not put up with it nor will I accept it in my life. I’m also looking to build a business I’m looking to make an impact I’m looking to do something that will make everything for me better and in the future I’m looking to become someone who my generation can look up to as a younger generation comes along.

I am one of many small business thinkers who believes it business is good for everybody and the opportunity that I present to all of you here today is the about me it’s in the new show I’m going to be bringing to you guys here on MeetMe Facebook Instagram social media in General.

I am a Caucasian male and I believe that equal rights under every law is a matter of balance I believe there is no race and friendship I believe there is no color in minorities I believe that there is an equal right of power and to that I speak as a conservative a person I believe that there is equal rights across the board to be had and to say the least I stand by my United States of American flag.

I think burning the flag beating up fellow Americans is unconstitutional and it violates the more code which I stand by everyday fair and accurate constitutional understanding of life liberty and justice means everything to me.

I live in Eugene Oregon I’m part of the population that is more outspoken about some things and less about others but I’m looking for an investor someone who can believe in the Millennials someone who believes that we are the next generation of business and a quality I’m looking for $1,500 and an opportunity to use it to make a Business perfect.


Talk about myself and Political View and I’m free for creating my entertainment studio around United States of America. And I’m looking for business partners .

Breaking News Roman Reigns confirm leukemia return

Roman Reigns breaking announcement on Monday Night Raw last night
Roman Reigns his fight is back on with leukemia

Background on leukemia

From what I read so far it is a blood cancer it is where your autoimmune system cannot take care of disease and so it last longer and some of the most deadly diseases or the flu which has been popping up all over the country with this Roman Reigns has resigned temporarily from the WWE to return later after he wins his battle with leukemia.

Recovery From leukemia
In patients younger than 60, roughly 70 to 80percent will go into remission after “induction” (first round) of chemo. Remission means a person doesn’t have symptoms of the disease and their blood cell counts are in a normal range. The five-year overall survival rate for AML is 26 percent

He then pursued a career in professional wrestling and was signed by WWE in 2010, reporting to their developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). AsRoman Reigns, he made his main rosterdebut in November 2012 alongside Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as The Shield.

And ill post link soon to Youtube video to hight WWE Career of Roman


America Under Fire via America’s on Democrats

okay people of America I’ve spoke out I speaking up and I ain’t shutting up until we change something I don’t care if your auntie folk your Democrat or even a dirty Washington DC politician I’m not going to shut up until I get some answers and I want to know what in the hell gives Salem Oregon the right to burn Flags our governor has lost total control of this country are Governors are not paying the respect as Democrats to our United States of America and now they’re pain protesters to beat up innocent bystanders.

see we’re having our own little natural disaster here in America and I’m planning to raise money to change it because I’m not going to sit by and just idly watch this happen big business has leaked into our politicians brains and it’s sucking them dry of any Commonwealth of decency politicians like Cory Booker with his all have a Spartacus moments or the stupidity of Dianne Feinstein sitting in a hearing with the nominee by Donald Trump holding a letter saying that she has been sexually assaulted or had sexual misconduct against Donald Trump’s nominee and Dianne Feinstein leaking it to the Press.

where does the intrepidity of the Democrats begin and the stupidity stop I know where it stops it stops when every single conservative American is laying dead at their feet that’s what they want they want conservatism dead they don’t want real jobs they don’t want real employment they want people to be begging at their doorstep for More Money More income and they want to Rob Us blind.

the flag burning above has happened here in Oregon it has been on the news videos of It Go crossed Fox News all the time and yet you don’t get to hear about it on these other news networks because it’s not important enough they would much rather desecrate our constitutional rights and totally be deny us the truth and lie to us like the governor of Oregon namely Kate Brown

meet the local politician of Salem Oregon the capital of Oregon her name is Kate Brown she lives in the governor’s mansion now I shouldn’t be telling anybody anything but I really can’t tell you that she is a lot worse and these jackasses of no fight they have no will they have no understanding and they have no common sense.

how can we dignify everything that the Democrats have done the more they get bad news the more they continue to hurt my name and try to run people over.

see what’s happening here in America is called a uncivilized Constitution that’s what the Democrats presented to us by Hillary Clinton her actions just like all Democrats after leaving office have left a lot to question yet she is not controversially charged with treason she’s allowed to walk freely she has no worries about ever being charged with anything and if she ever does she’ll just have him killed not to tell anybody. see the truth of the matter is is it as America is turning around the Democrats don’t like it they’re losing what they had but the truth is is we didn’t lose anything we gain something.

we gained conservative jobs we’ve gained a real lifestyle people out spending money Social Security is actually getting what it’s worth and now these Democrats want to shut it down and want to take back everything that they have put out they want America to be the poorest country in the world and they want socialism to rule which means you have to beg and plead with your doctors and your providers and your grocery bills just to make ends meet.

But I’m looking at raising $1000000 to send me and 20 other people to Washington DC to send a message a message of conservative real Justice a message there will be heard by everybody with a proposal $1000000 this proposal means that people all over the world will see what happens when I sit down with the government when I sit down with people and have an actual conversation about real clear conversations that need to be had it is time that Democrats stop pushing the conservative group around stop pushing the Republicans around and we take a stand on the rights and liberties we have. we have a right to express ourselves we have the Liberty to speak out against Injustice and that is exactly what the Democrats are promoting Injustice and America and an uncivilized manner of treating the conservative Republicans like trash on a doorstep is not going to be a continuing job threat.

More to Come.

Power of speech

I am looking forward to using my words my understanding my conversation my real life experience and promoting this America’s message to the whole world and I want you guys to share it to be a part of this great message that will change somebody’s and this country’s life before we go too far beyond the message of America.

Message to America it’s time to change.

Breaking: civil unrest Democrats

The civil unrest in America has generated a lot of controversy yet the Democrats are blind to the fact that the law does apply to them just as well it does to the Republicans.

So this controversial movement through the United States especially here in Oregon a featured piece in Portland Oregon of and Tifa basically ran drawing with the conservative party and if we were to get involved and stand up for the rights of every single American we would get arrested as a conservative America.

City Under Fire Portland antifa

Another statement another city another horrible action performed by our democratic-led government these crazy extremist have now harmed to Senator and I’m going to kill millions of people if the Democrats don’t get a hand on their extremist group

Portland Oregon Oregon found 1859 for the first time in my life I mean to see that certain things are not as bright as they should be and Tifa is like the Nazis of the century they beat they swarm the streets of Portland Oregon.

their actions all the actions of a Mad losing control government that is dark to the law that we have in the United States this is clear by people that disrespect hurts and look to Mame American citizens.

Life is deprived of the human body when violence begins it’s no longer support of love it’s a Bloodsport kills thousands that’s what World War 1 brought about World War 2 was the second it was a blood sport killed or be killed answer 2000 year old war that lasted thousands of years and still to this day we still have no answers.

I don’t care what Nancy Pelosi Dianne Feinstein Maxine Waters are the Hillary Clinton’s of the Worlds how to say I think it is a sad unfortunate turn of events that has led us to this demonic dangerous turning point in our history.

Mazie hirono a Democrat from Hawaii of Japanese descent told all men to shut up. how in the world can women be so vindictive how in the world can women be so evil yet want to date guys.

I say and I say this was a true honest belief I say that the world has changed I also say in the same breathing word I say that the world is deserted the deserters are the ones who are trashed disrespected destroyed this great country of ours and I found peace in destruction of our world.

Democrats would say that I’m talking like an ass and my opinions are not valid but in reality my opinions are valid my opinions of Truth to like my opinion is real.

the destruction of this planet is falling in the Democrats hands cuz they don’t want to see girls they don’t want to see prosperity and they don’t want to have people growing up this is forever known as the war of attrition.

Stay tuned for more

How is it in government

so by comparison in government it is all a bunch of overhyped underachieving smart Alex who work way too hard for way too little who have no common sense and prefer the age of lies and lies and lies.

Miss Maxine Waters she is like Mazie hirono in Reverse from California accept California has nothing to do with Hawaii but miss hirono has told all old white men to shut up making targets out of a race of people who done nothing to them since I don’t know when 19 what oh six this is a kind of political Politics the Democrats in the far-left and yet people still support extremist and what have they done for us?

see they’re all a bunch of fakes they’re all a bunch of conspiracy theory Democrats who want to spread lies and deception across the u.s. so that way we go to war with the average American that way we start a war with the people of the United States and their she care?

does any Lower Burrell that lives in California and New York really care about the average American citizen or Oregon is in the answer is no any Democratic liberal will tell you that they want us all to be dead any Democratic liberal would tell us that socialism is a great cure for billion dollar people and that the average American father and mother should know more than $126, 551.18. that’s what they expect for every family in America on socialism now the billionaires and millionaires of the country would be safe cuz they have millions of dollars but their taxes are outrageously high they take 50% of a million The Heirs taxes and just one lump sum so he’s not a millionaire by the time you’re done he’s a hundred thousandaire. don’t be fooled by liberal Democrats and don’t be fooled by the extremist media their misconceptions the lies their peroneus conversation is not worth the paper that it’s printed on and yet Obama stands in a room full of people and can lie to them to their face a little piece of advice you guys you want to be believable don’t lie to us in the first 8 years of Obama.

so Democrats liberals extremists on the left and antifa I have a message for you.

President Kennedy’s Kennedy is already dead and your dumb face is on television or just a pain in my ass and I’m willing to expose you for what you are cuz you’re an extremist group that should never be out allowed on the street for one thing and going into a restaurant for conservatives is a extremist move dangerously unprotected and any extremist it wants to survive in this world needs to get caught up with

hello my name is Brandon I’m 31 years old I’m a single white male and I will never shut up when a woman standing on their political Bandstand has the capability of saying that to all old white men I would love to see her say that to my face because I have a few questions for those who want us to shut up.

has she served in the military has she been on the front lines in Iraq has she done anything to serve the United States of America besides talk big and Carry Out loser stump. I hope you all have a good day because I’m going to start being very honest and very pointed about my subjects thank you and stay tuned for more.

New to YouTube

I am bringing you a home series on YouTube called Street Talk and we’ll be lying on YouTube once a month and you’re seeing all go down what happens if I don’t get a group of people random people to come on and talk about what they think is important in the city or in the country.

Brandon’s Point of View Entertainment

💯 here is my channel just click on the Brandon point of view entertainment and you can check out all the videos including some new videos like WWE 2K Gameplay. and I will be up to doing this post with the new videos as soon as possible

Breaking News:Real clear stupidity on Democrats of America

Speaking conspiracy in Democrats

Washington DC: conspiracy in the Democratic party to keep one man from being on the Supreme Court they would do anything this is a special report brought to you by Brandon’s point of view after further research and a lot of questions unanswered I’ve come to the conclusion that the Democrats are out to ruin brick Cavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and will do anything to make sure of that.

the Democrats are proven once before that they will do anything to keep their spot in the seat of the Supreme Court and a conservative going on the Supreme Court would not be their ideal plan this is proven once again by the Democratic party and its efforts to get a whole bunch of women to testify against rent Cavanaugh’s undyeable record and leave an imprint on him and his family which they have already done.

the public is not in DC so the public can’t see what is going on in the Democratic mine but by evidence shown on TV the Democrats are out to ruin any of Trumps legitament nominations to the Supreme Court and is willing to do anything to make sure that they do not get on the Supreme Court. Brent Kavanaugh eyes come out and categorically deny all of these women’s accusations and Sans up on Thursday to face one of his accusers what she will not be in the room when she testifies but yet his good name is online and these women seem to think that name or not will do anything to keep you off the Supreme Court.

see even more evidence by the Democrats conspiracy theories and the fake news if they seem to promote all the time Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi work together to make sure that anything Donald Trump does is brought down and double negatives but in reality he and many of his fellow Democratic members have been fighting against the machine and mr. Trump has been defending himself at ever turn just like his Supreme Court Justice pic and his family. and this is why I say that the Democrats are the conspiracy theorists of Washington DC cuz they would do anything to make sure the Donald Trump doesn’t have a successful Supreme Court pick. and the proof is in the pudding the line Chuck Schumer and the other cluding Nancy Pelosi would do anything to make sure that Brent Kavanaugh a man who worked under President Bush 43 and a man who served his country for all these years went to just went to the courts became a judge hired female employees and all of this as he is appointed to the highest court in the land and yet there is like Scandal actor conspiracy after scandal with him all because the Democrats don’t want to see a conservative Justice on the Supreme Court.

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum sat down with the Cavanaugh family and did a one-on-one interview where Kavanagh and his wife Dominion set there and advocated to say that they knew nothing about it but yet they seem to be the Supreme Court’s in the country he was a part of the Bush 43 White House and yet they and people that don’t like him seem to be contesting his legitimacy to the highest court in the land.

meet the guy who is representing Stormy Daniels meet the guy who has over 10 million dollars in debt and is an attorney for a pornstar who also is the attorney for the third person to come out against Kavanagh and claim sexual misconduct.

Michael avenatti is a career politician trying to make a name for himself and the public light so he teams up with all these women who are probably democratically politically inclined to do something like this and is claiming false narratives across many different boards but the real question that I have is why is it Democrats using Michael avenatti as a cover man for what they know to be a total conspiracy theory and DC. two out of the three I can’t believe because you know I really find it hard to think that these women would be coming out unless they were getting paid some big money to really do a number on Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. so this is the conspiracy as you see it now the more the names drop the more the people become more where these names are dropping like flies and you’ve just met the three heads of a two-headed jackass that is trying to take down destroy the Trump Legacy.

