Breaking impailed Statements

Impaled by a statement

so everybody reads my blog and well I just got a statement that kind of impaled everything I said and back when I started this blog I started because I had a love of journalism I love for writing the truth I had a love for doing what was right and now I am being impaled by statements that are not true.

Now I have garden variety of responses to not truthful statements and there is no garden-variety response to a statement that is made by people who do not know me.
so I’m going to speak honestly and I’m going to speak fairly to those who wish to judge me if you are in a disagreement with me about a statement I have made on my blog then I would justify it by saying that have you really researched what I have said and can you fairly and accurately just suppose or impale me with a honest response.

I strongly disagree with the conclusions of the media and the conclusions of biased news organizations and you know who you are. I refuse to believe that there is a lie or no mission from the Michael Cohen hearing. I’ve been put on the spot before I’ve been asked lots of questions but I’ve never had to find a response to a question or a statement that is so outlandishly bold that it’s not even worth being a statement.

somebody on Twitter sent me a message saying how can you write. Bravado and stand by a conservative platform when you virtually print the truth but your article tells not everything on both sides.

well I’m going to respond to that because that is kind of like complicated and the consequences are very real to me as a writer and a journalist with integrity. I will not patronize a left movement I would not encourage socialism nor would I encourage the destruction or self-destruction of people who don’t understand the future of America.

well it is true then America has a future it is also true that the future of America lays with the millennials this is a fact which is very honestly laid at my backyard cuz I am one of the millennials I am the next generation that follows every other generation from me I am one of those who is heard the stories heard the lies and has to distinguish between truth fact and fiction. I will only capitalize untruth when the people who read it printed properly in a news article.

Let’s take CNN let’s talk about Jim Acosta a CNN White House correspondent that has verbally and conductive outrageously slandered Donald Trump and impune Sarah Sanders statements.

let’s take Jim acosta’s slander and impugning to a whole new level what if I was to in Kuhn Jim Acosta a CNN correspondent for the White House with some statements like this.

1. Jim Acosta has a biased reporting standard he doesn’t care for the truth he is a Marxist and he is the first step in a socialist country that the left would capitalize on.

2.Jim Acosta correspondent for the White House at CNN has impugn and slandered the honor and the Integra built the integrity of a fair and honest reporter as Jim Acosta is none of those things and he is the farthest thing from having integrity or morals about what he said.

now all those statements may be true the fact is is that I owe just in Kuhn what Jim Acosta is to CNN is impune his integrity I question his morals I object to his way of reporting the facts.

Those statements for bradleyville and were simplified for the absent minded people.

let’s talk about Marxism Marxism is a step in the wrong direction Marxism is what Russia has done and anti-Semitism is a step closer to Marxism so if this is a question of morals I have them because I report Fairfax and I would not use anti-semitic remarks to report a fact.

let’s talk about socialism socialism is a breeding ground of high taxes and no income for any American person the dream would be dead the Constitution wouldn’t even be around and the truth is is it at the end of the day 90% tax on the top 1% of millionaires does not work you would have to pay $600,000 in taxes to cover even a small quarter of what the green deal has to offer and that doesn’t even cover income and revenue.

so let’s be sure about what we put out there let’s be sure about what we say let’s be sure about how we react to press coverage because article one of my New deal includes holding the press accountable for the reporting it is a valuable tool which would hold accurate reporting an accurate press reports fully accountable by each major network from CNN to Fox News from Fox News to MSNBC and from MSNBC to ABC NBC CBS and all those major affiliates around the world and here in the United States.

the international affiliates like the BBC and TV one and all those around the world have to know that we have credibility and accountability here and the accountability and The credibility of our media is most important to reporting accurate and fair standard facts.

the morals of our media are the same as morality of the people win no integrity or no justice is shown there’s a limited fashion of justice that the Democrats wish to impose on the people the consequences of which they are proven time and time again to be unwrapper hensonville

so see I am not one to slander or let another person slander a president United States I am also not the governor of Virginia and I’m also not the lieutenant governor of Virginia because the actions of that state or reprehensible racist and a mark of anti-Semitism by everybody who stands behind that kind of action.

many years ago the United States faced a bigger problem than just anti-Semitism and it was one that led to a lot of questionable actions these actions since then have had severe and quite substantial consequences to the people who continue to do it.

no I’m not going to sell you one what people want I’m going to sell you on the truth.

you hear conversations like human trafficking you hear conversations like integrity and respect and consequences for their future to make the future better.

but where does Free press come in to actually hold their reporters and their coverage accountable and credible to what they say on television?

is Trump really the problem for the press or is the press the problem for President Trump as they have shown a no-count accountability action and CNN and all these major affiliates continuously chew on the Trump White House just get a response?

know if the press has freedom of press there needs to be limitations to that freedom of press they need to be held accountable for their statements they also need to learn that slander is a real possibility as a press reporter and a few impugn am a statement or impugn his honor it is 3 times worse than being a reporter.

c on several occasions the press has impugn Donald Trump and his family for their statements or for their questions that will logically needed to be answered by the press. I am not a target for the press I am a target for honest fair accurate reporting and when is not honest when it is not fair I call out the network that do that.

I stand for values
I stand for the flag
I stand for credibility
I stand for accountability
and I stand for the greatest country on this Earth the United States of America.
I stand for accurate and fair reporting by the major News networks.
I support and justify the justice system when there are right and they do the right thing for the people.

I stand because for the stand that I take is valued in love appreciation understanding and common Sense.

I will be the conservative truth in an unfair untruthful society that has been proven time and time again to be illegitimate and very impugned by their statements.