Brother of Music

This weekly i am going to bring a special on the highlight of music and the art of beautiful things in life. lets really be real about Music.

Hall of Farm Blue Artist

BB King made his mark on the music world and run up like this, Cause now day “The Thrill is Gone” i mean we don’t have the art of entertainment.

Their many artist like BB King who believe that music was made for Music Lover and if become a statement to United States of America Policy on political party it’s no longer music.

Hall of Farm

Now a other artist who made his movement on blue and his legendary career who was statement to how Beautiful America is, His music lit the path to common soul and give back to the music lover.


Here a group who share real Country western song and give big credit to music world, the 4 man group made a true mark on world of Music. Waylon, Willie, Johnny and Kris has true made music real and soulful of real stories of old west.


Music is the recreation of love and creation of life for people. This kind of music really hit romance spot for love and encourage to be who you are with love, Kindness and understanding.

10 top moments of Music History

We rock the world of music to talk about real life together. and building up a memory of life and love. and stay up to repeat real music lover.


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