Donald Trump is held every one of his campaign promises and yet and yet the Democrats don’t see it Obama comes out on national television and claims that he got those numbers to but yet we never saw those numbers when he was in office we see those numbers with the Republicans conservative party run by Donald Trump more people are back to work more African-Americans are not on unemployment or food stamps because they are able to work more women are working at the same rate as men and it is higher for him because they have found more jobs yet these same Democrats seem to be forfeiting everything that Trump is doing by saying they got the numbers to but tell me something how could they get the numbers when Trump took office almost 2 years ago and he he’s done more for the people than any Democrat in one year. and Obama talks about how he got those numbers and he didn’t I didn’t see the GDP at 4.1% the ggp never get one over 2% of national growth and Obama’s claiming that he got those numbers where was the GDP when a President Obama was in the office where was the GDP when Hillary Clinton was working right alongside him where was our military where was defeating Isis when they were in office sorry you guys you’re all a bunch of lying liberals who can’t see two feet in front of their nose.

Stay Tuned for more.

Breaking News: Bill Cosby Prison 3 to 10 years

Norristown PA

Bill Cosby has been sitting since to 3 to 10 years and a state prison in Norristown Pennsylvania today as of 2:34 p.m. His official sentencing has begun and at the end of his sentencing the defendant ask for bail appeal.

The American Dad sends to 3 to 10 years in prison for sexual assault all three counts turned into one and he’s been charged for 3 to 10 years in prison in one charge..

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New Point of View by This Blog

so I’m always all about equal opportunity and love and how love can blind the truth from all of us well this week I’m taking it to a whole new level and I’m going to do it by creating a magazine the first issue will be out after the first of the year in 2019 in January so let’s see what kind of points of view I can get put on my magazine.

for the first time ever everybody who watches everybody who reads Everybody who looks at my blog will be able to read it all into a magazine for the first time in my life time I will be publicized into a magazine and I will have a whole bunch of people joining me.

this is an opportunity for women and men to come together to work for an opportune magazine this opportunity that I’m talking about will feature 25 of the most model perfect women to cover the magazine this will give women a chance to speak about how love really makes him feel and what they really want in a us Guys.

I’m not just taking over I’m creating a new generation of media I’m creating a new generation of point of view I’m giving the people what they really should be reading and not half-baked over-exaggerated lies this will offer a point of view that no one has ever seen before and this will do in depth interviews with people.

it also shine a light on topics that really are important to the American people and to the points of view that matter. Everybody point of view matter.

And we’re have more soon

COMING SOON: Point of View Megizne

First Issues Fornt Cover

I’ve got a plan to creating new magazine.

so I’m not just making amazing I’m going to make him the first issue about the woman in our lives and I think it’s only fair to ask women to come out and speak honestly about their marriage about the love life and give it a fair evaluation that way the point of view is equally open.

we’re not just didn’t do one issue I have the second issue already ready after the Live point of view on Facebook about sex in marriage there will be a DVD release with this magazine talking about this with photos of the women who spoke and them telling their stories on what they feel about love.

Double Feature on Back Cover including promotion New videogames

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This is for Fan Feedback Number so I can what you like and get a more complete feel for what I fix any problem you may have with my post.

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😘 Point of Friendships into Relationship 😘

Real Friendships

I’m real about relationships
Everyone has a time in life when they feel low. This is when being with your partner makes you stronger. When someone believes in you, when someone motivates you, inspires you, strengthens you, then you realize what being in a relationship really means. It means being strong together, living as a team

Top 5 Relationships

Here are five things that all healthy relationships require:
  • Self-Love. In order to have a healthy, loving relationship with another human being, you must first learn to love yourself. …
  • Trust. This may seem obvious, but so many people are with partners they don’t trust. …
  • Honesty. …
  • Communication. …
  • Connection

Attraction without closeness is more like a crush or infatuation. You’re attracted to someone physically but don’t know the person well enough yet to feel the closeness that comes from sharing personal experiences and feelings. Romantic love is when attraction and closeness are combined

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He’s in a serious relationship.” “I’m not married, but I’m in a serious relationship.” … Well, to me, a serious relationship means the two of you are in love and have been for a substantial amount of time. You’ve met each other’s families and have considered the possibility of starting a family of your own one day.

A boyfriend is a male friend or acquaintance, often specifying a regular male companion with whom one is platonic, romantically or sexually involved. This is normally a short-term committed relationship, where other titles (e.g. husband, partner) are more commonly used for long-term committed relationships.

These Are The 3 Biggest Priorities In A Relationship, New Survey Finds, And None Of Them Are Sex
  • Honesty. So most people (70 percent) picked honesty as the most important aspect of a relationship. …
  • Communication. Being able to talk it out came in at number two (67 percent) — and the experts agreed. …
  • Commitment

When there is no form of intimacy in a relationship, it begins to crumble and fall. The reason why physical intimacy is important is that it draws the two of you together in body and soul. It helps to bind your connection and it also makes both the partners feel secured with each other.

Equally Female Sexuality

this is my previous blog so I want you guys to read it this is going to be the part 2/2 that block cuz I’ve been challenged by a few people on here

so these people challenge me on Facebook and asked me to respond to the questions and they want to know how best-suited I am to answer these questions.

What 2 things that give you enough to love with Beach Body Woman?

Brandon” This is going to be great opportunity for me to respond to you and tell you how much I love to give oral pleasure and making a women climaxing for real love together as man and woman.

See thousands of things I want you to know and understand that their many things women want and it’s our job as men who

It true the face of Female Sexuality is dependent on us to feed their sexual needs have to be met with Care and Love and Common sense of humor and affection with the find art of Woman body pleasure.

I have to defend that actions many to justify my intention for love. While it is true love only has one proposal and this to exbrace the famale body with physical pleasure and joining of two souls as one for rest of your body’s.

I’m looking forward to respond and planting the right relationship and the kind of love and affection with a woman and I want you to feel like have real long-term relationship with a women who can accept.

Exposing a liar a cheat and a thief in a real relationship no love just sex

So for weeks now I have been dealing with a constant problem I’m not going to reveal the faces because I know what’ll happen and I expect it I kind of have gotten used to it the picture should explain a lot because I lost one of my best friends to this and I’m not going to lose anymore I’m tired of her s***.

You want to slander people you want to degrade people you want to disrespect people the two people in this picture have learned all that and so much more and the truth is is it if her boyfriend actually knew what she was doing I think they wouldn’t be together that is why I’m going to open up about everything.

let’s start with the text a real eye-opening text that she sent her friend of mine that got her so much and trouble she doesn’t even know what’s going to.

In the picture below is the text and she admitted that she cheated on me because she didn’t really love me so I guess to be fair I should say that see what true relationship gets you. Truly a cheating denial lying self-serving little b**** like that. So guess what I’m done with the games I’m done with her trying to tell all my friends how she really feels about me when she could tell me to my face I do not care how old you are I do not care how young you are and I do not care if you’re a stupid little line b**** you won’t get anywhere close to what I know about life if you continue to lie to me I don’t play games I don’t give a s*** to anybody I give truth .

Now I’m going to give some truth to this post you all know who she is if you’ve ever been to Barger or you’ve never been into her work you know where she works you know her name she is a selfish egomaniacal person who stands about 4 ft tall has no self respect for anybody and doesn’t give two Hoots about her mom or her brothers.

Now she’s texted my friend and said that they could have sex in her mother’s bed how respectful is that?

Now you want to know something else what really ticks me off she’s dating a guy and she’s doing this behind his back now you won’t be able to see her cell phone because she’ll hide it should delete the messages she’ll do anything and everything to make sure that no other guy sees those messages but the truth is cuz I don’t care because I’m not going to mention her name and I’m not going to give her the credibility but the guy on the right should know the truth and the girl on the left should be left single for the rest of her life if she can’t actually be faithful to him. And the most disturbing part about this whole thing is is it I actually find peace in this there will be a link to her Facebook page posted soon so that way you know her real name and I’m not blowing it for.

Brandon Vaughan

Sexual Female

From my Female Sexual Equally

This quote point of out the inequalities of sexual pleasure with women. But I’m sure of post this will make you ask a question about your male pleasuring you.

Good Sexual Pleasing Orgasm

Good sexual pleasing orgasms come from trusting and the ability to know your woman’s body from head to toe and when you think about it only knowing that woman’s body is good but knowing how to please her is even better.

Let’s start out with the simple things first let’s start out with a full body massage.

A full body massage shorts at the top by her neck and you work your way down and then you slowly begin to work your way back up but in doing that you also have to remember that you’re giving her a body massage so you need some type of oil. Baby oil works great for back and buying it helps to soften up the muscles and help her relax.

Body Point Massage

Up & Lower back soft and sweet Baby oil massage and take your time.

Another spot to take the time out is the inner and outer thigh on her way to help with a body massage.

Now if you’re going to the third spot it would be their feet yes most women have sensitive skin down there and massage it helps him to relax did you know that all your stress runs to both ends of your body from your feet to your hands and that will help her to relax.

Now Wall she’s relaxed there is actually no Golden Rule about this but she would help be helped if foreplay was introduced now out of respect you should ask her if she wants and not just do it.

If you really want to get her going work clitoris and softly massage it. As you softly kiss her.

Remember this is a Lady and she does have feeling and she is in love with you and as such you need to be kind and sweet to please her beautiful and Treasure body.

This our pleasure and Treasure of our life
Women treasure and pleasure this part of their body .
This is the part that men need to pleasure and treasure

It is personally and physically a man’s responsibility to not just get pleasure for himself but it is also the responsibility to give pleasure to his woman or girlfriend.

She has just as much to enjoy from pleasure as Bliss has to enjoy from love making. This is one of those times where it pays to pay attention in sex ed although this is not sex ed this is a personal pleasure article.

This is the female anatomy of the human body and I think it’s important to go over a few things first they have different pleasure sensors in their body and one of them is there clitoris it holds over 8,000 Nerve Ending . for a complete pleasure Center which means that they are able to feel the Undying Love of a perfect connection.

Soon as important to remember that when you pleasure somebody it’s also a necessity to do the same thing for her to pleasure and to love her for what she is and to give her full Climax and full bliss.

More articles to come💯

Female Sex Equally

Orgasmic Talk

Okay, you may want pay close attention to what I bring to you in this article. I’m really learning too and it gets complicated as I walk through this Point of View

Let me ask you some questions.

What is the Clitoris of Women?

Did you know:

this spot is first super sensitive spot on women body when it comes sexual encounter?

Can you be honest with each other about your love life and if you’ll happy not reaching Peek Orgasm full treasure of bliss in a women life?

Would be happy if you had 2 night of full Bliss of pleasure and ability to have a man give it to you without direction?

The objection of Bliss is in Highly controversial.we will cover that side in my next article.

The pleasure of Clitoris women

How would you describe yourself as a man is none of my Affair but this post is called exactly as it is titled and we’re not going to take a long drawn-out road trip just to come to this conclusion no one when is perfectly satisfied with a half-ass job and that is what some men have performed and scientists still do not have the answers to all the questions about women

But we’re not going to talk about women we’re going to talk about the art of pleasure and how to get her off with a happy Blissful evening between you and her without question.

Should you be ready yes should she feel comfortable yes is this the perfect time to talk about this I don’t know because it’s kind of like a personal subject for some and others don’t have a problem talking about it but the truth is is it no woman is satisfied when only the man is a pleasure they would much rather have both sides pleasure and them as much as you should get off at the same time but if you’re not working to achieve that and you’re only looking to achieve your pleasure then I guess you don’t care because you’re only out there for yourself and that is WRONG

Where do you start?

It starts with respect and when this object of your affection is in view you have been real about those words you share from this moment you will have pure about your love.

Now you must ask what is Clitoris orgasm is possible and with true tender touch, you give true bliss in a minute or two minutes when you feeling the vaginal area.

The location of the clitoris is the point of the vagina. You find when you are massage her legs and her lower stomach. It should provide her instant pleasure when first feel soft touch to give pleasure.

Please take a shower before beginning any physical pleasures

1. Don’t force be a genet and soft pull her vaginal skin and your want slide it slowly towards the belly button.

2. Use light pressure to begin to give her soft pleasure on the vaginal area to proceed slowly with your hand to massage bottom the soft inside of her vagina and when you do this it produces a liquid that is like lubrication to her vagina including making moan lot as work the orgasm.

3 When you come to point of Orgasm you better be ready cause you release a body liquid that gives completion.

Note: It for her to two more times make her feel really completions with Orgasm.

This if you look to completion you go the extras miles cause women always make sure the guy is the completion. ” AS A GUY I SAY WE NEED TO EXTRAS MILES” for the girl is peeking and has Orgasm is in completion bliss.

Pinpoint is the a are of high pleasure if you listen you know when she has reach point in roller coaster of Orgasm cause it takes 1 segment of body and by the motion of there body which is kinda Shakin motion witch mean their full orgasm and for her it can be mind-blowing experience for a women and her body.

This can help you when it comes to making mindblowing orgasm and it just like when reaching of cum inside of her but this like body is nature to orgasm cause is a product of women body full sexual experience for her it completed her to connect to you and create a mild bond that grown as you continues to give total package. That you as her man can only show her.

