Undertaker Make a splash

Live from Brooklyn, New York. It’s was shocker after WrestleMania 35, This is was true the Raw after Mania with this Elise..

Kurt Angle sent a clear Message to Baron Corbin after his action last night at Wrestlemania 35. And we’ve got super show shake-up next week live on Raw & SmackDown Live.

Did you get it?

Dean Ambrose got hot when Bobby Lashley did this tonight on Monday Night Raw and it was really outta of line. I mean Renee Young was just doing here job and Bobby was outta line and Dean handle it properly.

Now on to the highlight of Week from WrestleMania 35 and it was the Hall of Farm induction this pasted Saturday Night for many it attitude feeling but for more respect and honoring the greatest wrestler of all time.

Now we did missed much exceptional week for wrestlemania with that being said the attack on Bret Heart was totally unacceptable. and from what we’ve the attacker was charge 2 times with Battery and 1 count of Objection.

With all the action it was finial inductee that sent the WWE Fan over the top with the WWE own may ham and disorderly conduct with the induction of D Generation X as WWE Hall of Fame.

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