Experience Lessons

Encourage Lesson 1

Your Encouraging word could be the start of the best friendships guide.

Friendship can be starter kit of a encouraging time and positive thoughts together with Friends.

Sex physical

Sex physical is a combination of talking of understanding and Compassionate caring man or woman.

Advance Sex Oxgen

It the Oxgen to a ever growing strautgry of life and Relationship with man for Women and Or Women For Women.

the sex all the love you make together is the atmosphere you create as a couple a woman can have many needs but if we study very closely we will see that the woman’s body is her treasure her map and her lead a few words that describe women.


Beautiful ❤️ intelligence 😀 Engaging 😘 Wonderful 💑 Delightful ❤️ Understand 😊 encouraging 🤗 treasured 🤩

those are just a few of the words that are used to describe women I mean they are all those words and so much more when you think about Valentine’s day think about those words I remember some or gamers others are monogamous and they’re serious.

#Valentine’s day is about building a Relationship and love is about understanding of relationship.


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