The vagina is one most special spot for and that where all man needs to remember that is the women body and respect and this night or day you will bond with her and she can be yourself and her being yourself and this where real love is man best friend and Women best friend by just going through this sexual encounter.

” Note Please be responsible and take your time the both of you and also use the opportunity to shower as well.” this goes both of you.”

Morning to come

Advancing Business & Relationship Personal & Professional

Hello everybody out there who reads this blog this is like an advancement on what I’m trying to do so I’m going to give you my advance directive in agenda

Advance directive

I’m here because I want to form opinions I want to get people talking I want to meet people I want to do what’s right for the media and for once I’m doing this because it’s right for the media there is no question about love there is no question about respect there’s only question about work and this is my job this is my DirecTV this is my Advanced agenda for the next four years and so I’m putting together a business slowly based around this and what I do to entertain everybody else.

I’m captured by the thought that my professional writing career and my lackadaisical boost of no advertisers is a sign the nobody’s really interested but I’m going to continue to push on because I believe that there is not enough open-minded and fair criticizing people out there who can form an opinion and give a state of you that’s not like every other point of view on the world news.

Often times I’ve been criticized on Facebook for the opening monologue that I just started which is you guys wish to see if you guys are more than welcome to join me and I’ll put the link in the highlight above Words.

YouTube link Full Monologue on Youtube channels Brandon Monologue and I welcome to join me as a new subscriber. So I continued my push forward for the entertainment business and also continue my push forward for new advertisers an opportunity that I take no easy pleasure and I will work my hardest to make sure that every Advertiser is shown and appreciated on my Facebook and all my social media accounts.

I am proud to say that while my blog is growing by likes and numbers and also like to send out my appreciation to every country that has viewed or hit the like button or anything like that this is not my personal blog this is a professional and it talks about everything that I am interested in it’s an itch I will attach my YouTube Channel videos that I’ve done for my point of view and I welcome you all to enjoy them I also want to walk from you all to my new YouTube channel..

The latest point of View:

Personal life:

And no way shape fashion or form would I ever let my personal life overrule my professional life that means that I really do want to professional life and Reporting I really do want to professional life and entertainment I find myself with an honest question entertainment seeks all sorts of shapes and pleasures and yet I have to report on it as an observer.

I’m going to list the top 5 things I’m looking for in the following category

Professional path following forward.

  • Generate Promotion post for Business worldwide
  • Building a website to advance this Blog including live network television partnership
  • Study the art of Pleasure from Music and sexual attraction of women and Men and More
  • Breaking into Public Finger and Entertainment

Personal goal & Bucket list

  1. Finding Friends and having people to hang out with talk about “America Dream”
  2. I want to be able to say I made my first million dollars by age 33 year old.
  3. Take Road To the Wrestlemania with the WWE And give all the True Fan Executive . and I won’t do that by 33 yrs
  4. Find real women who can appreciate goal and Business goal
  5. Opening Modeling and Entertainment store.

Wide my income and resolve with Automate $100,000 income after tax.

This $100,000 and over the next 4 year I look much more advance income and higher number like $1,000,000 income after Tax.

Social media connect

Instagram @bvaughan198759

Facebook page: Brandon Point of View

Twitter: Brandon Vaughan

Youtube Brandon Youtube

So these are all my links to my social media connections including my Facebook page not my personal Facebook my Facebook point of view page I welcome you all to check it out and if you’re interested in becoming a investor in this blog and moving it forward to a website connect with me on all of these social media links if you’re one of these people who like to talk on the phone I totally understand and if you live in the United States you can give me a message and I’ll give you my number and you can call me I look forward to moving my career and my personal life forward thank you and I hope you all enjoy this advancing professional and personal point of view.

New: Point of View

My opening Monologues including to youtube Monologues view.

This will give me and this blog an opportunity to interview Live on YouTube for Brandon Vaughan Point of View Show and I’m hoping to score my first in an interviews.

Youtube is posted each month by 20 of the month and I welcome other point of View.

New: Point of View

My opening Monologues including to youtube Monologues view.

This will give me and this blog an opportunity to interview Live on YouTube for Brandon Vaughan Point of View Show and I’m hoping to score my first in an interviews.

Youtube is posted each month by 20 of the month and I welcome other point of View.

Point of View: UNHINGED

How would you describe America it’s question that I’ve been asking it seems like the Democrats and the socialized media Tikes want to say that we’re unhinged and the Democrats are really becoming unhinged a true sign of the times as some of us like to talk about and who they think to describe America is the Pledge of Allegiance and blinded by Justice we Tear Down the Walls and we put these barriers.

And Everclear message that was put out during President Donald Trump’s run to be president is make America great again the social media lights like CNN and MSNBC in all those leftist news want to make a big deal out of something that is untrue and not verified but by a Russian dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton and put together by the Russians a fake Outreach of sincerity by Hillary Clinton to take the obstruction of justice that she is proposed out of her email Scandal and all the other things that have happened while she was running to be the United States first ever female president

Hannity said it best when America comes to this unhinged way the Democrats throw a fit and they make a big scene and they are truly going too far when they start taking shots at civilized Americans having dinner Hannity Sean Hannity and all the rest at Fox News have pointed out the truth behind the Democrats unhinged point of view.

The American dream is not dead the Constitution is still very much alive and it seems like the Democrats don’t have that anymore the American Constitution to them is just a fake piece of paper they have used it abused it and Rewritten it so many times in their head that they think that they’re going to win something Maxine Waters the ever tragedy night that she is has been on TV calling impeach 45 Maxine Waters if you have any brains about you I would not be so fast to call in Peach 45 on National Television as you yourself have shown yourself to be a little bit too fast on the draw when you could be in Peach to for your actions and behavior and what you have told regular ordinary citizens to do in the United States

Troglodyte: this is like caveman living except troglodytes which are being Democrats use. Lovato fiery redrick and the term troglodyte is cave people used to live in caves and throw rocks and Spears to kill people and yet we call ourselves Americans when we see this it is evidently wrong and it crucifies everything Jesus stood for in the living will and testament of the Bible.

Are we not civilized American people do we not have a centrifuge of justice and is there not one man woman or child who would de testify what Maxine Waters and Hillary Rodham Clinton have proposed as civilized living and the socialized troglodytes of the world need to shut up and move along home

A tramp is still a tramp no matter how far you walk down the street and in Los Angeles apparently the Democrats rule as stupid because they can’t make Common Sense decisions a troglodyte lives in a cave makes caveman decisions I guess the Democrats and the social media lights of Hollywood have made a caveman decision to throw rocks out our current standing and United States President Donald J Trump

A troglodyte is a cave people that lived in a cave who knew nothing but cave living could not read past a certain grade level and their understanding was limited to what they knew and what they don’t know.

Here’s what I know Sean Hannity Laura Ingraham and many others have shown that there is no limit to what the Democrats or the social media outrage of the left will do to expose Donald Trump for the liar or the cheat that he is although he has followed the Constitution and has stood up for fair and balanced media.

a personal message to CNN’s Acosta you know I don’t know what it is about people who work at CNN they must have the idiot switch on all the time Acosta Jim Acosta a social troglodyte who throws rocks at the Press briefing and expect answers to his outrageous coverage of Donald Trump and the fake media at CNN seems to think this is a solution to a problem and the people of the Maxine Waters era have followed suit by CNN Zone admission and has published 650 fake news stories 7000 hours of just false information pumped into their Newsroom and 18000 people have cut CNN and made Fox News number one and American News Network National Television.

Jim Acosta is claimed that Donald Trump has basically maligned his fake news which it is fake news and threatened him personally with a war on the media but I have not heard or seen or even encountered such comments from Donald Trump Jim Acosta is a liar if Jim Acosta works at CNN anything he says has got to be alive and he went on the air on CNN 5 minutes after press briefing ended and said these exact words

And I quote Jim Acosta it is a word on the media that President Donald J Trump has started according to mr. Acosta in quotes

Mr. Acosta before you reach your boiling point and you start really spewing those fake stories you better check out your partners over at Fox News because they’ve got the real news of the day and the truth is while you sit there and your fancy underwear tied up between your balls and you let your wife carry your real news why don’t you look what’s in front of your face before you go reporting something that’s not real you are troglodyte mr. Acosta you throw rocks at glass houses when you yourself have been caught in your own foul-smelling troglodyte ways.

If you don’t know the term troglodyte you better look it up because that’s what you and every Democrat in the media party seems to be doing right now by throwing rocks at glass houses by having people chased out of restaurants by letting enraged socialized victims take control and post crap all over Facebook I would surrender to mr. Acosta that his lies and fake media do not work with me and Wall of troglodyte he might be he is also the Horsetown dumbass for reporting what he does when he does not report the truth Nortel a honest media story

Birthday Wish 2018

On August 11, 2018 is blogger owner birthday

Im making my wishes for 2018 to 2020 this is why im writing this on this blog and it all for once in a lifetime changing event to start a website business including Entertainment & Advertising online and startup with store after 6 years front line produce that is Promotion on the site and is growing with simple marketing team and build a very reliable Board of Directors including while in it build would consist number item to work on for the website.


Promotion this case the website would have affiliate marketing tools to building the site influence among other wide reach tools. i would estimate the price income of $2,600 to around $2.6 million tool advancing more to product and website network.

Advertising as continue source of income for more media advancement to 3D marketing tools. price right for more input and output on marketing advancement tools. this cost price $56,536 for first 6 months of opening of the website

Television Network: Service of the website would also introduce a mobile app to allow it to get full viewing setup and more to active with membership package with each come more channels.. what i want is super special only this channels but every show you watch would relate to advance marketing tool.

Social Media TV:

This mean we create Free 100s of Channels for Facebook and Twitter and Making show InterActive Social Media Television Active programs to making interactive growth about the first 5 years. This would more income growth the following streamline new business.

i am looking forward to continuous growth must happen for every business in the United States the value you can get is by opening a website that set for total advertising and Marketing and also host one in Year Summer i wanna introducing live Music for summer concert for 2019 and promotion artist and bands to host 3 hour supershow.. im produce idea for next step in the 3 year of the site be setup. Highlight promotion would generating income and revenue going forward

Goal for this to work is come with a price $8,750 this would be perfect for start my new business and the max price it would upward of 10,000 for real start price going forward their would be return in first years on your $10,000 you could see a price 25,550 on a 10,000 over the first year of invest .

Goal for investor would be $5,000 to keep a investor interest in create of network on the website,, i would working toward a $250,000 income over the first year and key for this complete service channels my plan including advertising and promotions and affiliate marketing tools. advantage to create is that i would travel to tv television network to making deal just get their advertising going forward.

Revenue would be first year goal $250,000

Revenue would be second year goal $300,000

and the growth of this would short top goal of $1,000,000 income by 5 years of business

🇺🇸Point of View about Brandon🇺🇸

❗❗Broken America Dream🇺🇸🇺🇸

Point of Interest: History has way of Repeating it self. and my history has proven that with my respect and kindness has been the upside to me and my key talking point. so i am making point in fact that after so much disrespect i would be humble to understate the key fact of this case. and more then intellectual community of conversation has been dialog to me in many difference study.

America History has and was a sign of goals and peaceful completion of milestones in our life. and benefit to completion of history is remember that people have the same market and scares as the history has shown and been witness to for many years . and when we balance our time line we all must be understanding of that stones we have turn.

in 1990s we saw the information of LGBT movement and one that has be sign of change for America Equality for Changes but we still call it a fashion statement because when i be raise gay meant your were happy and in a good mood and now it been turn in Mark on Americas. People in America still their problem with statements made by Alt Right or Alt Left .. Because we have not accept change in America so in this Fact you can be really of Life changing time.

In 2000s we write on Movements a cross America and to this Day we still a sexes wars going on in America and the Truth of the matter is that women have offer no idea to settle this wars on Words with America. And Our Country has be Progressive leader in lying to America People and other Countries.

So now believe that America isn’t worth the time of Change and Women still battle over equality and their hate has gone to new lows in America History. They never grow up to realize that America was Fair & Balance Levels..

In 2016 we saw that Clinton factor was major coverup among real DNC in America and Socialize is now a dreams if we are to move forward in America and more to the Point the cost of Living will without up by a factor 20% over the Next 10 year if we don’t get control of our Spending like Donald J Trump is Doing now. And the Taxation in America is be remodel by Trump and \the people of America Wave of making America Great Again.

Let me solve this Battle of Sexes with two key Goals In mind

1st, We all have to come to Terms with pass and make a better Tomorrow in order to Grow our Feature in America and Understand our Next Step in America..

This goal is meant to move the understanding forward motion in America and advancing new program of Life in United Station and introduce real Common Sense in the building blocks of America Policy’s. Our biggest Door is proving the America is Endless bank to other Countries and it our time to introduce a table of Communication and bring real Clear focus to the Issues we all are facing in America.

Tags these issues witch we all can agree and give our proactive voice and be real about Life in America and across America. We can’t dismiss the America Dreams and have open America and disband ice Police or part of our Justice because that is Our foundation of America Justice systems.

Tags the key of America and bring Common Sense to the Source of America Life.

Let be America And have truth about people who roll the seeds of disrespect and let put America First like Donald Trumps is doing and give the people of America and open door of Talking and Peaceful assistant cause the protest are just sign of the Demarcates shitting on America Values..

Key of true America Production is when every day people stand up for the core of America. And we need women’s to come in with Cores issues express in Open Focus Group and Present their issues like Adults and not Children out of 2nd grade that include men.

😪Truth about this Question😥

So there is a certain amount of questions that I can Overlook there’s a reasonable amount of stupidity that I can just not see but this question made me so freaking mad when I read this question made me think of all the things that is going on in the world and to post this question and ask it is just like another stab in the heart at people women men in general.

The Orthodox to this question is basically to say that force is not acceptable this is not a question of if it’s rape or not it’s not acceptable at all to force your wife or anybody to have personal intimate sexual relations with you is not acceptable and at the point where this question even becomes a yes or no question the question is yes it is right and no it is not acceptable there is no type of question like this out there until I saw this question posed to me post on Facebook to reiterate stupidity.

There is a level of understanding that comes with a relationship there are levels that come with being who you are but this question in its form general statement or not is not an is not even a question any type of forceful relations sexual or otherwise is not acceptable in my hand book and if I ever hurt somebody pose this question to me on the street I look in them say what kind of question is that are you that freaking stupid

So measure of morality measure care measure out respect and once you measure all those things out this is what you should have it should be a simple yes there should be no question and for those of you who said no on this other page I am the I am deeply deeply troubled by that answer. Out of all kindness out of all respect if somebody can say no to this question I am trouble by their answer and it makes me ask the question why would you say no when you know that it’s yes when you know from your point of view that any type of forceful and counter is it Act of rape. Y4 not girlfriend or not it is not acceptable and it doesn’t matter what you say the answer is yes it is rape

So you piss Cabool answer and defined by this statement this is Brandon’s point of view I want to thank you for reading and enjoying it this will be up by Friday on my blog and run along with this picture thank you everybody on Facebook and social media welcome to Brandon point of view.😠

About me Part 2

Hola mi nombre es Brandon. Tengo algunas cosas para anunciar

primero soy un hombre bisexual y soy muy abierto acerca de mis amistades

También estoy abierto sobre amigos con beneficios. Entiendo que debes usar protección, pero también debes buscar el placer sexual en tu vida ya que Bisexual es el campo entre hombres y mujeres.

mi primera regla de oro. Nunca rechazo mis creencias sobre otra persona, como si esperara que nadie más me quitara sus creencias

Mi segundo anuncio es que nunca entablaría una relación con un hombre, pero seguiría siendo su amigo y, de ser aceptable, un beneficio para él.

Y para ser sincero con todos ustedes. Realmente no estoy buscando una relación. Estoy más buscando más en la línea de amigos con Benefit y / o amistades.

Soy de Eugene, Oregón, Estados Unidos y estoy buscando amigos y amigos con beneficios y buscando en Eugene y Springfield, Oregon

Gracias y estoy usando Google Translate

Brandon y yo hablamos inglés


Hello my name is Brandon. I’ve got some stuff to announce

first I am a bisexual man and I’m very open-minded about my friendships

I’m also open about friends with benefits I understand that you need to use protection but also you need to seek sexual pleasure in your life as Bisexual the field is between men and Women.

my first Golden Rule I never push my beliefs off on somebody else just like I would hope nobody else would push their beliefs off on me

my second announcement is that I would never go into a relationship with a man but I would continue to be his friend and if acceptable a benefit to him

And to be quite honest with all of you. I’m not really looking for a relationship. I’m more looking for more along the lines of friends with Benefit and or friendships.

I’m from Eugene, Oregon, United States and I’m looking for Friends and Friends With Benefits and looking around Eugene & Springfield, Oregon

Age for Friends with Benefits age 25 to 34

Body type muscle tone, average and or Slim.

Thank You and I’m using Google Translate

Brandon and I Speak English

New Facebook Page

Team Start

James start in program and a Facebook page hiring for very special types of names first is the peace prospect I need five woman 5min total of 10 people from across all 50 states to come together but the perfect peace program this administrative opportunity is a team start program which will hire all across this United States for publishers riders and new beginners come on Facebook and polish an article about a good program they’ve heard about it in their city or state in the United States.

Team Start Design

I understand if you start to be a under going process of many people get one desire one goal Walter mentally team start is an anti bullying campaign.

This program and it’s many passes that it will have well I’ll come out to be one identity one thing, to every destiny and that is blue do one is best for business at every possible turn Brandon’s point of view blog will be used as a multi facet it team start publishing this multi faster did multimedia James start program Ohio 10 people from Oregon him people across the state of Oregon to work together to build a better team start.

These 10 people were consist of 5 mens 5 women each one of them a special a death to what needs to be done and will be hired under a very clear cut idea that work and understanding and common campaign promises must be of help.

5 projects in 1 years.

First project will be the anti bullying campaign a push in schools in in the state to make Bellini legal and it active crime across America I hate crime you might say.

The will be no major for it it will just be a hate crime and police and the state should treat it as such and as I hate crime it is chargeable under penalty of the law.

If it is going to kick bowling if we’re going to win and stop this hatred we have and he’s bullies the don’t know when to stop then we need to step up and do more serious circumstances damage to the bowling that means we need to use what is really at our means to stop

This multi facet attentive anti bullying campaign will be more of a way to bring a major change to the legal definition and cooperation of the law.

2nd project a way to create business in America especially in the state of Oregon

This will be a project well I were hired 25 people qualified business like people who want to help create business in America and then Oregon and to help create this business the first major business announcement will come into years when a website lunches that will fit your my name and my business of entertainment.

How the entrepreneur skills of young America is far and few between but young America and the Millennials must achieve a understanding of focused business and prioritize what they want in life so I apologize this is a move along way of team start to writing plans and getting use to the ideals of projects and business plans.

Business is a proposal the business that you want will have to be in a proposal and we’ll have to draw a big enough number of people who want to do it together I Ohio or total of 100 people who will be working right beside me as volunteers to make these things happen to make positive peaceful unanimous change in Oregon and a confirming sounding yes we can do this together.

Project number 3 pleace in America

This project will be working with team start and many other companies to being peace across America and since we have gave pride Day in America this will be another one of those parades where America’s long time standing military why would opportunity show off their experience for having option to show off a piece of Americana in America and together with speeches and team start businesses will finally get the opportunity show off their skills and they’re power of doing business and Oregon.

American peace is what it’s going to be the driver for business in Oregon American peace across is country is going to be the driver in any state across he’s great 50 states.

So this is a piece motocross America this is a piece for Gigi coming to light for everybody else to see the peace forged will be the people who want to work together to build a better America they want peace and Liberty and justice in America.

And this like everything else in America this is our first three projects as I hire and get volunteers I will be doing a lot of work I will be out there pushing speeches getting speeches put together but I will not have people who don’t want to do this together this is not about party this is not about voting rights this is not about how we vote this about how we deal with this out of control very dangerous political landscape that the Democrats and the Republicans are creating.

For the first time I am reaching acrossed a very wide birth of a river looking to close that birth with a little bit of a peace Brigade a March there will go from here to Washington DC they will house peaches in each state there I’ve rally’s they will try and proud of people to work with us to make this happen and along the way we’re going to make friends and long way we’re going to make enemies but a peace Brigade long the way we’re going to make those enemies are friends because we’re going to work with them and show them what a really can’t do in a short time

thank you and they’re will be more on this Team Start as it develops

Lover and Or hater

You can love who you are but at the same time you can also hate for your becoming at is the difference between a lover and a hater.

So can you dignify I love her and I misunderstood friend or can you only dignify a hater?

A political figure that has started out of hatred and lies and disrespect that is a hater The Continuous fight between lying media and CNN is a proof positive that hatred runs deep in the liberal leftist media.

I will suggest to you proof positive of three things won a fair and balanced media report would serve a lot of people good if they would actually listen the truth is is it there are no fair and balanced media judges who can judge a fair and balanced report.

1 facts don’t lie criminal mistreatment of lawlessness and conflicts of interest and bullying people out of restaurants is a unacceptable really just on thinkable thing to do to people.

Two facts Camp fix the truth when you report something on National Television your reporting income whole world and as they see it and the Liberals by it every single day if you continue July distract be dishonest and that is what MSNBC CNN have all created is a dishonest media Network

Third and final critical facts in a good way you can be upfront and honest with people and in a bad way you can be dishonest and lying to people but at the end of the day the truth is is that you’re checking every single thought you’re overlooking a big gap in American news media.

So before you go contesting the national Media or Hugo contesting Trump’s workers or his employees or his press people allow me to make a fact to you liberals remember what you do to people can be done to you just as bad by conservatives and I hope every conservative Media Group that is out there will pretty soon start to revolt against the left is overhyped overachieving bunch of people who think it’s okay to lie cheat and steal the truth from others and I hope that the contest begins when people start contesting what the leftist is doing to the conservative media.

Hillary Clinton, she out she out and out with bald-faced lie to the American people Donald Trump he told the truth and yet he is the one who is facing impeachment but don’t let anybody tell you that because they don’t want you to hear it and the media is so far out in left field that they’re willing to do anything to protect their friends.

When the whole investigation into the email Scandal started with Hillary Clinton the FBI’s head of the FBI James Comey already had written and resolved her of any criminal charges so she basically didn’t even investigate her for all those emails for Bleach bidding all those devices for deleting millions of classified emails and yet it was James Comey who wrote the exoneration on Hillary Clinton.

This some more facts for this Hillary Clinton bought and paid for to stay in the election against Donald Trump she ran every Democratic lie every cheat every 10 horn out of the election all because of one lie she told and she helped it with conviction there was no question it was a lie a lies lies lies lying no matter how you look at it and when the political boundaries are crossed when people are starting to get removed from office or booed out of customers consuming restaurants the question really becomes how far is this too far?

Too far is destruct disgracing the flag training upside down burning the flag and many things that have been going on in this country are proof positive that it is unacceptable I am so glad that the conservative media report the truth as they see it cuz that’s what needs to happen is true people need to start recording the truth as they see it and the truth is is that if the Liberals would just take 2 seconds and look at this whole situation they would realize that there was a problem in the media CNN MSNBC NBC CBS and ABC need to all be shut down and redone remodel around a new media platform remodeled report the truth.

I mean having opinion that’s fine but when you start using your opinion to judge or fact and actually lied to the people on your new site or on your news you’re lying to yourself to Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN come on every night and all he can do is trash Trump and you know he didn’t trash Obama when he paid over half a million dollars to foreign a foreign terrorist company that gave back a couple of soldiers they didn’t trash him for doing that but the conservatives did and they got hounded for trashing Obama..

So you want to run the story about this for lunch if you want to come find me you can I’m in Eugene all the time and I look forward to facing a liberal head on a line liberal vs conservative honest truthful person right here in Eugene I dare anybody to come face-to-face with me because I’ll State the truth and you can’t deny it cuz all you can do is without lies and counterfeit the truth in your own little way. And I ain’t no damn baby sitter so don’t expect me to play nice..

Lawmakers versus lawbreakers

So no one’s told you yet to left is out to destroy every law there is in the US Constitution and I’m willing to do anything to do so the left wants you to believe that Donald Trump is to blame for all the mistakes the left want you to believe that Donald Trump is the one who made the laws that he is enforcing right now do US Constitution is no longer an article of law but article of war.

So do the Democrats honestly believe what they’re doing is correct and legal?

Do the Progressive Democrats honestly believe what they’re going to commit to is lawful and right?

If you’re a Democrat you’re not about to like this post or this point of view if you’re Republican you’re about to throw up all over your shoes because you’re going to hear the truth the truth about everything that is going on in America right now that has us at odds with each other.

There’s a great saying by Sean Hannity The Snowball Effect every time something hits trump it reflects back the doj report proved it once again when they show that the Democrats lied and got involved in a federal investigation John Comey is full of lies.

How do we honestly evaluate our country the United States of America a great place to live but yet we continuously have these border debates about how people are supposed to live and then the DHS the head of the DHS secretary Christian Nelson is of what is totally picked on how is that right and yet because they don’t want to hear it.

As a matter of opinion Christian Nielsen came out and said that it’s the law it’s what’s on the books whatever is on the books is supposed to be followed and yet these anti trumper’s seem to be taking personal shots and Progressive shots at the Trump Administration and they don’t want to sit down and actually talk about it. They want to be children children get punished children learn a lesson when children learn their place in line they know where they are supposed to be these damn Democrats have no idea what’s going on cuz they don’t care up Chuck Schumer doesn’t want to do a damn thing to help him he just wants to make sure he gets paid.

Political Border Wars political politics and DC and yet it’s the Border were fighting about when we don’t Safeguard ourselves against MS-13 at all these despicable people that they have out there these despicable in conscionable people who will run these gangs like MS-13 need to be stopped and yet there’s Democrats out there who are dumb stupid and blind people are dying because of their ignorance.

I said they got a home anti-trump movements and I say that if the Democrats want to be like this why don’t we why don’t we as American people those who believe in the Constitution those who have fought to defend the Constitution take one big step and go to DC and sit at the Senate steps and say you’re not going home until you fix the Border what if we go to our state capitals of all states what if we took up a whole day on television trying to get these people to see what they’re doing to us for once what if we took over the television station and said Democrats you want us here’s the conservative party why don’t you come on down here and listen to these people how about the mothers and fathers who have lost kids to MS-13 along Mexico border.

people are dying Democrats in MS-13 is the cost of life you say you want open borders I say we don’t you say you want to protect us but you’re not protecting us by not changing the Border laws you’re making a war out of this just because you want to stand up and be big strong and tough and stupid well big strong tough and stupid why don’t you do something about it instead of sit on your ass playing yourself get up and do your job that you’re elected to do.

I have no words to describe how I feel about these people who want to sit back and act like children you know I wish I had a big television Studio cuz I get a lot of people in there and I start telling okay tell the US how you feel tell the people in Washington how you feel let’s get them on television.

is there any kind of American if you served in the military you should be appalled at what you’re seeing and Washington you should be telling your leader so you’re not going to serve them if they are going to serve you and you should be telling him hey you know we serve this country we have a right to protect our families and any MS-13 come across that border you better hope that they don’t come in my house because and killed by me to protect my family.

Equality Right and Life

We’ve made statements or remarks on unreal the right are people and the light you cloud believe that their certain type of believing it is Fair to violating people right is good.

The violation of people right is obstructive not very equal right.

See my rights are upheld by Constitution and for that I am very thankful cause also have rights under the Bill of Rights are induction of Laws and rights.

These rights and Law long been discounted by many in world of Press and Media.

This Blog is going to be reporting that will make real news go on forever and will also have the point of View of real News..

I’m Pushing any media in sports and Real Media Coverage is always welcome.

This is my point of view coming up a blog post two talks about inequality among the people the Bill of Rights the Constitution and the articles of which we live by everyday a national conversation that has been brought up more times and not and In God We Trust is in question..

But this is what love is this is what True Romance under the law is this is the picture of love and when you find it you’re never let go let in equality be your judge let equal rights be your examination but remember we all live by the same rights the same rules the same Constitution the same Bill of Rights as far as our partners and the love we have for the woman in our lives with a man and all eyes does not exceed the love we have for each other as human beings.

Their is More to come soon!

Point of View: Life and objectify Relationship

Truth about life always changing always rearranging.

And if the truth scares you then real life is going to frighten you.

And if love makes you run then you’re going to be running for a long time because you need to love yourself as much as they love you..

And the fact is is it there all creating a generation of understanding and compassion.

receiving the kind of understanding and direct conversation that comes from life’s Fortune is always a challenge but understanding that is even a bigger opposition to life and when you understand true life you understand true love.

when you practice the art of understanding and you practice the art of love you also practice the art of many different acts of understanding and actions very often repeat themselves in life.


Objectify: This in matter of pleasure and affection in any case its love with no conditions.

Each and every time you think about it you justify your moments in life and you rejected by the one thing the love you having your heart mind body and soul and how you work like that love is most often reflected and how you pick your friends.

Good food is another guilty pleasure and it always seems to come at just the right time when you’re unhappy or disappointed or something like that that makes you very happy. Some never say that you cannot find a guilty or just a flat-out pleasurable moment.

I’m sure of this in a relationship.

Their a diameter of pleasure of relationship and sexual pleasures is admiration of understanding of emotions and a physical passion. With real commitment to each other body pleasures and sensation.

More to come soon.

Special Report Point of View

Youtube is wanna to have reach 4,000 view and 10,000 subscriber to my channel and I would I welcome to my point of View ..

Video: Brandon’s Point of View

Coming this Thursday a special Breaking News Report about the IG report and what got twitter lit-up with Donald Trump and I’m report on the latest $pyGate and What got Fox News Channel on Fire?.

More breaking soon!!

I’ve the story behind the who world spy at FBI and why Clinton is on hot seat for Obama era breaking the Law..

Hannity: this is total Fake Media Coverage about Donald Trump and fake bias Report about his Family.

Point of View: Real News in Failed Report and Late night Cheap Shots

On The War Path about Trump & Fsmily

You media would spread lies to keep what Sean Hannity and are my Deep State of Fake coverage.

Im here to give you the people truth behind Deep State of Democratic Breaking Down and Powerful are becoming know for who they are.

Is cynicism was a concrete cure for what’s going on in the Democratic party then there’s a real problem because they’re burning themselves out with these celebrities who want to take cheap shots at real news and they can’t seem to find their way out of that fake news process

So just 3 weeks after Melania Trump went in for surgery assertive celebrity named Samantha Bee who is 48 years old who lives in Toronto Ontario Canada who hosts the show called full frontal on TBS decides to use words that describe Melania and she doesn’t think about her ramifications video recording celebrity trash like Samantha Bee is exactly what we’re getting out of these left-wing hacks that are burning the party of understanding to the ground.

Roseanne Barr got banned from ABC for racial tweet on Twitter and ABC News network reflected that by saying that the reason they banned her was because of her constant violation of Twitter use.

A painted up lies when I call it ABC is always been a non-conservative non real news conversationalist and they always take the left his point of view and then use it to their advantage by invoking their own opinions by taking advantage of fake media that CNN creates and they only use CNN news when it’s benefits their anchors.

Skepticism isn’t a cure for communism and stupidity is not a cure for fake news.

I’m giving you the real news the real conversation and the real point of view about what’s going on in entertainment today and if you don’t believe me ask social media and put it out there as a broad question because I’m going to tell you what entertainment is now made up of totally fake news like Samantha be like Oprah Winfrey free and people like that who take cheap shots at political hacks and then they take cheap shots at our United States president Donald J Trump has faced cheap shots from and get he has a shots with a lot of velocity for Comey he does not make it for Hillary Clinton he does not make excuses for cheap talk on late night television and he will not support the process.

Hillary Clinton was found with a hard drive full of classified emails and a basement in a shop that were selling homemade Mom and Pop’s sandwiches and a restaurant so tell me something how is that real about being honest with the American people and then finding out that over a hundred different devices were smashed or destroyed by Hillary Clinton because of classified email information on her cell phone that she did not turn over to the state department at Secretary of State during Obama’s term.

Part of Point of View spyGate Part 2.

So we continue on this roller coaster of Spygate and yet I find myself deliriously wondering how did Hillary Clinton get in contact with a billion dollar Russian to write a fake dossier that got into comey’s hands then got into a whole bunch of other people’s hands and the justice department was ready to indict Donald J Trump before he was even in office President elect Trump didn’t know anything about it and James Comey struck and Paige both were in on the Spygate they were spying on Trump officials and Donald Trump’s campaign team.

And yet I still have the question of how did Hillary Clinton get a Russian to write a fake dossier all about Donald Trump?

And Moller continues to push this Russian dossier as collusion on behalf of Donald Trump but the collusions already been done talked about it’s been said there was no collusion and yet yeah I do it again I put the question to Mueller how are you going to prove collusion when it was Hillary Clinton that colluded with the Russians to get that dossier on Trump?

Remember it was Donald Trump who brought up the phony Russian dossier and he said it was falling from the moment he stepped into the White House his Partners his campaign Team all knew that the Democrats were against him but before they could run him off the campaign Trail they had to do a little number on each other so if you’re looking at collusion look at Hillary Clinton look at president. Look at President Obama look at all these things that are going on and Secretary of State Clinton when she was secretary she was doing a lot of things. That President Obama did not know about so I have to ask myself where is the end of Spygate.

I Did it Once Again Point of View SpyGate Part 2.

A unique set of words I did it again once again I have proven than Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians to get a phony dossier on Donald J Trump to demote a lot of Democrats out of office because of Wicca Wiki leaks and the continuous growing expectation of fake media continues to cover fake news CNN cannot give an honest opinion about anything and yet they continue to cover the fake media fake news like it’s real they give their own personal objectified opinions to what should be a clean clear-cut case of news.

Remember it was Wikileaks who leaked dollars emails about Hillary Clinton’s team to the FBI it was Wikileaks who leaked all those emails about the Democrat top Democrat officials who were colluding with Hillary to run all the other Democratic elected president officials out of the way to clear the way for Hillary Clinton to become president to break the glass ceiling to promote more fake news and take away our gun rights as we know it.

Now we talk about Donald Trump he’s had a lot of success while he’s been in office he’s done a lot of things that nobody else is done he’s created tax revenue will income renewable in come to the United States I might add he’s added more than half million new jobs to an already stabilize the economy and now he’s talking about Tara of on major Metals into the United States and these other countries are like having a fit the European Union the Chinese the Russians the Canadians they’re all having a big fit about this tariff tax on aluminum and steel but yet we have one thing that we are not work on and that is a fair and balanced trade agreement between all these countries.

Point of view “For Real”

So the classic conversation continues and yet I just have to wonder is it just me or has a case already been made to go out and arrest Hillary Clinton for collusion with the Russians has Donald Trump done so much that he’s totally erased Obama’s first term in office and we’re going to race in his second term as he executive order gone out the window with Obama and yet left so many people with jobs with great tax lower taxes and a better way of life in America.

An answer that question I would say yes for real he is done it like no other president has and he’s brought a lot to the table and he’s offered a lot of compromises along the way but the one thing he has not done he is not talk softly to the Korean Peninsula he stood up to the Little Rocket Man and he got what he wanted he got the talks he wanted he got the negotiation he wanted and if it happens it will be on June 12th in Singapore when Trump sits down with the North Korean leader and South Korean leader to talk peace talks denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

So I’ll let you decide thank you for reading this please share your comments please tell me what you think and I’ll be back here next Friday with all new point of view and probably a part 3 in my blog about Spygate.

Point of view Scandal Spygate part 1

Phonies or just Bad seeds in Governorment?

Fancy it’s just like bad apples we never can get rid of them but the truth is is it the American people have a right to know and that fancy so pretty well picture Spygate one of the biggest breaking stories on the TV right now has the people in the picture above listed yes I know it sounds cold but the Democrats use American dollars didn’t tell anybody lied to the American people and used a phony Russian dossier to get Trump spied on by top leaders at the FBI and what does that mean for us will Payne mucho bucks for a failed phony and Russian collusion by the FBI.

The lot of characters in this but I can name two the two lovebirds name struck in page those two sent text messages emails and classified information to each other to talk about what have been happening inside the Obama Administration and what POTUS wanted to know now that if it was anything else would be a failure in the government of breakdown of numbers or breakdown of messages classified information taken outside the FBI headquarters in DC and how does this apply to Hillary Clinton’s exoneration by James Comey.

I never took any classified information outside of the FBI headquarters and all the memos that I wrote will not classified to my knowledge James Comey

And that’s what he said in every television interview from CNN to MSNBC to Fox News to the Liberals in the newspaper New York Times whatever you read whatever you want that is what he has said confirmation from the White House States otherwise nothing should have ever left the FBI.

Hillary Clinton a presidential Run for the Democrats

The same one who said she had no confidential information on her cell phones or pdas or anything like that and bleachbit and acid washed all the information and took a hammer to her pdas just to cover up thousands of emails that the FBI uncover.

James Comey the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

The man who single-handedly wrote the exoneration paper for Hillary Clinton who also never even recorded the conversations in the interrogation room with Hillary Clinton. Spent nearly a half a million dollars investigating what they found to be a real threat to the American people Hillary colluded with the Russians and this man Let Her Go free basically wrote her exoneration and never even asked a question.

struck and Paige the two lovebirds at the FBI underneath James Comey.

classified information was taken outside the FBI both struck and Paige will ask by James Comey to keep president former president Barack Obama informed of the investigation into Trump and the Russians this as more information was unfolding about Clinton’s email Scandal millions of email information and informants or uncovered. where she had her own hard drive built in a basement .

so is this Spygate unfolds as a Mueller investigation is due to come to a close on September 1st of this year you have to ask yourself did Mahler collude with the Russians to get the information he has did the federal government lie to a bunch of judges to cover up what could have been a real Russian collusion case against Hillary Clinton James Comey struck and page and all the other ones who stood to gain from Hillary Clinton winning the election but when she lost big time and got the eyes.

I stand by my decision that I made but riding her exoneration there was no proof of any I stand by my decision that I made but riding her exoneration there was no proof of any type of confidential information James Comey

so I’m beginning to find this whole task TDS and investigating but I’m learning a lot about our federal government just like I learned a lot about the police I believe that when all is said and done is going to be a treasonous charge placed against President former president I should say Barack Obama I believe the Hillary Clinton is going to have trees and placed on her too and I believe that there’s going to be a lot of people going to jail and we’re going to see a lot of in handcuffs turning themselves off to jail not collecting $200 not getting a dime but facing treason miscarriage of Justice.

stay tuned there’s going to be a part 2 to Spygate Scandel

Upgrade planing

Hello my name is Brandon

I’ve been a lot of the post to social media and this blog and my vlog as well.

I’m 30 year old and I’m 5′ 6″ height and I’m just make up good talking point for all of topic. And my whole is base on being real prospective point of view .

I welcome you all to follow me on snapchat with me anytime. I love to get other point of view including hosting live point of view conversation on Youtube with anybody .

I welcome new subscriber when I hit 4,000 viewer and new subscribe to my channel and I do same subscribing to your channel..

I have surprise for all my youtube.

Point of View:

LOOKING at the real talk and what making this Point of View REAL because we have to respond to our liars in Government especial liar in Dems in Washington DC.

I’m sure of this we need REAL people who want the truth about elections.

“Making America Great Again power Trump”

You make want real-life decision well it about Real Talk when it comes to Trump plan and He fighting for the people of America and the Democratic lies published by CNN.

We must not be misled by left-wing incompetent news media that, day after day, feed us a diet of fantasy telling us we are bigots, racists, and hate-mongers. “

George Wallace

CNN: has made a lot of Hate Mongers in Media and I do truly agree with George Wallace.

Most people treat the news media like the exercise bike they have in their basement. They’re glad it’s there but they never use it.

Drew Curtis

Real change happens when we pit the truth to trash the lies in America so when you vote to make a true change because ‘True is what America Great”.

Stay Tune: we are making more happen soon!

Check out this link: Brandon’s Point of View

Bell To Bell for WWE Universe From London United Kingdom

We are covering the Live action of the WWE from London in the United Kingdom in England. I am looking forward to war of world about the International Tour with great Event Taking place in WWE Community.

I am looking forward to Money in the Bank on WWE Network when coming from WWE talent is picking up there game for Money in the Bank ladder match and the key here sit at the of the ladder with title match at some future title shot.

WWE Monday night Raw was live from the O2 area in London when this next Monday they stateside again in Long Island, New York . and i am looking forward to scoring interview with few of the WWE executives soon to see what make it worth going overseas for 2 weeks..

I have the top 5 list of WWE Superstar who Top Talent inside the WWE Superstar .

1. Randy Orton is one of the many great top talents in World Wrestling Entertainment, He has made total story out of WWE Future Hall of Famer like Triple H & John Cena and Celebrating his Life in the World Wrestling Entertainment as Total Talent Top tear level..

2. Whole women Superstar have become a top talent pick for WWE and the World Wrestling Entertainment and you can see them on WWE Monday Night Raw and WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown Live and NXT on Wednesday Night on the WWE Network

3 AJ Style is coming as super kicker for the WWE top Talent roster for Tuesday Night main Event and He made a Top Talent for beating the best the WWE has to Offer in superstar like John Cena and Shane McMahon, For i feel that he has made real effort to progressive move up the ladder of Success..

4. The Uso have also powerful driver in the WWE of the Tag Team, it become real sight to see new star born in the WWE and taking to ring really well…

5. Roman Reigns have made real clear about WWE Title held by Brock Lesnar in current Raw Manager has no clue how elevate title held by Brock and i don’t know how Brock can even be a committed SuperStar when Raw and WWE Title treat so differently by Raw Management.

From Bell to Bell we’ve want to tribute to Returning WWE Superstar Bobby L. and his return to Monday Night Raw has been talked about by many in the WWE.

More to Coming Soon

Reminder: < My point of View will be this Friday with few words for some of out left field government law maker in California,Washington And Oregon.

Brandon Point of View this Friday

How can you be so close off about the great acceptance of South Korea when i think of what didn’t happen with Former President Obama and what i am learning about Hillary Clinton and this Russian Prob by Department of Justice Robert Mullah.

I am very impressed by Donald Trump and what action he has completely created a peace talk across Country in Korea to put end on Korea War in South Korea and this mean That trump will meeting in June 17 2018 this year..

Let move to next topic of this week.. I am bring you my WWE Universe Mode at WWE 2K18 and so this Friday i brought the first round susan G Komen match up for title and my bell 2 Bell will live at 12am/3et only on YouTube..

I am going to bringing you more YouTube by hosting more then anyone is ready for by introducing more show right here on YouTube Shows and i have a long list of new show looking for models and new actor to make the new show. and having fun making entertainment for all of you on YouTube.

Shows like

Brandon’s Point Views every Friday on YouTube

Brandon WWE Universe Mode Every Wednesday on YouTube

Bell 2 Bell Covering WWE Week on Saturday Morning on YouTube

Stay Tune for More

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Riding Lane Transit Distract

I think it time we gave a honest review of some come in and around Eugene Oregon from the point of view of customers.

Lane Transit Distract : it best service is the bus service and their are some drivers who are awesome then some who don’t care .

True fact: Employees are not respect and they also spy on with company equipment.

True Fact: Employee follow the rules and then customer lies and the Driver get a lecture about enfpcing simple rules by Supervisited and Manager.

I would love to meet the peoples made the system and get the answer they deserved. And give promise of no repercussions for giving honesty with manager.

More to come soon.

Breaking News Flash

News Flash Wednesday

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Thank You YouTube

This weekend is my thank you Point view special Thank you to New Subscribers to my YouTube Channel.

My goals for all my reader and subscribers to youtube to share one word that make our life easy and it called “L❤ve” I’m big believer in Never give Up and also be real about Live Show on YouTube please subscribe.

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My Top 5 Celebraties inspiration “Point of View”

Let with number 1# Joyce Meyers

Mrs, Meyer is inspirational to be love by God and she is one very special women.

Let go with number 2# Duane “Dog” Chapman

Your know better as Dog The Bounty Hunter and his who life has been change by leading the fight for good life..

Let go with number 3# Sean Hannity

He fox news host of Hannity America and he inspiring honest report and give true news view.

Let go with number 4# John Cena

WWE Superstar made him very special for his say and the tagline “Never Give Up” real America strips and he share true love of Country America and Arm force that what though is that “Never Give Up” attitude that I share with John Cena.

Let go with Number 5# Laura Ingraham

Yeah I’m at Laura Ingraham she has the Ingraham angle on her show that’s a great angle I mean it really puts into Focus real life situations and it gives you a perspective of what Miss Ingram is all about.

So there’s my top 5 celebrity pics for most inspirational people now I know that celebrities should be fun and talked about but this is my blog this is my point of view and this is what’s going up for my Friday welcome to my world ladies and gentleman Real Talk Real News Real conversation. And a real point of view my view Brandon Vaughan View the point of view that I see works best for me.

I encourage you guys to email me anytime I encourage you guys to talk to me anytime on social media be asked question that you want to ask because all I answered in my blog ask question do you think your friends might want to see asked a question that nobody else is willing to ask except for a few short-sighted pinheads out there that are just out there to ruin somebody’s life.

Thank you for reading Brandon for interview email at bvaughan198749@hotmail.con.

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Watch “Brandon WWE Raw & 205 Live-WWE 2K18” on YouTube

YouTube Live SmackDown Live & 205 Live May 1st 2018 WWE2K18

Stuttgart, Germany had 2K18 Game live with 205 and many other great match and left the crouserweight in the best position with new champion and also great main event for 205 live and SmackDown left with great main Event all on the WWE Universe ON the WWE 2K18 video games

Akira Tozawa has become the New Cruiserweight Champion and it was not for nothing he head in to the Elimination chamber with 7 other in the hunt to get his title this this Sunday on WWE Universe in 2K18 video Game including the Elimination Championship for the WWE Championship and Raw Women title will also be defend in the first Female Elimination chamber Match.

Rivalries BreakDown in WWE 2K18 in WWE Universe including how the Top 20 superstar Rank in the Power Ranking happening every month.


Skinsuke Nakamura & Finn Balor

VS. Apollo Crew & Mankind

Remark Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor are making big Impact as a Tag Team Competitors, so what could be call biggest shake up it all happening on WWE 2K18 Video Game is have action happening inside the Universe mode with great Competitors stepping up their game plan this all happening against Matt and Jeff Hardy in the WWE Universe Mode of 2K18 video Game..

The Big Vs Undertaker is making for great rivalry in the WWE with the Big Show Tempted dark Forces by calling out The Undertaker to a Face-to-Face confrontation. In a Tense exchange in front of the crowd, Both Superstars exchanges promises and Threats of Victory at their coming WrestleMania Match !

Stay Tune cause you for change in my Universe mode at anything or anytime going forward..

New Show Premier This Morning called Bell-To-Bell Show

I am bring all from the 2K videogame including the WWE2K game and this mean i am bring the best of the WWE Television Show and WWE2K18 game

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I am always going to be very straight forward with all of you about new show and i am looking for few people produce more shows for YouTube and also making Few Show for Instagram Post View Point that could be very helpful projects .

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YouTube Channel for Monday Night Raw My WWE Universe

I am happy to introduce this New Viewership and also sharing space with other new vlog call Brandon Point of View. I am also opening up Promotion on YouTube for my show with short view and i am continuous building of my website for great deals..

This mean i am going to offering my Universal Business Entertainment and as we push for 1 million hits on YouTube during my Monday Night Raw on My WWE Universe Mode on WWE 2K18.. I will be continuous growing with Greatest Moment to come in Team Promotions with New YouTube VIdeos Coming out every Week..

Wednesday will the video release day for Monday NIght Raw And Tuesday Night SmackDown and also Sunday will my Brandon Point of View Vlog..

I will continuous to Grow my YouTube Team Partnership and i am pushing 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

I am also going to be push for 1,000,000 follow on Instagram and Twitter for my first Ever View Choice Match to Help Raising Money For Susan G Komen and i am Making the Proposal right now to Create Revenue for .

Much More to Come

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Support true Leadership in the White House

Breaking Now: Donald Trump is winning the overseas, And the United State President Donald J Trump is get big results of the North Korean who make a effective moves to change the Nuclear Korea and is make big steps.

North Korea has been taking steps to make peace across many of the platform include the disarming of Nuclear Arms. If Donald Trump is losing then the Korea must got the message about Trump will stand by just let North Korea be Nuclear and this was clear by the actions proving to every country that United State is Enforcing the laws of united Front to stand together disarm North Korea in the long Term.

Trump is making Agreements with our foreign friends leadership including many more things and is wanna fair and balance trade across the Table, And i would say that we’re getting agreement across many thing.. this is real and i believe that we need share our support with Donald Trump. His actions have very progressive and very projective over the 2 years while in Offices. I mean he a business man and he also a great Negotiator with trade and make exception to work with every country and showing very powerful leadership as our United States President Donald J Trump.

My name is Brandon Vaughan and once i am going to be sharing my point of view on fair and balance media report with this story because i truly believe that Donald Trump has shown such heart and hard work to make “America Great Again” Peace come with cost but so does war and if you dont give Trump a true chance will always be at odds and the whole world does like him..

WWE St Louis MI Monday NIght Raw

If you thought the WWE was Crazy then you mis read the Q Card at the start of Every WWE Event anything can happen on Raw and SmackDown Live. Tonight Monday Night Raw was No changes to that Rule of Anything can happen .

St Louis Mi: Lit-up with Greatest Royal Rumber this Friend live internationally. and it promising to be the most WrestleMania era feel to this Paid Per View. And if the biggest Event Internationally didn’t have you talk you should have seen the power of the Braun do his number on Kevin and Sami tonight on Raw.

Breaking News: The hasn’t reported anything but one of the female superstar was injured in main event and One of other new superstar got involved in the main event Mickie James did a baseball slide and nail her right in the back of Ronda Rosey during the Main Event on WWE Monday Night Raw..

Now this the WWE greatest power is when it come together great charities like Make-A-Wish, Susan G Komen and more to let people live out their dream so in honor of World Wish Day being this Sunday April 29 2018 i would send out helping Hand to get people to donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation for World Wish Day let grant some awesome kids some wishes this Sunday 29 of 2018 .

I would like to give my prayer and love to Barbara Bush who pass away this week and was buried on Saturday in Dallas TX and send my love Former Presidents Bush and his Family.

But tonight we honor the other hero who inspiring people to be there best in everything they do and here is Mr, Bruno Sammartino who passed this last week and update check the for life and times of the greatest superstar that ever lived as sold out the Madison square Garden in New York City 6 times as a Professional Wrestler,

We honor both the legendary status of Barbara Bush and Bruno Sammartino cause in their made them self greatest people to ever live on this Earth and Will truly missed but with love and Admiration i send you prayer and may you bother walk though Heaven together to watch our Generation..

In Honor of IConic Superstar Passing

This past week on Wednesday April 17 2018 it was first reported by on passing of Bruno Sammartino has died and tonight on Monday Night raw he had relive his life in Professional Wrestling Entertainment, I wanna to send my well wishes to Sammartino Family and his Friends #WWE World Wrestling Entertainment and his greatest where these inspiring the younger fan of Wrestling to become a great inspiring them be their best.

With his passing i wanna to take this time to publish a story about Bruno and make sure that all the Fan of WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino and sharing moment in Professional Entertainment inside of Professional Wrestling. I think his Life will be in forever Learning about also Inspiring all of WWEUniverse, #HallofFrame

Top News Story of the Month

Special Federal prosecutor is looking into charges of lying to FBI and Congressional committee

Washington D.C: As the fighting continue in washongton DC people are looking Answers in Regards to Cromey Book and the republicans are pushing the indictments of some Obama Eras Top official in FBI scandal and Trump has hired a special prosecutor for the action present by Cromey and other in the Obama Era White House..

Russian prob has break News it was create by DNC and Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton was prove to be affiliate with Russian ties during the Election when it was here and that phony dossier create on Donald Trump.

Open on Hannity this isn’t bias but is reports the truth about media for CNN

Fox News Reporting :Growy and Goodlatte on Special counsel in the investigation of FBI bias and Obama administration bias and spy on trump team

Power Ranking for Government

1 Braun strowman and Nicholas 🔝

2 John Cena and The Undertaker 🔛

3 Jeff Hardy as United States Champion🔝

4 Aj Style and Daniel Bryan ➕

5 Kurt Angle & Rowdy Ronda Rousey 🔀

6 The Miz and Mizfits & The Bar 🔽

7 Stephiane McMahon & Triple H ⏸

8 The New Day ⏫

9 The Perfect 10 & R Truth⏬

10 the bludgeon Brothers Tag Team Title⏏

Talking Points for Tonight YouTube Show

I am bring you new point of talking point and i am really pushing the simply point to bring out the best media post for news and ethic and moral news story, it my thinking if you post something you better make a real news posting.

KEZI 9 News

Has following it affiliate is posting on ABC News and Happen to believe that if you want real news you make real fact points in regards what the media read. it been one of these Media are somewhat bias to our Country..

I am going to be the first website to post real news feed and keep my social media active with Real story happening around the World, This i am continuous trump the Media bias with real clear feed and i will not give any media a platform to openly not report real News story and cover the news with unbiased opinion.

Media Bias: CNN has prove that they don’t fair reporting standards, It come from their left wing bias hard Democratic line with CNN. Some how i think CNN is creative using their station as bashing points for any conservative.

You really don’t have go far to know that CNN isn’t news network. it a popping with blasting the other media network including Fox News and or Shane Hannity when you fine that media bias has coruppet a News Network like CNN it time you make public how you feel about the bias media hate speech.

Real Media: This Real Media will have complete coverage balance report and fair reporting across many things in United States Entertainment including Social Media and Real News reporting across many website platform of media and Live Media Reporting with no Bias and no Hate speech.

I am going to trying make sure when my entertainment network start we give a fair and balance approaches to giving the people a open platform to express they view and give the completion a real run for their money by shutting down the bias media and returning to fair and Balance report and create Real Talk on Balance Talking Points across all of media including social Media live shows.

Media cutting edge off the Bias out

Weather you watch it on tv or read it in the newspaper or listen to it on radio . this will my way of cutting the bias journalism that is happening with media outlets in the United States. We need to return to a fair and balance standard of report and it’s is important to assessment how you the view gain control over the news and point of view i am building with the people help..

No more Bias on this Network

No more hate speech on this Network

No more one side reporting on this network

No lopsided reporting in media on this Network.

Power Talk Points

I am on getting for power Talking Point of interest and what i am updating on all my social media site for all of you to read and bring you in social media read out.. what happening in WWE Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night SmackDown Live

WWE Superstar Shakeup countdown begin again tonight on SmackDown Live and who from Raw will be join the Tuesday Night Team SuperStar Live for Next Tuesday as the All the WWE SuperStar power up for The Great Royal Rumber in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

New Show: Making A Difference in America

I am pushing for new idea and better building tools for new business and also opening these states that need the business building tool. this including Social Media and App building tool for Google Android and Apple App Store, It will be progressive move to create change for America Small Business..

I wanna give people the real view and help my state change for real by pulling together a board of Directors. I’m wanting to generate the best in business and people income. I am real about make changes across the United States..

Board of Directors:

1 Building Proposal’s to create a budget, New Homeless, Cutting Taxable Income by 5% over the 10 years.

2 Working to build better Small And Large Business income Taxable Income rate reset in Oregon.

3 Blending to bring new Plan forth to present United States Government for better Economic removal of Wasteful spending. Making landmark changes across the government of Oregon.

4 Advertising and Affiliate Marketing plan would help Build Good Budget and Presenting Budgets

5. Board of Directors would be important part of this plan and Proposals project create with for people.

if you wanna know more just follow my blog as i build this company and my new business..

instagram @bvaughan198759

twitter brand1entertain

Seek cuddle relationship


I’m 30 yrs old and  I’m 5’6″ and I’m teddy bear. I lover of music and  I’m also friendly preson.
Falling in love really is a journey. There are stages, uphill climbs, breezy trails, slippery slopes and everything in between. When you say “I love you” for the first time, it has a very different meaning than when you say it one year into the relationship.

Seeking slim for curvy and age 24to 35 local Eugene, Springfield, Oregon I’m seeking Girlfriemds who want to have actual Common sense relationship and no cheating. Or lying to me cause if your fake about how you feel don’t worry about me.

My interest in Entertainment and Business, Friends and  Professional Entertainment.. Message me if your local and we can all talk or meet in town some where..

Business entertainment

You could disagree with new laws for taxes, maybe this is the opportunity for the new entrepreneur or businessmen or women to start up new business in Oregon,

By February the new laws take effect and you really wanna make difference thus I’m here to start that crews into the new year.

See I found it by reading the whole lot and not reading bits and pieces of it I can attach them quite a lot of sense and so I’m taking the opportunity like everybody else should just start a business, Because that’s the opportunity is been given too many of us.

See I’m seeing the opportunity here for a business I haven’t seen the opportunity that the tax breaks for sent two people like me and the opportunity for people who need a job to actually have a job and have more money in their pocket this opportunity if not taken correctly could be misunderstood is more tax hikes.

But I’m looking to create a business entertainment center with a lot of different fractions and many different layouts but the minimum start-up cost is right around $10,000 and that covers everything from start-up to completion to seeing it finished.

Start itemize description of purchase. That be used for the business.

Laptop to create new business include a business optimized business plan and affiliate marketing proposal. 
*Business planning ” include a full budget plan for business plan

$1,500 Promotion & Advertising 
Social Media and website building with professional help to get the affiliate marketing program start at a general center for Entertainment in Sports and Movie building a Center for Charity including International support Komen and the Make A wish and also anti-bullying Campaign.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter video recorder to help me promote my entertainment what type of entertainment I want to bring to other including non-Profit program.

X PlayStation 4 game
X Live Event & Television Event
X Paid Per View Event 
X Video Game live Event

New come polical arena of Life my view points

I may be just a little bit out of the political Arena or I may just be losing it totally but in my realm of possibilities I do not see how a community leader such as president Trump can go on Twitter and politically Bosch everybody else.

I really do hate to say this but isn’t being a eye on America doesn’t that mean that you have more responsibilities than just sucking your thumb and whining about the stuff why don’t you go out and make a difference that’s what’s been wrong with America the president sits in his office and b****** about it but it does nothing about it..


This is how this idiot got away with what he got away with and now we’re presenting that same option to president Trump if we do not stop this is bad government from running over the top of us there is no change coming soon I realize that but Trump stop bashing America stop bashing what you don’t know and get out there and do the job

Our failed attempts at building a business are done it is time we succeed at something it is time that somebody run on the basic grounds of either it gets done or doesn’t and that’s what we should run on making America great again is not going to work it’s called get it done or get fired and I would start by firing every single person who’s been in there over 10 years and a party that is so fiddled and fickle with Scandal it is time to start firing and rehiring new people new people to take the place of these old fogies who can’t seem to do the job.

I have no respect for people who sit on Twitter and whine about oh well Trump has done this Trump hasn’t done that or sit on Facebook and whine about it there’s a job in getting done and get out and do the damn job yourself let’s make a smarter election stop making people stupid and stop voting how you feel if you feel like you’re voting in a repeat drama then don’t vote.

I realize America is in the s****** but we’re voting on our feelings and we’re not voting on the rights of a mini Americans which we should be doing every American has the right to vote that’s true but every illegal doesn’t have the same right as we do and we just stop giving them them rights and they’re not here legally there is illegal they need to be tossed out of the country We Want to Build a Better America it starts when we take it back our American jobs it starts when we take back what we know to be right and starts when businesses big businesses start to see that hiring illegals to work for them is against the law.

And it’s also time for us to start looking at the viewpoints of our younger Americans is some younger American take the reins and let’s see how well this country gets in shape because I’m going to tell you what if I was running for president I will be the first one to go up in that office and see I want to meet with every Republican Democratic senator there is an congressman and I don’t care who you are I don’t care how long you been there I wanna meet them

We can’t solve this country’s Problems by bitching about what doesn’t get done and what does get done and what doesn’t happen does happen we can’t solve them like that as the Democrats are in a democracy hell-hole and let him be there but there’s going to be a few hundred people get fired and a few hundred people get hired and not by vote by executive order it’s time we take back America and put America back on his feet it’s time we did get law enforcement to do the job they’re paid to do and stop Philly f****** around with other things that are not really much of a difference..

If a government’s not going to work for us and let’s do the work for the government let’s start electing the younger generation to do the job and let’s get people in there that make the difference if every person who is 35 or better would run for an office and make the difference that needs to be made and let these Party politics go to the Wayside and put everybody on notice that the younger generation is stepping up then good it’ll mean A change is underway and the government’s going to fall to the younger generation and that means we start making changes immediately .

We can put the power of Social Security back and what belongs with the Social Security Administration and we stop dipping into the fun and we pay all the money back over the next 20 years to make sure it gets done cuz that money belongs to the retirement and the people who have worked very hard for that money $30,000 earn from one person can get somebody a lot of bread and you pay a lot of bills and it’s time we stop having the federal government dip into what should be a private organization and be one privately by the people.

It’s time for consistency and it’s time for a change 500 million billion people live in this country there’s not one who can understand what this country is going to go through if we don’t make the change now.

I want to know is there one person who would offer up $500,000 and runt help a younger person run for presidential office help the younger generation finally put a foothold what it needs to be help those young children who want to be in the government be in the government and fund them for what they’re worth because that’s where the changes going to begin that’s where people are going to start seeing that the younger generation 8 as stupid as the older generation would like to think it’s time we put our grandfathers and grandmothers to rest and it’s time we start building our own country.

We let them live on retirement let us make the country run let them do what they want to do for a change and the younger generation around the country it’s time we take these and bassadors these cars in stars out of this totally stupid democracy and put some actual talent in there to do the job and nobody wants to do it I’ll do it because I’ll start firing people that don’t do the job they’ve been paid to do and it was called her back and forth and then you’re fired..

Encouraging speech


You ever want to be positive about something will be positive about how you feel because it even about saying things that really means something

Attention please this fight has just landed in the positivity section please have your boarding passes ready and we’ll board you was a bunch of positivity and encouragement thank you.

Well you know what that means you’re not encouraged yet you better get encouraged because life only gets better if you work at it everyday challenges become a lot easier if you face the challenges head-on you win if you start looking for other people to FaceTime with they ain’t going to start losing credibility self respect understanding and a lot more because the love that you share with yourself is just about as a valuable as a love that you share with your better half the woman you dream of being with for the rest of your life.

That’s why it’s so important to share the love and just know that you’re just landing on the airport to encouragement and confidence and respect and Indulgence once in awhile so be happy be fruitful be desirable and do everything you can to make her feel like she is that much more important.

Cuz when you show confidence self-respect Indulgence love and pleasure you win you win in a big way because you take all the fire and all the passion and you put it into her body and you helped her to exceed her own eyes and you kind of blow her mind for that. Of time where she doesn’t know what’s going to happen next to surprise is truly all that matters the Indulgence is what matters to so share the love share the encouragement and share the positivity and love yourself and love the things you have cuz love is a million dollar win for you and beautiful woman you love.

True life Goals By Brandon V


Today we highlight the goals of our life’s by making statement to our success and we forget these goal are archived by working with other people to building things and people who these objective work for the good of the people.

When we highlight the people true goal by the hardworking people who our job easy and people create opportunity for us into the feature .

True victory is when people from all walk of life sit down with other have that conversation with other and offer up opportunity for these in old fashion way..

Then and only then do we began to understand the holidays and what we see in life and the true meaning of life goals.

Business is goal for me but I’m working hard build a community of income and give the opportunity to build my business to women who believe in Entertainment,Sports , Television and family & Friends Business cause together we can accomplish amazing jobs .

Be respectful
Be Honestly
Be Helpful
Be Understanding

Build these roads of opportunity like I am doing by research and a commitment to business plan that I’ve already created.

Teasure the Female body


The clitoris has approximately 8,000 nerving endings, which is more than anywhere else in the female body.

Those three words are go along way right along with every other word that comes with courtesy and kindness and the respect you show to each other’s bodies especially a woman’s body.

So my idea is to seek the woman who wants to get pleasure and not just half pleasure but full pleasure I want to see what a woman has to offer when I can give her full on acquainted pleasure and make her climax every time she comes home and has a smile on her face I want to see a woman that can smile with dignity and humility and be happy with the type of pleasure I’m talking about..

Cuz I want to prove that 25% wrong I mean that’s one of my goals I want to prove that that 75% is false but it has to happen with more than just me I want every woman to have that unconditional pleasure feeling that unconditional happiness that any woman deserves even if it’s Friends with Benefits I want to prove it wrong and I want to I want women who feel comfortable to have that happen to them I want to see how many women can without a question feel comfortable having a man give them the ultimate pleasure..

By giving them the ultimate pleasure you take their minds and you love them for who they are and then when they’re ready they will go further and the friends you will become good friends at that point when they are ready for you to indulge their body cuz their body requires lots of love affection and attention and the pleasure that they seek is to be taken over the top of the mountain and down the other side and to be happy with that pleasure beyond what any man may think of pleasure I want the women that would feel comfortable with that to know that my ultimate goal is to have the best friends of pleasure and give only to those who feel they want it the most.

Cocina love you two people to a woman and meaning it is the top goal but saying I love you and standing by it and giving her the ultimate Thrill Ride is important to because you have to course you have to understand and you have to be very positive about what you’re doing with her I’m not asking for money I’m not asking for an income I’m asking for entertainment I’m asking to entertain the woman’s body her Pleasures her delightful warm comfortable emotions that I will love to share in.

Absolute Total humility is what I’m going for Absolute Total respect of the female body is what I’m here to offer Absolute Total respect for the personality and it’s not taking anything it’s offering her something more special it’s like a massage except you’re massaging her from the inside out and on the inside her body is going to feel good and on the outside her body is going to feel relaxed because it is a great relaxation that when she gets to that point she’s going to be happy for the rest of the night and for a long time.

Cuz when you continue to offer her that type of pleasure that type of intimacy into her life it rotates in pretty soon it’s not just her taking it it’s her friends wanting that type of Thrill Ride it’s her friends one in that type of pleasure and that will make the Friendship grow and also have respect and show kindness and love to balance the attainable goal and I want to have these females because I want them to also be a part of doing Instagram shows getting them talking about the pleasure.

Getting them to talk about themselves getting them to integrate themselves into entertainment getting them to entertain you guys showing you guys that love is more about the woman then sometimes the man and that if this guy can do it then why can’t you sharing those details of a massage to encourage better encounters ..

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For Real


For real the only thing that’s not for real is what you don’t do at the time you fall in love this is for Real.

I said this was for real so love is a real thing so is accomplishment so is female pleasure so is the fact that 75% of women never have climax or orgasm in their life.

And in fact of that 75% only  30% came very close to it but never actually achieved a full climax or orgasm.

You want real facts you want Real Results well these are the results of the search that I have done and I would be pleased to have anybody share their understanding or whatever they want to know.

Cuz I can tell you what for real real is seeking the ultimate Thrill Ride real is giving the ultimate pleasure real is being real with the woman you’re with and real is completing the tasks that you brought forth in the area of satisfaction and sexual encounters..

A pretty high number of 75% should put any man to shame and I know it has put me there because I wouldn’t rather see a woman orgasm and have her smiling and happy and warm then have that 75% hanging over my head now I don’t know how many of you actually admit to it but that 75% is pretty large cuz of only 25% that possibly have had an orgasm or climax fully after having a male sexual encounter..

Love and Happiness

I love you


I’m going to use my imagination cuz it says be imaginative so I’m going to use very imaginative.

So you stand across the room looking at her eyes glowing over the fact that you falling for this beautiful tall sanding woman who’s about five seven maybe 5-6 and that’s perfectly on your chest she goes for a hug she shares her moments with you you go on a couple of dates and then when it’s time you decide and she decides to get more intimate.

So your imagination runs wild your expectations run everywhere and you start looking at her body imagining what she looks like with no clothes on thinking of you how sweet she might taste with your lips touching every inch of her body her legs her feet her abdomen her chest and all those things come to mine but you still respect her as a woman.

And she asked and wonders the same thing except she wonders how your ear will taste or how your kiss will be for the first time and then the woman comes when it’s all on the line and all you can do is make the best of it.

I’ve always had this imagination of taking things so limit so here comes the limit of which I take my imagination.

The man starts by kissing her neck in that warm dry room where the only thing that’s going is the music in the background and preparing the shower.

The woman starts by grabbing his hands and his arms and in bracing herself into his body pressed firmly together not even a penny would fall.

In the man Works her his way around her neck kissing every inch of it even through the hair her long luscious blonde brunette hair.

And she slowly turns to him their lips coming close together she goes in for a kiss. His lips touch yours caressed by the softness and by the smoothness she forgets it’s a kiss and she puts his puts her arms around him helping him to untuck his shirt and remove it slowly from his body.

He flexes his muscles as he picks her up and carries her from the bed to the rest to the bathroom so softly setting her down removing her blouse beginning to undo her blouse from her body slowly she begins to undo his pants unbuttoning them and slowly removing them from his legs his muscles flex and she kisses his stomach and then he begins to remove the stretchy leggings that she put on slowly and he starts to slowly kiss across your stomach down her midline working his lips and he starts to slowly kiss acrossed her stomach down her MEDLINE working his lips all the way down one side tell the leggings come off then he done does her chooses she’s lying and softly begins to work his way back up her stomach kissing every inch of it.

So if your imagination works you know how the rest of it goes and if you don’t I’m just here to entice you to turn out the best of love and what is beautiful about love is when two people can make each other so happy that nothing else matters not the music not the noise outside but what’s in their heart and how they share.

And also how the undress each other. Because that is truly the most beautiful thing that you can do for a woman and one other thing you can do as much as she compliments you remember you have to compliment her too so it’s not just you it’s her to the love you guys share will make the difference in the love you guys have and in that night you will learn everything you need to know about a woman right there by sharing the intellectual moments of sexual connections and Pleasures with her right in that night of ecstasy and love and the word I love you is what that will entail for each one of you.

Plan Pleasure Night


You sure your ready for this pleasures please me night ?

Cause i am going to explain few items for this to take place if you have any question about what happen then you have your answer is NO cause this about the women just as much as it about you to.

Now my question: Are you sure you’ll ready for this night?

While you think about let me be perfectly honestly you and the women your going to donate to her happiness with the pleasure pleases night mean that you’ll going open up to each other body with

Next were going to start with the women and the need to know about female!

  1. Did you know that the female body has over 85 pleasure points their body.
  2. Did you know that the virgina has over 60,000 pleasure sensors down in republic of women privates
  3. Did you know it take avager of 30 to 45.5 minutes to have compliment to to Orgasm and if done right you will have happier women in bedroom..
  4. Did you know that if you give her the delightful pleasure of compliment she will always be grantful for the diamond you share with her body..
  5. Did you know that a female body can also handle the type of orgasm that make their whole body quiver and that is just that half of it for most women their is way more if you continue some will completion with liquid that squirted when hit the high point of orgasm..

now their all the 5 things you need to know . now if that mean you feeling out progressive moment of rapid segaments of pleasure for her and you and the only peace of mind that i can offer you is that in that the night you do all this you will have totally compliment her body for the good feeling you and her share.

About 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone — that is without the extra help of sex toys, hands or tongue. And 10 to 15 percent never climax under any circumstances.                                       “ABC News”

Now this is 75 percent of all have never reach orgasm, now i am really surprises to me because if love is true each and every women should be able to accomplish a orgasm with the love of life..


I would be unhappy if my Women wasn’t compliment with orgasm completion, and i am sure that this something all of us need make better pleasure for our Women’s in our life. 

  1. if you can’t have open conversation about sex then your already done!
  2. Now you can have open conversation about sex then you already on your way!
  3. if your lifestyle has been limited to want to hear then truly disappointment to many women cause if your male you should have common interest in women.. 
  4. common interest in women is lifestyle, sexual encounter and true happiness ..
  5. make them as comfortable as possible as you and also show what real love is.. 

Breaking: I love you of Relationship

I am posting a few story that i have found about the relationship that don’t make connection and what kinda of sexual pleasure failure for women by the man she thought would share compliment to her body she did to his compliment as she did..

The Sun Times  publish a story about self pleasure women and i am have few more story about pleasuring women and what make true love..

Lisa and Michael share a great relationship but in the past year with michael she has never experience an orgasm with Michael, She love him,

Now before i got Lisa is 23-year-old and she has never had orgasm or climax to have an orgasm .

i have talke lisa and michael the reason lisa is happy with Michael because their share same tasted in food and music.

Lisa and Michael will have to make arrangement to seeking advoice on bettering the pleasure lifestyle and i will have indepth looking at more couple who are willing to talk..

Now i am going to start self impovement on lifestyles and i would like all of you to become a part of the conversation with lifestyle change and continue to explaning the love and pleasure lifestyle.. 

Women need love


So the continuing learning is the Periodic Table of relationships of understanding of humility of anxiety.

We’ve all had our discipline we’ve all understood what we must do we’ve accepted those things which we cannot believe but the female body is one thing I am pretty much willing to believe the negotiation of life is a negotiation of death but we make no exceptions to our sexual pleasures or our intimate fantasies.

I’m happy to always learn new things to always experience something new in life I’m happy to look at the view of something new from something old I find pleasure in the happiness of extending life through sexual pleasure.

There’s nothing stronger nothing more gratifying than a smile or a look of Happiness over a female’s face the woman who takes the hand of the man who forever and then defies himself to love her cherish her give her pleasure at all cost is that the man will always be her Treasure Trove of intimacy and fantasy.

Romance is not a given its own learning romance is a growing number of oddities in life and yet no female has ever understood what true Oddities are like an orgasm or a moment of pure ecstasy in their head that is what they look for when they look for a man that moment of pure ecstasy that runs through their head the day or the night before they have that pleasure full night with that man.


Amen skin blood bones arteries veins and body parts all connected all put together by man the bone of a man the stem of a woman the bones many more than a man has or all put together just the same the arteries the capillaries of the body connected for pleasure find their way so does pain through female body but in that is pleasure is Delight it’s happiness if done right.

Female autonomy female Rose is all of what we want female expenditures that we look to the eyes the ears the mouth the pleasure Center of entertainment the conversation for men and women they look at the but they look at the front of a guy we look at the top and the backside of a woman ecstasy true autonomy with each other true understanding true orgasmic touches.

Tether to a leash of pleasure and intimacy of life’s finest art and the most beautiful thing you can ever see is a naked woman standing fully nude in front of you ready for love a man standing with nothing on in the nude in front of her ready for anything pleasurable and delightful to each other’s bodies but for one night the happiness that glows or forever be said that love took its place on the man and the woman the woman shares the most beautiful sounds of romance.

Just as a man shares the most conservative sounds of pleasure with her but they both want the same they both want to reach a point of pure ecstasy an orgasm of many levels a cosmic kiss reached in the hands of Mother Nature with a woman and the man Never Letting Go always keeping it going and one done both happy both satisfied with each other both a ton of my chest to the body touch to the body’s feeling both warm sweaty and ready to rest in each other’s arms.

I will submit to you that the happiness of one feels is much more than what a man feels and that is why I tell you the Tethered to a woman is the greatest feeling of all and you will never know unless you try so don’t give up give them that autonomy give them that orgasm give them that happiness that they seek because for that they will forever be happy with you. In their eyes in their body and their heart a female body is the perfect cinnamon to love and the perfect ! of a man.

Complemented by woman’s Kiss by holding hands by wrapping each other up in each other’s arms and Never Letting Go in that night love is total experience total intimacy total ecstasy total autonomy with each other.

I love you says it right there with you and her wrapped in each other’s arms wrapped in pleasurable ecstasy and autonomy together.

Building the perfect Advice



Have you ever shared an interest so deep that by the time you realize it the best parts of a girl are  right there.

It’s not an ingenious thought to think that pleasure is skin-deep it is an ingenious thought to think that love is with the eye of the beholder and that is a true statement to all mankind for a woman.

List of the eyes let’s go down her lips her nose her ears her chin her neck her chest those are where we start to look then we go down the back to a bottom true or back of her legs or calves to the only thing when they walk.

Followed by The Voice the soft biliary sound of what they’re saying to you the voice can say a lot of things the only key that matters it’s the way they say I love you the contention being that was a voice you can tell with the language you can tell what’s the body you can tell..

I seek sanctuary in truth I seek sanctuary and light Isaac sanctuary and learning that is why I’m telling all of you from the heart that love is before you and the love of a beautiful woman with a lot of heart can beat fast steadfast that you make no mistake steadfast that you stand to attention to greet her at the door to greetings at the door.

The famous words of people often say I love you the famous actions performed in that love or never completed you must compliment their body their shape their artistic athletic Style if they are toned and well-built you can tell by their actions in the bedroom your shape or form the love she has for a teddy bear covers everything in your eyes.

You have to compliment her on her lips you have to kind of look into her eyes and compliment her with a kiss because for their you see everything you will ever see again no man shall walk where another man treads. Pleasure compliment her and seek the thrill of her body give her the ultimate Thrill Ride by taking her to the top and riding with her back down to finish the  love of pleasure is the continuous work.

I believe in women I believe that women have his steadfast key to a man’s heart and when they open it they feel so warm when you touch their bodies whether it be the back or their sides you can warm them with just a 😘. Always 💏 love.

Sensational pleasure Female body


I’m here to giving the women to give Instight to making female Happiness.

😍 Taking on a new love of body and sharing the memory of treasure.

Click Here Creative Women Exotic Pleasure story

This is continuing build to love with women. And making this factor of many great opportunity to build a pleasure speaking give all the women the respect and humility for the female in our life.

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Female sexual dysfunction


The sexual response cycle is how your body reacts to sexual stimulation. … The resolution phase happens at the end of the sexual response cycle, whether you have an orgasm or stop before that. Resolution means your body goes back to how it was before you got aroused

Now this is what women except for their first time. It actually been proven that over half of woman in worldwide are sexual depressed cause they never feel the orgasm completely .

Now the number go high in United States cause the female population is net to be over 1.5 % more then male population.

With average age of 18 to 24 year old. And 25 to 36 year old have been proven as sexual deprob by their man in the relationship. Cause the ladies compliment her as she has his body language.

What does this mean ?

It really mean that male population really lazy  gentleman out their who don’t appreciate their relationship with the woman they have..

Here here is some of the reason female experience or  risk of sexual dysfunction.

Depression or anxiety

Heart and blood vessel disease

Neurological conditions, such as spinal cord injury or multiple sclerosis

Liver or kidney failure

Certain medications, such as antidepressants or high blood pressure medications

Emotional or psychological stress, especially with regard to your relationship with your partner

A history of sexual abuse

Now you man that don’t respect your women are truly  assholes cause their can provide you with hours of Happiness . This is why I am saying share the respect and show great opportunity of admiration for her abilities to compliment your body and you compliment her body as well.

Note for Guys that will work for you and it very important to women something that can be used to better our understanding.

Communicate openly with your partner. Be flexible in your approach to intimacy with your partner. Continue to engage in the areas of intimacy that are working well for the two of you.

See if you give the open talk that matter then the successful sexual pleasures can be met by her and her sexual pleasures can also be met by you. But you have to allow it to be fully ready you orgasm on both your body.

Reminder it can take up 30 to 95 minutes to give her compliment her body as you need to know..

Love chemistry

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